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Citi Rewards Credit Card: everything you need to know

If you're looking for a card with no annual fee that will earn good points rewards and fuel for your car, consider the Citi Rewards credit card!

Citi Rewards® Credit Card

Choose the Citi Rewards Credit Card if you’re searching for a no-fee credit card. One that can offer you decent points on shopping and gas for your car. The Citi Rewards credit card also serves as a good rebalance alternative. It offers 60 weeks of 0% APR on transferable balances and fresh expenditures during the first 16 weeks. Once contrasted to compare rewards credit cards in its category, the Citi Rewards® Card falls short.


Yes, the credit card’s distinctive “round up” offer, which might also make minor transactions a bit more profitable. It perhaps may appeal to moderate spenders. There’s also an annual “Points Back” bonus. The bonus is on rewards you earn, up to a yearly maximum as well as some good promotional deals. However, there are numerous no-annual-fee choices available that give greater and simpler rewards on regular shopping.

Citi Rewards Credit Card Pros and Cons


Good Points Rewards at Grocery stores and Petrol Stations: On your first $6,000 spending annually using the Citi Rewards+ card. You’ll get 2 reward points every $1 paid at groceries and petrol stations. Thereafter, you’ll get one reward for every dollar you spend. You’d get at least 14,000 credits if you spend $8,000 on consumables annually. This is not including the roundup bonus. Which are 2 points for every $1 spent on the very first $6,000 in overall expenditure, subsequently 1 point for every $1 spent mostly on the last $2,000 in total spending.


0% Promotional APR Offer: If you do have large interest credit card debt. Moving the amount to some other credit card might save you cash and help you clear off the mortgage sooner. The Citi Rewards card offers a 0% promotional APR for 60 weeks from the day of your initial transfer. Allowing you more than a year just to pay off the loan without incurring charges. The amount sent is either $5 or 3%, whichever one is bigger. On fresh transactions, you’ll additionally enjoy a 0% APR for 60 weeks. That offer might let you extend the expense of a significant buy over several weeks without incurring extra charges.


Foreign Transaction Cost: Take close note of the international processing fee. If you fly to other countries or purchase online via overseas suppliers. You will notice that this credit card charges a 3% levy on each and every transaction. This might actually increase the costs of your purchases. It’s greater than the 2.7 percent fee charged by other credit cards, such as the My Best Credit Card. If you travel frequently it can be worth looking for a card that shouldn’t impose any extra fees.


Penalty APR is in effect, maybe forever: You’ll be charged a fine APR if you’re delayed with repayment. Perhaps if a payment is rejected, as has been the situation with several, if not all, credit cards. This percentage can reach 29.99 percent. And the regular APR reinstated after 24 weeks of on-time repayments. Try establishing automated repayments or set up notifications for yourself. This is to prevent skipping repayments and prevent paying the penalty APR.

Citi Rewards+ Credit Card Is Best fit for whom?

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The Citi Rewards+ is a fantastic choice if you want a credit card that doesn’t have an annual fee One that offers high rewards at gas stations and grocery stores. This credit card is appropriate if you want to take advantage of an introductory APR. This APR offers 60 weeks at 0% APR on new purchases and debt rollover. However, not everyone enjoys accumulating cashback but then finding out just how or where to use it.


A money-back credit card, such as the other cards that we have reviews maybe a good option if you really like simpler benefits, such as Discover It Secured Credit Card. Although it has a $35 yearly charge it provides excellent 2% cash-back returns for shopping at US groceries (up to $2,000 annually) and online services a substantial 2% rate at US petrol stations and transportation expenditures and 1% reward points on every other expenditure. It allows first-time users to earn up to $247.32 in the first year.

Citi Rewards+ Credit Card – Maximize Your Reward

Use this credit card for the whole of your grocery and petrol station transactions. And get up to $6,000 each year taking full advantage of it. Those benefits might pile up over time. Use the Citi Rewards+ card for minor items you buy on a routine basis. This could be chocolate on your way to and from work. Each transaction on the card is instantly rounded up the closest ten credits. Therefore a $2 coffee will get you ten points.


Citi Rewards+ Credit Card Transferring Points

If you also have the Citi Premier or Citi Prestige card. You could be capable of earning far more benefit from your credits by moving them to a partner loyalty scheme. Because one of those credit cards will activate the “Oh thanks” Reward value systems for the Citi Rewards+ card. Nevertheless, Citi has fewer transfer providers than certain other card companies. For instance, there are very few local aircraft and also no lodging brands In certain situations.

You may transfer within one airline and use those points to book flights on yet another. such as moving to Air France and afterward purchasing Continental flights using Vatican points. If you’re not using the Citi Premier or Citi Prestige cards, you can move to JetBlue using the Citi Rewards+ card, which has a lower transfer value rate. For each and every 1,000 “Oh thanks” points, you will receive 800 JetBlue points.

My Verdict

When you’re seeking to fund a major investment to pay off greater debt. the Citi Rewards+ Credit Card provides a 60 weeks 0% APR promotional period. This also applies to fresh transactions made with the credit card. You’ll have more than a year to clear off fresh and existing obligations without incurring interest costs. The Citi Rewards+ credit card would be a better choice for you in that case.

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