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Citi Rewards Credit Card: benefits and rewards

With the Citi Rewards Credit Card, you can enjoy complimentary insurance benefits, reduced annual fees, reward points, and a variety of other benefits.

Citi Rewards Credit Card

The Citi Rewards Credit Card can be turned into a valuable tool with proper knowledge and proper use. The majority of the users just ignore or are unaware of the benefits a credit card offers. If you know how it works, this card can earn you many rewards and points; that can be used for shopping, travel, and other things.


Citibank provides its customers with the best and top-notch services and solutions, keeping in view the latest trends and customer demands. It has always been a problem using 2 different cards for the balance transfer and for making a purchase. This credit card has solved this all by combining these two different features into a single card.

With the Citi Rewards Credit Card, you can enjoy both of these features. This card has promotional offers, complimentary insurance benefits, reduced annual fees, reward points, and a variety of other benefits. Read our article to know more and get important information to make your decision about this credit card.


Citi Rewards Credit Card Benefits


With the cashback offer of the Citi Rewards Credit Card, you can earn $400 if you apply before 29 June 2022 and spend $2000 on eligible purchases using Samsung Pay or Apple Pay within the first 90 days from the approval. The Bank will credit this amount into your account within 16 weeks of meeting the eligible criteria.

The reduced annual fee for the credit card is $99 if you apply before the mentioned date. After that $149 will be charged annually. This credit card offers 0% p.a interest for the first 15 months on balance transfers. You will be charged a zero balance transfer fee if you apply before 29 June 2022. You can transfer up t0 80% of your approved credit limit.


The cash advance rate of 22.24% p.a will be charged after the introductory period deadline, on any unpaid balance. You should also keep in mind that while having the balance transfer offer, purchases are not eligible for interest-free days. The Citi bank dining program will get you a free bottle of wine at listed restaurants in Australia if you use this credit card to pay for your dining.

Citi Rewards Credit Card

This credit card will give you $10 cashback if you use it to pay for a Deliveroo order of $25 or more every month before 30 June 2022. You can use your mobile phone other devices to pay by adding the card to Apple Pay or Samsung Pay wallets. But that its not all, keep reading our article to know more benefits and advantages.




One of the unique features of this card is the complimentary mobile phone insurance. You can use this credit card or any other linked Diners Club Card to pay for the monthly mobile plan. This card will get you covered for accidental phone damage and unavoidable phone theft. We would strongly suggest reading the full document to know more about the phone insurance and the claim procedure.

To make your travel safe and secure, the Citi Rewards Credit Card offers complimentary travel insurance. You have to purchase overseas tickets using this card. The travel insurance will cover you and your family for loss, theft, or damage to personal items, trip cancellation caused due to unexpected conditions, medical expenses, and more.


With the purchase Protection insurance, you can claim the loss theft, or damage to an eligible item purchase using the credit card. If you have purchased some goods (in Australia) and somehow you found the same products later at a cheaper price, just use the price guarantee feature and claim the difference amount. This card also offers extended warranty coverage for the eligible items.

Citi Rewards Credit Card Reward Points

You will get 1 Citi Rewards point on every single dollar you spend on eligible purchases by the Citi Rewards Credit Card, in Australia and internationally. There is no limit for international spending but the domestic spending limit is $10,000 per statement period. You can use these points in many ways like transferring to three frequent flier programs (Singapore Airlines, Emirates Skywards, KrisFlyer, and flybuys).

You can also use these points for travel, cashback (available through the Citi Rewards Store), travel, and gift cards. There is also an option of applying for a Linked Diners Club Card (LDCC) which will earn you 2 reward points on every single dollar spent on eligible transactions and there is no limit. Many benefits with this credit card, right?

Rates and Fees

The standard annual fee for the Citi Rewards Credit Card is $149. The purchase interest rate is 21.49%. You can enjoy up to 55 interest-free days if you possess a good credit record and pay your balance in full before the due date. There are no interest-free days if you have debt from a balance transfer. The cash advance rate for this card is 22.24% p.a. A one-time cash advance fee of 3.5% on domestic transactions and $5 on an international transaction is also charged.

The credit limit for this card is from $6000 to $100,000. You will be given a credit limit based on the bank criteria and your financial record. This credit card also charges a 3.4% foreign transaction fee. You can add a maximum of 4 additional cardholders by paying a $90 annual fee for each additional card.

Eligibility and how to apply

If you want to apply for the Citi Rewards credit card, you must be an Australian citizen of age 18 and above. You must have a minimum income of $35,000 annually. You must possess a good credit score and credit history. Applying for the Citi Rewards credit card is pretty simple. You can apply online, from the mobile app or you can visit any nearest branch.

The first things required are the personal details that include name, address, email address, and phone number. Then you will tell them about your employment details; where you have to fill in the job title, employer details, and a letter from the employer about your income details. In the next step to apply for this credit card, the banks will ask you about your financial details; like expenses, liabilities, income, etc. for the balance transfer offer the bank will ask you to fill in the details of those accounts.


The Citi Rewards Credit Card is one of the best options for those who like to shop with a digital wallet. The reward points are great but the domestic spending cap is at $10,000 per statement period. The interest-free days and initial balance transfer rates are excellent; but overall, the interest rate for purchases is higher than the average. The complimentary insurances are also appreciable but reading the policies might help you better understand the insurance claim process.

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