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Amazon Prime Rewards Card: Is Worth it?

If you are an amazon fan or client and know to make the best out of whole food and other purchases, then this credit card can be the best choice for you!

Amazon Prime Rewards Card

Do you love to shop on Amazon? Or a member there? If yes, then Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card will be worth buying. Amazon Prime Credit Card comes with a lot of perks. Like everything on amazon from clothes, makeup, food items to binge over your favorite movie or television show. You can get all of the stuff at a discounted price with free shipping on good purchases.


But at the same time, this Credit card charge 119$ per year. You can also opt for its monthly package that is 12.99$ per month including tax that becomes 156$ per year. Therefore, if you are an amazon fan or member, you will love to know the benefits of this credit card. But how do you know whether this card is worth it or not? To get that insightful trip you have to read below. This research-based review will help you in making your decision regarding this credit card.

Cost of getting Amazon Prime Reward Credit Card

Although this Credit card offers fixed price 119$ per year of amazon prime credit card membership and $12.99 per month including tax. Still, Amazon credit card provides multiple discounts offers for membership with various eligibility criteria. For example, Amazon offers a decent number of discounts for students. Including members having Medicaid cards or at least have Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Card.


Students are offered a six-month trial for students having two days of free shipping as a complimentary treat. This offer does not end here, it also includes free prime streaming, prime music and prime photo storage. After a period of 6-months students have to pay 6.49$ per month. That means a total 77.88$ per year or you can once pay the annual fee of 59$. Members with EBT or Medicaid cards can qualify for the least expense of 5.99$ per month.

Perks of getting Amazon Prime Reward Credit Card

Introductory Bonus

This credit card offers a great deal of bonus as you sign up for it and got approved. When your application got approved you will get a bonus of 70$ as an amazon certificate gift for sign up. Although this 70$ gift is a little low as compared to the 100$ gift certificate of the former bonus. Still, an immediate gift certificate of Amazon is a “business as usual” sign-up bonus.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card Sign-up Bonus

Amazing Amazon Points


There are numerous credit cards that offer 5% cash back on several shops. They usually limit their 5% up to starting 1,500$ purchases. But when it comes to this Credit Card it provides a permanent 5% on amazon and all food purchases. 2% cash back on gas stations, restaurants and on all drugstore spendings. Last but not least 1% cash back on all other purchases. This is the whole package of cash back that brings some great earnings for you.

It’s food if you are already a member of Amazon and shop your favorite products there. Then this credit card will be a cherry on the cake. Now, you can enjoy 5% cash back on your favorite purchases you used to buy at a high cost. Nonetheless, if you are not a member of Amazon then you should consider the yearly fee worth 119$. Still, you will get sign-up bonus that can compensate to some extent.


There is a bonus for whole food customers. You can get 5% cash back even on purchases whether it is made online or through the register. Daily customer of Amazon earns eye-catching rewards when they shop for whole foods using this credit card. It is estimated that if you spend up to 2,380$ per year, it will be enough to compensate and null the costs of prime membership.

Flexible Redeeming Options

Amazon Prime Rewards Credit Card provides you a payment option, where you can choose your payment method according to your wish. You can set points for redemption that will be applied to your purchases. Plus, this credit card provides some other options that include statement credits and gift cards. You can deposit them into your saving or checking account and at last, you can opt them as travel rewards.


Ensures safe Purchasing

If you are afraid of getting pranked through some online purchases, then you should stop being afraid. As this credit card ensures online protection, you can freely shop without having any fear in your heart. Purchases made secure through this card by ensuring 120 days warrantee. In case of any damage or being stolen, you can get 500$ per claim and 50,000$ per account. The eligibility criteria for this credit card are three or less than three years. But there is an addition of one year to your warranty period.


We have talked about the benefits you will get through purchases on amazon. But now we are going to talk about it’s one more special incentive. Amazon Prime Visa Signature Credit Card provides an appalling range of offers for traveling. There is no transaction fee that means you can easily make your purchases when you are outside US. While traveling you can avail of any medical, urgent and legal services whenever needed.

In addition to their protection services, they provide some pretty cool offers. In case, if a person lost their carry bags while traveling they will get up to 3,000 per passenger. More services include travel accident insurance, auto rental collision damage waiver. Adding more to these services Roadside dispatch is best if you are having any roadside emergency. These are the benefits that compel you to buy this credit card.

Is this card worth buying?

Yes, if you are an amazon member or know how to make the best out of it and other purchases, then this card is the best choice for you to earn a lot of money. Also, ABOC Platinum Reward card or Walmart Reward MasterCard are great options! Then you can have a look at those cards to get an insight about the credit cards that might suits you well.

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