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Top 10 highest paid YouTubers of 2021

YouTube is a video sharing platform where many Youtubers upload their videos and can earn money. Here is the top 10 highest paid YouTubers of 2021.

Top 10 Highest Paid Youtubers of 2021

7. Ryan Kaji

Ryan Kaji is a ten years old boy with a fun personality. He attracted people’s eyes when his mom posted his videos of playing with toys. He is working for two YouTube shows and one Nick Jr. Show. Ryan’s toys, unboxing and playing videos made him famous among children and also their parents.


This boy is the 7th in the list of top 10 highest paid YouTubers of 2021, which is some downfall as he was the top earner in 2020. However, he is still in business and continues to make videos. His YouTube show “Ryan’s World” has over 32 million subscribers. In 2021, he earned 27 million US dollars.

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