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American Blue Cash Preferred® Card (Best One for Groceries?)

American Blue Cash Preferred® is one of the best credit cards from Amex! Great for families, you can know more about it in this article!

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American Blue Cash Preferred® Card is one of the best credit cards from American Express. Stands first among the category of top grocery cards, therefore it is the finest one for families. During this pandemic, it is certainly useful for groceries. Especially streaming so that you can also binge over your favorite shows with your delicious food. There are numerous benefits of this credit card, the major one is cash back and others are getting gifts, rewards, merchandise, and many more offers with certain terms and conditions.


So, are you a shopaholic person and spend a lot of your money? How about getting profit by spending money on groceries? Isn’t interesting? American Blue Cash Preferred® Card is making it possible by providing quality services and offers as opportunities. So, let’s dive into why this card is so great and might deserve a place in your wallet if you spend a lot at grocery stores.

Why should you get American Blue Cash Preferred® for Groceries?

Cash Back

Cash Back is one of the major benefits for which we should have the American Blue Cash Preferred® Card. It provides 6% cash back on US grocery stores, 6% on US streaming. Also, 3% cash back on transit, 3% on US gas stations, and 1% on everything else. You will be earning blue cash reward dollars; it can redeem for statement credits. This is an American Express fancy website; you can earn cash back, it can redeem against the balance of your bill.


Another feature that will compel you to get this card is its “Beginning Annual Fee”. Although it is costly among other cash back credit cards, because it charges $95 per year. But it is offering first-year waived entirely ($0). So, that you can get profit on the first year for free and then decide whether to keep it or not for the next year? This is best for you if you love to shop or like live streaming, you can attain the quality benefits from it.

Amex Offers

This credit card (American Blue Cash Preferred® Card) provides a few additional Amex offers too, which can vary from time to time. For example, if you spend $125 every two weeks at U.S. grocery stores, you can get cash back of 195$ per calendar year – you will get a benefit of up to 6% cash back at U.S. grocery stores up to 6K$ per year in the acquisition. Another high offer is that; when you purchase a new credit card, then within the first 6 months you can get $300 in return as a statement credit on the purchases worth 3,000$. These offers can be limited.

American Blue Cash Preferred® Credit Card



When there are pros of anything there are few limitations too. In this regard, while using this credit card you cannot use rewards of dollars to pay minimum due. And when you redeem your cash back there is a 25$ minimum redemption requirement. So, if you have 24$ and 99 cents or less so you must wait until to hit that 25$ barrier first, then you will be able to redeem.

Transits and streaming

Now, like with the most credit cards on the market when you transit or stream or even travel on some other cards. There are a few questions that pop up in our minds. Like; what does that exactly means? What does it cover? And how can you earn cash back on it? So, for that let me break down what the transit and streaming categories are for this card.


Transit covers things like trains, taxi cabs, rideshare services including uber and ferries, tolls, parkin, buses, and subways, and many more. For streaming services, there are a ton of them everything from Amazon music unlimited to Netflix, YouTube premium showtime, NHL.TV etc. You can look at the list including more services of transit and streaming. It is safe to say that both of these categories are very encompassing and cover a lot of ground.

So, if you spend on multiple streaming services or use different forms of transit around your local town. Then this credit card could be a great fit for you for insurance and protections. There is rental car loss and damage insurance, extended warranty coverage, and that gives the details for all these coverages as fraud protection. If you are interested in one or more concerns of these, then get the American Express blue cash preferred credit card.


Who should get the American Blue Cash Preferred® Card?

You can get this credit card if you spend a lot of money on groceries, want a cash back card, spend frequently on streaming, gas, and transit (Uber, Lyft, tolls, etc.,). And if you spend enough to earn more cash back than the $95 annual fees. If you drive a lot and do not have an electric car? You end up filling at the gas stations a lot. Then, for you, this is a great credit card too.

Who should not get this credit card?

The person who wants travel rewards should not get this credit card, and who is a small spender. For example, a person who does not do grocery in large amount and does not like streaming too should not spend his/ her money on this card. And at the last, the one who prefers Visa for wider acceptance. Someone who is traveling abroad should not get this because it has a 2.7% foreign transaction fee, therefore it will not be a good choice for you.

The last point is extremely important because there are numerous cash back credit cards on the market today, that has gotten extremely good as they have been refreshed and as new cards have been released over the past few years. So, be very careful while getting a card. Getting a good cash back credit card is crucial sometime, you can trust our page for recommendations and consider the following thoughts in your mind while choosing this credit card:

First, look at your normal spending habits; do you spend a ton of money at grocery stores. In other words, are you eating in a lot more than you eat out? Perhaps, this is a good match for you. Same with streaming, same with other transit purchases. My advice is to look at your actual expenses and see how much you spend at grocery stores and then get this card to see how much cash back you could earn on this credit card.

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