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AngloAmerican the leading Mining Company

AngloAmerican the leading mining company that cares about its employees. They encourage good values such as honesty, integrity, and accountability.

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AngloAmerican the leading Mining Company

AngloAmerican the leading Mining Company is a company that has helped in employing many South Africans. Anglo American is a multinational mining corporation with an interest in diamonds. However, for AngloAmerica, mining actually has a brighter future, one in which some mines may go unnoticed. This is a good thing. Today’s utmost mine will offer the valuable raw ingredients their modern world requires for a long time. However, out of sight is never out of mind.


Moreover, Anglo American is striving to make this future a fact by incorporating honesty, and imagination. They also want to include smart advancement, as well as ultimate recognition for the individuals. The recognition will also involve their family members, community groups, clients, and the wider world. Thus, to connect people the assets on the floor to the folks who want and value them.

Presently, AngloAmerican is once again leading the industry forward by developing new methods for mining and processing our products. We are limiting their area of planning to every ounce, diamond ring, and half-pound of precious metal. It also includes silicate by using less liquid, less power, and much more exact extraction innovations. Anglo-America is creating brighter and wholesome futures all over our world, in their host nations. And finally, for hundreds of millions of individuals. Hence, those who rely on their brands every day by working together to create improved jobs, quality schools, and better enterprises.


AngloAmerican Job Opportunities


AngloAmerican is looking for people who believe in an improved mining future and are willing to make a distinction. Do you have just what takes to succeed? They offer a diverse range of career opportunities around the world, each requiring specific skills or experience. However, there are certain characteristics that we look for in all of our employees. The process of applying for job opportunities is very easy. Here are the processes.

AngloAmericnan job application process

Online Application

Once you have an interest in any job vacancy, all you need to do is to visit the application portal. The process is very simple because the online form does not even require much of your details. Ensure to complete the form and hit the submit button. Then you will have to wait for the next stage.


Screening and shortlisting


This process is the careful review of what you have submitted to know if you are qualified or not. Meanwhile, the qualification criteria are nothing to be afraid of. Hence, AngloAmerica is very ready to accept your application provided the details are accurate. Hence after careful screening, applicants will be sent to the hiring manager with recommendations.

Interview Session

This is the stage where AngloAmerica would want to know the impression of the applicant. As a matter of fact, they make use of a behavioral-based structure during the interview session. This will enable them to understand the applicant’s capacity, level of knowledge, and expected input. However, the interview session is a very necessary stage in the application process.


Applicant Assessment


Assessment may not be required. But in some cases, applicants will be required to undergo an assessment. This is part of the selection process, to understand the applicant’s skills and values. However, the assessment process will enable AngloAmerican to get detailed insight about the applicant. They will be able to understand applicants’ cognitive capability, personality, motivation, and drive according to the role.

Background or Pre-Employment Check

However, after the applicant submits the application, as required, AngloAmerican also needs to check the details. The company will double-check the applicant’s information to ensure that it is accurate. A background check is very necessary because the company wants to be safe with its staff. They want to know if the applicant will pose a threat to them or add value to them.


Offer of Employment

This is the last part of the application process. It is very simple and easy, unlike others. Applicants will be given their offer of employment once the screening process is satisfied. The offer of employment will be sent to the applicant’s email that was used during the application process. But in a case where the email address needs to be changed. Then the applicant will need to change to the current email address by logging in to the dashboard.

Important Information for the Online Applications

Once an applicant found a role that interests them in our recruitment portal, the first step is to complete the online application. They must take a few moments to complete the online questionnaire. Users can apply for a position using their SmartProfile if they have previously applied for one. Well, don’t worry if you forget your username or password; you can easily reset it by tapping password reset. Visitors can also apply using their LinkedIn profile, attach a CV/resume (which the platform will extract), or manually enter their information. However, once the application process has been completed. Then the applicant will receive a confirmation message in his email.

AngloAmerican Job Openings

Drill Rig Operator OC

The above position is at the B4 level and reports to the Shift Supervisor in the South African Mining Department. Candidates will be responsible for a variety of tasks, including operating drill rigs, mopping drill tracks, delineating drill trends and erecting delineations, and cable managing and wirework.

Master Technician Plant

AngloAmerica is looking for a technical C&I Technician who believes in a positive tomorrow for mining and shares their value systems. Users will perform instrumentation and control maintainence on plant devices and procedures as a C&I Technician to constantly improve plant quality and reliability.

Planned Manitenance Administrator

The maintenance management programs will be coordinated, facilitated, and managed by the planned maintenance administrator. A few of ones responsibilities as a member of this crew can include: Assignment of work orders; day-to-day merger. As a result, and data collection for use in the PM system. Candidates must be actively involve in the acquisition of spares and materials.


Anglo American’s mining operations are among the best in the world. The company  mine, process, and transport industry the basic components. Such that can allow a fresher, more globalised world. They also meet huge consumer sales growth ranging from smartphones to hybrid vehicles. Their  basic materials are used to construct homes, offices, railways, and airport. But their diamonds help people realize their dreams. AngloAmerica, actually create job opportunities for south Africans with a very easy application method.