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Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card: all the details

Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card is one of the best credit card for Australia. This credit card is gaining day by day fame in Australia.

Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card

The Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card belongs to Bankwest. A well-known Australian banking system that began operations in 1895 as the Agricultural Bank of Western Australia. The Agricultural Bank was renamed the Rural and Industries Bank of Western Australia in 1945. In 2008, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia bought this bank and renamed it Bankwest.


Bankwest headquarters are in Perth, but the bank branches are also present in other cities. It is more famous for online banking in Australia these days. Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card is essential for the people of Australia. Low-income people will benefit significantly from this credit card. Bankwest is closing its different branches in favor of internet banking and credit cards. They believe it will be the future of banking in Australia.

For Australians, the Breeze Platinum Credit card is making life easier. They may use this credit card to travel anywhere, shop for anything, and transact any amount in seconds. The Breeze Platinum credit card of Bankwest has been gaining more and more popularity among people for some time now. Let’s discuss its features and benefits for its consumers.


Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card: features and benefits


Customers who use Breeze Platinum Credit Card can take advantage of various incentives. Balance transfers using Breeze Platinum Credit Card are free of charge. Bankwest does not charge an annual fee for the Breeze Platinum Credit Card in the first year. Furthermore, there are no fees or terms and conditions for new consumers.

After the first year, the annual price for this credit card is 69 dollars. For the first 15 months, purchases on Bankwest cards are charged at 0% p.a. After then; purchases are subject to a 9.90 percent annual percentage rate. This Credit Card provides exceptional services to new users. On purchases, Bankwest Platinum Breeze Credit Cards offer a 55-day interest-free period.


After the intro period, Bankwest imposes a balance transfer fee of 9.90 percent per annum. Bankwest Credit Card allows you to transfer up to 95% of your credit limit quickly. This credit card also offers a Cash Advance rate of 21.99 percent p.a., which isn’t bad for a year. The Platinum Credit Card charges 2.95 percent of the transaction amount as a fee.

The minimum credit limit is 6000$. For its consumers, Bankwest has created an easy-to-use mobile application. You may use this mobile application to manage your Breeze credit card and even transact any amount of up to 95% of your credit from anywhere in the world. Bankwest also offers a variety of interest rate reduction deals to its customers.


Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card also features a reward policy, which can be obtained by conducting various transactions to earn reward points. Collecting these points might provide you with a variety of advantages. If you like this credit card, keep reading our article to get more details and information about it.

Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card: insurance policy

Bankwest provides a more significant benefit to its new users with these policies. In addition, Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card offers complimentary insurance facilities to its customers. The user of a platinum card can get overseas travel insurance and an interstate insurance facility in case of any flight inconvenience.


Furthermore, in case of any loss, damage, or theft, Breeze Platinum Credit Card provides 90-day security on purchases. Hence, Breeze Platinum Credit Cards are providing a guarantee of safety to its consumers. The insurance policy for the Breeze Platinum Credit Card covers both domestic and international flights, allowing clients to go anywhere in the globe.

If you miss a payment, this credit card would only charge you $25 as a late fee, which is not much compared to other credit cards. This Card is well-known for its minimal transaction fees. In addition, it is famous for its low prices for all services. Although many credit cards offer substantially higher purchasing rates, the Breeze Platinum Credit card of Bankwest can help cardholders with balances keep their interest charges down.

Safety in Transactions of the Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card

Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card is reliable. Advanced microchips are used in these credit cards. Bankwest uses these chips to protect its customers against scams and hackers. To control these cards, Bankwest created an app readily available on the Apple and Google Play stores. Hence, It puts banking at your fingertips, and you can manage your transactions from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.

Eligibility criteria to apply for this credit card

The Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card does not have any strict application requirements. Any Australian citizen over 18 can apply for this Credit Card. This Card is only available to people with an annual income of more than $15,000. Only permanent Australian citizens are eligible for Bankwest credit cards.

Bankwest permits each user to have only one MasterCard at a time. To apply for the Bankwest Breeze Credit Card, clients must identify with an Australian driver’s license or a passport. In addition, your income and employment details are necessary to get this Card. One last thing: how can you get this credit card? We will explain.

How can you get this credit card?

There are three ways to get the Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card. Fill out an online form to obtain this Credit Card. The time it takes to fill out this form is 15 minutes. After that, you must submit your annual income report and evidence of identification. Customers can also apply for the Card by calling on the toll-free number.

Finally, if you prefer applying manually then visit the bank branch. The staff at Bankwest is quite helpful, and you will receive appropriate support for your application. Be aware that you must supply all of the income and other information Bankwest requires. To get more information about many credit cards, keep reading the articles on our website.

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