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Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card: earn money!

Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card is an attractive card by an excellent bank. Enjoy all the rewards and benefits available.

Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card
Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card belongs to Barclay, a famous bank in the UK. This bank had the honor of introducing the first credit card in 1966. In the coming years, the bank has introduced some new things to develop the overall banking system of the UK. Online banking, contactless banking, and mobile banks are all achievements of this bank.


The bank found its roots in 1690 with the origin of Barclays bank. The introduction of Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card is a significant achievement of this bank. The bank has many consumers and retailers upon which its business is established. Barclays’ services now encompass global financial institutions and communications.


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The full-service international investment management bank is backed by a service industry that delivers technology, operational, and functional services. Hence, banks and credit cards are beneficial for their customers. If you want to know more about this great credit card, keep reading this article.


Features and benefits

The Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card brings an essential cashback feature to your everyday spending amount. The cardholders get up to 0.25 percent cash back on the amount spent every day. There is no fee charged for abroad transactions. Furthermore, the cash withdrawal option is available for ATMs, and you can buy souvenirs or benefits from the Visa exchange program.

Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card

If you make any purchases above 100 Euros, a credit card will protect you from any mishap. The customers can enjoy Apple music, news, TV, and other facilities with this credit card. They can use four different accounts, and the subscription time is five months for each account. You will get early access to certain life events, festival presales, and other customer-only benefits.


Cardholders can share their credit card with a friend or family member to provide flexibility when you’re not available. This card is also helpful for emergencies and monthly grocery shopping. Your Barclaycard goes above and beyond to provide you with quality, from monitoring your credit score to offering discounts on select live events.


The minimum credit limit for the Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card is £100, and the maximum depends upon your selected credit limit. The money transfer charges vary between 1.9 and 2.9 percent, and the deduction will take place by finding the percentage of the transferred amount. In addition, the customers can pick the end date themselves to get the easy way of repayment.


The credit card consumers can use the repayment option or payment in installments option with Barclaycard. The customers can purchase items for an amount of more than £100. The bank allows cardholders to repay the amount in 3 to 24 months with extra charges of 1 to 8 percent. The interest charges depend upon the credit limit.

Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card: other opportunities


The Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card has many reward opportunities. The cardholders can earn up to 15% cashback on their shop at various partner retailers. The bank offers 5 percent and 10 percent discounts on ticket buying for entertainment and food and drinks. There are 56 interest-free days for new users. The daily rewards of 0.25 percent are also available for rewards cardholders.


Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card protection policy

The fraud protection policy enables the cardholder to feel safe everywhere. Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card and its app will monitor your every move when you do any online transactions. Sometimes a mishap or fraudulent activity may occur with customers. But, the bank always provides you with warnings and notifications if they feel anything like that. The bank will cover your amount if you face fraudulent transactions or purchases from your card.

Barclaycard Mobile App

The Barclaycard mobile app is compatible with all Apple and Android mobile phones. The customers can manage their accounts and see the account statements from their mobile with just one click. Furthermore, the app provides valuable alerts, and new banks offer news through this mobile app. Great for customers of the Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card.

Additional credit cards are available for any person in your family over 18 years of age, , and customers can control them through this mobile app. The mobile app is safe and secure and provides a convenient way to transfer amounts. Barclaycard mobile app provides the opportunity of paying for purchases by various methods.

You can view your pin with this app. If you lost your card, you could contact the bank through this mobile app. The customers have the option of blocking their card from this mobile application. Hence, this app is the easiest way to control your Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card. Through this app, you can pay bills and buy food items and other essentials.

How to Get a Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card?

The Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card applicants must have age above 18. The customers did not have Individual Voluntary Agreements and County Court Judgments and haven’t been declared bankrupt in the past six years. The candidate applying should have a history of paying on time. Four years of experience to manage a credit card is also necessary.

The credit card customers need to submit their UK address where they have lived for the past two years. The applicants should have a monthly income of £20,000. The person applying for the card can manage repayments well. Provision of an email and phone number is also necessary. The applicants need to provide income and tax details.

You should have the primary bank account number or sort code to get this card. So, you can apply for the Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card online. This is possible on the bank website or via mobile app and visit any branch to complete the application procedure. The email and bank phone number are always available for any inconvenience.