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ANZ First Credit Card: enjoy your life with a great card

ANZ First Credit Card is very reliable and a gift from ANZ to its customers. Enjoy Your life being a customer of ANZ bank.

ANZ First Credit Card

ANZ is abbreviated as Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited and now it offers the ANZ First Credit Card. This banking group is multinational Banking and Financial Group. The current form of ANZ Bank was founded in 1970, although its roots are back into 1835 when the Bank of Australasia was opened. The headquarters of ANZ is in the Australian City of Melbourne.


ANZ has a good reputation in Australia and is considered as one of the top 4 banks of Australia. This Bank is operating in 34 countries, including New Zealand and Australia. ANZ has introduced its own First Credit Card to facilitate its customers. ANZ First Credit Card is well protected and has an easy use setup. This bank made it compatible with every significant online pay.

First Credit Cards are compatible with Google Pay, Apple Pay, Garmin Pay, Samsung Pay, and Fitbit Pay. ANZ bank credit cards are customer friendly, and they can be used anywhere in the countries where ANZ bank is providing its services. ANZ credit card has many features and benefits for its customers.


Features of ANZ First Credit Card


ANZ First Credit Card is available at the best low online charges on any transaction. The annual fee is only 30$, which is very low compared to other ANZ credit Cards. Furthermore, on any Purchase, This Credit Card provides interest-free 55 days to its customers. This Credit Card also brings insurance benefits of two types.

ANZ First Credit Card

It gives its customers extended warranty insurance and purchases protection insurance. For new customers, ANZ’s first Credit Card charges 0 percent p.a. on the first 20 months of assets. In addition, first Credit comes with extra security for credit cards to secure your transaction.


Benefits of ANZ First Credit Card


ANZ First Credit Card charges low prices on online purchases by new customers. The best benefit to consider is its lowest annual fee. This Credit Card allows you to hold three free additional credit cards through them; you can add your family members also. This Credit Card gives you an excess to some exclusive offers of cashback.

The 0 percent interest rate for new customers is very beneficial for low-income customers. If you pay the balance in time for all your purchases, you can get the benefit of 55 days of an interest-free transaction on any small or large online purchases. ANZ First Credit Card is not only for new cardholders, but its benefits are also equally important for the old cardholders. You can enjoy special offers like movie tickets with Visa Offers + Perks membership.


The minimum credit limit is 1000$. You can also get cash backs on online purchases by retailers. ANZ is also offering a money-back guarantee on any Fraud as ANZ Falcon monitors everything. The credit card charges on foreign transactions are only 3%. The late payment fee for this credit card is 20$. Just tap and go to any shop to pay under 100$ from your ANZ card.


ANZ First Credit Card has a lot of benefits, but there are also some drawbacks to this card. The major drawback of this card is its high advance rate. The cash advance rates are 20.24% p.a. The purchase rate after the introductory time ends is 20.24%. But this is not all that you can get with this credit card.


The monthly minimum repayment of this credit card is also high, which is 2% or 25$. Moreover, this credit card has no major reward programs for its customers. But looking at the more significant benefits of ANZ First Credit Card, these drawbacks are not making much difference.

Protection Policy

ANZ First Credit Card protection policy is considered one of Australia’s best for credit cards. The ANZ protection policy protects all-online local and foreign transactions. ANZ Falcon is a dependent security provision system that brings confidence in its customers to shop online. Hence, ANZ saved its customers from online frauds and gave you cashback if any mishap happened in any online purchase. It provides 24/7 transaction monitoring and emergency card replacement in case of any lost credit cards.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for ANZ First Credit Card is not very complicated. The person who wants to get this credit card should be 18 or more than that. The person applying should be a permanent resident of Australia. If you are not a permanent resident of Australia, you can only use it if you have nine months remaining on your Visa.

Your credit rating should be good to apply for the First Credit Card. You can also apply if you have not applied for many credit cards in recent times. You need to have an Australian ID if you are an Australian permanent resident. If you are not an Australian resident, you should have a Driving License of Australia as your identity proof.

You should also provide details of your income, assets, liabilities, and expenses. For income verification, you need to provide two recent payslips or company accountant numbers if you are self-employed. In addition, you have to provide your regular expenses and bills. Your details should be ready to apply for the Credit Card.

How to apply

You can apply online for the ANZ First Credit Card. This is not a difficult task. You can complete it in 5 minutes. ANZ mobile application is compatible with all the major online stores. You need to provide your email address for the online application. Keep all the documents of your income and identity with you in order to complete the online procedure of applying for the First Credit Card.

You can also apply for this credit card with a credit card quick start. ANZ bank customers will call you within two business days and help you in completing the procedure of applying for the first credit card. If you would like to know more about many credit cards and analyze your options, our website is the right place for that.

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