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10 celebrities that insured their bodies

If you are curious to know the 10 celebrities who insured their buttocks, check out this article. Here, we tell you all the details!


6. Daniel Craig

Daniel Graig is a British actor, more famous for his role as James Bond, the secret agent 007, in which he left women, and men, in love. The actor took out insurance for his entire body, very famous for being ripped and always in shape, even over 50 years old. Which is not an easy task and requires a lot of discipline and dedication.


For this reason, Daniel decided to take out insurance for his whole body. This is why he thought of ensuring the safety of his body just in case. Imagine a bad scenario where Daniel falls right on his butt after failing a stunt. We are sure that his butts will be fully covered under his full-body insurance plan!

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