Citi Clear Credit Card: earn thrice reward points

This article highlights all the needed information about the Citi Clear Credit Card. Kindly read through to explore the details.

Citi Clear Credit Card

This Citi Clear Credit Card can help you pay off debt or finance a significant buy, but it isn’t always the greatest choice. This one has a long 0% intro APR term for cash advances, which is a prominent part. It might make it a decent alternative for consolidating debt, however, there are no rewards on this card.

Furthermore, the cost of transferring a balance onto the credit card will eat further into interest savings. This Citi clear Card, on the other hand, would be a good choice for the constantly absent. There are no late fees or punitive APRs if customers stop making payments. Keep reading to know more about this credit card.

Why you may need the Citi Clear Credit Card

These credit cards have a long 0% intro APR time frame. Hence, this same Citi Clear Credit Card provides a 0% Intro APR for 21 months on cash advances and twelve months on transactions, followed by a 14.74 percent–24.74 percent Adjustable APR. Although consumers may be able to find a credit card with a relatively long 0% intro term somewhere, this really is a good deal.

There are no late fees or charge increases. Thus with this card, users will never be billed a service fee, and their interest rate can never rise as a result of delayed fees. Certainly, everyone should make every effort to pay their payments on time each period, and yeah, of course, paying late is a nasty habit to have. Hence most banks aren’t as lenient as this one, and if users pay late, the credit score will drop. However, users may miss or become confused at times. So if this happens, this credit card could save one’s ham.

Citi Clear Card: Drawbacks

There are no incentives or bonuses for signing up: The value of this card comes from the 0% introductory APR term and its forgiving attitude. If users are looking for a prize, search somewhere. Lengthy value is restricted on this credit card. Hence once the 0% intro APR period expires, there really isn’t much reason to maintain to use this credit card. Their continuing APR is around normal, and also the card does not give any benefits.

Citi Clear Credit Card

Furthermore, using this credit card depletes your financial reserves. The credit card has a long 0% promotional APR period on cash advances, but it comes at a cost. A fee of 5% of the amount deposited, with a $5 minimum, will be charged to users. Hence Users will be charged $250 if they transfer $5,000. That credit card is significantly more expensive than others in its category. Customers will pay 3% interest on a $150 charge if they transfer the same amount to a Citi® Double Cash Card over the course of 18 months.

Citi Clear Card: Alternatives

Let’s talk about alternatives to the Citi Clear Credit Card. The Discover it® Balance Transfer features a longer initial APR. Thus 0% for 24 weeks on transactions and 0% for 18 months on cash advances, followed by a continuing APR of 11.99 percent -22.99 percent Variable APR. In return, every card retains its worth even after the introductory APR period has ended. Customers get 5% cashback on recurring areas on up to $1,500 in transactions each quarterly (activation required) and 1% cashback.

For transactions, the Wells Fargo ReflectSM Credit Card imposes a 3% fee (minimum $5). Eligible customers get a long promotional APR: 0% promo APR on transactions and eligible cash advances for 18 months after account activation, followed by a continuing APR of 12.99 percent -24.99 percent Variable APR. For monthly payments during the introduction and extended terms, users can get a 3-month APR extender.

Is the Citi Clear Credit Card right for you?

If customers need a lengthy time to pay off existing debt or if users have trouble remembering when the bills are due, the Citi Clear Credit Card is a good option. Users can save cash on fees and fines by doing so. However, like with other balance transfer cards, users will need to consider the total cost to customers, which includes the 5% balance transfer fee.

Pros & Cons


One of the Pros attached to this credit card is that it has no annual fees. Thus users will not have to pay any card maintenance fee from the point of issuance. This Citi Clear Credit Card also does have an intro period. This means when a user initially gets a credit card he enjoys some enormous benefit.


The Citi Clear Credit Card actually has no reward attached to it. So if you are seeking a reward card, then this is not an option for you. Furthermore, if you are looking for a cardholder offer, then you must look elsewhere. This credit card has no cardholder’s offer. However, it is important to note that this Citi Clear Credit Card requires a good credit score to get it.


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