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Credpal Credit Card: you need this card!

This article has revealed all the facts about the Credpal Credit Card. It also contains details about the founder and why you should need it.

Credpal Credit Card

It is time for you to know the Credpal Credit Card. Because with this amazing credit card, Nigerians could no longer have to worry about running out of cash. CredPal takes it a step far beyond the typical capital markets business. Thus by providing users with a credit card. One that they could then purchase for their requirements and repay in installments.

CredPal uses Visa credit cards, which are accepted at all POS terminals and ATMs. However, making it a straightforward way to obtain credit cards. That’s comparable to the online banking services provided by firms like American Express throughout Europe. CredPal is a Nigerian fintech firm that allows businesses and people to purchase goods from merchants both online and offline.

It also allows consumers to pay in installments for their purchases. However, users have immediate access to credit the moment the sale is made. Moreover, Credpal enables you to process the payment, with repayments spread out over six months. Credpal is a versatile payment method that allows you to purchase commodities or products, also with the Credpal Credit Card.

That includes the products you want, with payments spread out over six months. Credpal is a borrowing app as well as a platform for buying now and paying later. However, Credpal is a bank credit card and loan company that provides financing to firms and individuals in underdeveloped countries.

Credpal Credit Card

So Credpal is indeed a loan app and also a “Buy Now, Pay Later” portal. This is because it provides clients with loans for everyday requirements. And also, it gives a loan for both small and major price items. Nevertheless, users must be aware that Credpal Credit Card is now available to people from the middle level.

Is Credpal Credit Card legitimate?

Credpal is an entirely legitimate company that has completed all of the necessary paperwork. Credpal is a legitimate company with thousands of customers. Shoprite, Mykonos on Roof, Airtel, as well as EdenLife are among the merchants and partners. Credpal Credit Card does indeed have other partners, including Pointek and BurgerKing, demonstrating that it must be a legitimate consumer finance organization.

Who is the owner of Credpal Credit Card?

As a matter of fact, Fehintolu Olaogun and Olorunfemi Jegede founded Credpal in 2018. However, Credpal’s CEO is Fehintolu Olaogun, whereas the COO is Olorunfemi Jegede. Currently, the firm has secured $1.7 million in financing from ten partners over nine stages of funds. Olorunfemi Jegede previously ran an e-commerce business before founding Credpal Credit Card.

So, he discovered that clients were looking for ‘Buy today, pay for it later’ choices all the time. As a result of this discovery, the two agreed to develop a cash interface for checkout, including a new credit card. Clients may be able to make the payment in installments under this method. CredPal received $25000 and the “Merchant Payments” Competition immediately after launching.

Moreover, this was for people and companies to be able to pay for products. Thus to make payment in installments at both online and offline stores. As a result, they were recognized at the Sub-Saharan Africa Visa Everywhere Program. Keep reading the article in order to know more details and information about this credit card.

How the Credpal Credit Card works

Credpal Credit Card is a financial advisory firm that provides users with credit cards plus loans. In addition, merchants in its Marketplace provide a Buy Now Pay Later feature. However, credit card users can purchase products and pay in installments. Credit cardholders could also boost their earnings when making use of the card.

Furthermore, users of this credit card could utilize these features as well as pay their electricity costs. Users could also utilize the card to purchase airtime and internet subscriptions, as well as make bank transfers. However, the Credpal Credit Card loans do have a three-month minimum payback period. Thus also include a six-month maximum payback period.

So CredPal’s lowest loan amount is N100,000, with a total loan value of N2,000,000. Such restrictions, however, are reviewed on a regular basis. Hence the rate of interest on a loan is typically between 4% and 6.8%. This, however, is dependent on how far the workplace sits in the firm’s classification system; it is different for the credit card.

Credpal Credit Card currently offers 4 credit card plans. These plans are BASIC and it is for those that have up to an N7000 credit limit. Also comes with a 21% charge per every 31 days but there is no fee yearly. The other plan is the STANDARD credit card plan. Thus this features a 14% fee on every 31 days and it doesn’t have a yearly subscription charge.

Other important things to note

The PREMIUM card plan, on the other hand, has a regular cost of capital of 6% as well as a yearly charge of N5,000. Then finally, it has a PRESTIGE credit card plan that has a 3.8 percent month-to-month cost of capital and a N52,000 annual fee. Furthermore, consumers could perhaps make credit card loan payments as they must pay off that which they devote. All of that is completed on their own credit report at the end of a pay period, which is usually not more than 1 month long.

However, all clients that are utilizing the Credpal Credit Card offer should note one important thing. However, users must keep in mind that a policy fee is often charged to the initial payments customers make using their credit cards. Users are to make a repayment of what they have spent on their credit card on the repayment date. The payback period begins on the day they get your paycheck.


Credpal Credit Card is a solution for entrepreneurs and small enterprises. As a result, for those who can improve revenue by more than 32%. Thus, obtaining more consumers and collecting payments in a more frictionless manner. Offering a financing feature that allows users to purchase a product now and then pay later can help firms increase engagement. Therefore, users can turn consumers who would otherwise be deserted owing to a lack of finances into paying clients.