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Barnes and Noble Card: a great option!

Barnes and Noble Card has an excellent reward for all the shoppers, whether it is online or offline. Today is your chance to know everything about it!

Barnes and Noble Master card

Best for the Purchasers of Barnes and Noble MasterCard

There will be 5 percent back on the purchases of Barnes and Noble Master Card, in restaurants 2 X points per dollar and other types of purchases cost near 1x points per dollar. After doing the first buy, you receive 25 dollars Barnes and Noble gift card. Also, this credit card has 0 dollars annual fee. In case of balance transfer in 45 days of account opening, the Barnes and Noble Card users get zero percent intro APR for 15 months (13.99 percent or 24.99 percent).


The purchasers with this credit card receive a steady APR of 1.99 percent or 24.99 percent. The loyal customers of Barnes and Noble are given the Barnes and Noble MasterCard by Barclay. After every buys, you receive some percent back. Also, you will also have prizes for all purchases to help you earn Barnes and noble gift cards. Continue to find if the Barnes and Noble Gift card suits you best. Here you will see the different rewards offered by Barnes and Noble MasterCard.

The current Welcome Offer of Barnes and Noble

You can obtain a $25 gift card sent to your mailing address after purchasing and using Barnes and Noble MasterCard for the first time. Customers can earn the money again and recompense points by using the Barnes and Noble MasterCard. In addition to that, your earnings depend on where you are shopping with this credit card. You will get 5 percent of the bought amount given back to your account during the same billing cycle after purchasing from Barnes and Noble. When considering the purchases, users get two-point on each dollar spend eating at restaurants. All other types of purchases get you one dollar.


Compensatory Awards and cashbacks


Customers get five percent back on all purchases after every Barnes and Noble by being forwarded to your account. Once you earn 2500 points, Barnes and Noble will send you a $25 gift card which transferred to your account. You can achieve membership at Barnes and Noble once you reach a specific spending threshold. You get free access to your FICO credit score. This enables you to keep a check on your credit card score as you keep on improving it.

Barnes and Noble Connection

The membership of Barnes and Noble MasterCard is $25 per year. Purchasers receive free membership for the next 12 months after spending near $7500 on your account anniversary every year. These benefits include free delivery, 10 percent off-in-shore,20 percent off your first bought thing, birthday offers, early access, 40 percent off the hardcore sellers, etc, and so on. These offers attract many customers towards buying the Barnes and Noble MasterCard. Also, you will get protection from any unauthorized charges if you report to the proper authorities.


Fees and Rates of Barnes and Nobles


There is no annual fee on Barnes and Noble Credit Card and there is an APR of 13.99 percent to 24.99 percent. It depends on your credit that the rate you meet is good or not. You can also take advantage of the 0 percent intro APR offer for the next 15 months if you make a transfer of balance within the next 45 days. In this case, the regular APR of 13.99 percent or 24.99 percent may apply. You will have to pay a balance transfer fee of $5 or three percent of the amount transferred. There is a higher variable APR of 25.24 percent for advance cash, with a fee of $10 or five percent of the cash amount. The company charges 3% on each transaction for foreign transactions.

Comparing the Barnes and Nobles MasterCard with another prize cards for bookworm

So, what other options are available when you as a book lover? The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card is worthy of consideration. There is no annual fee charged while 5 percent back on all purchases made through Whole Foods and for Premium members, chargeback of 2 percent for purchases made on gas stations, restaurants, etc., and 1 percent on all other purchases. In addition, you might also receive an Amazon credit card of $100 or 14.24 or 24.24 percent, it all depends on your wealth.


Use of Discover it Cash Back


Use the Discover it Cash Back for when if you want to return your cashback or receive rewards. This credit card charges no annual fee and offers five percent cash back on all rotating activities, on each quarter  (up to $1,500 in purchases per quarter, then 1 percent). The card offers a 1 percent return on all purchases and 0 percent intro APR offer on purchases and balance transfers for 14 months.

Cards to Pair with the Barnes and Noble Master Card

You can use your master card with other cards if you want to reap awards. You can opt to use Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card which offers a cash back rewards program, which enables you to cash out the earnings and spend according to your desires. Also, consider using the Capital One WonderOne Rewards Credit Card if you want to enjoy traveling. This is a good benefit when you use Barnes and Noble MasterCard with other cards.


Is the Barnes and Nobles Master Card worth it?

The Barnes and Noble MasterCard is great for frequent shoppers with Barnes and Nobles. You can meet a 5 percent share on all purchases along with extra Barnes and Noble gift cards. The drawback is that the rewards include just getting the gift cards. If you want to earn more rewards, you need to consider other credit card options. It is a limited gift scheme in the case of Barnes and Noble MasterCard.

Pros and Cons

There is a high reward rate on all Barnes and Noble MasterCard. The purchasers of Barnes and Noble MasterCard have a free membership. The cardholders have special opening offers on balance transfers. There is no intro APR offers on purchases with this credit card. There is a foreign transaction fee paid on these transactions. The purchasers have the Barnes and Noble gift cards but no other prizes.

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