Fidelity Visa Classic Credit Card: a low rate card

Fidelity Visa Classic Credit Card is another significant service of Fidelity Bank. This card charges a very low fee on all the banking operations.
Fidelity Visa Classic Credit Card

Fidelity Visa Classic Credit Card belongs to the Fidelity Bank, a Nigerian commercial bank. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Nigeria’s Central Bank and national banking regulator, has granted its international authorization as a commercial bank. The Bank started its operation in 1988, and in the first decade of its operation, it entered the list of top 10 Nigerian Banks.

The headquarters of Fidelity bank is in the Lagos state of Nigeria. This Bank introduced the Fidelity Visa Classic Credit Card for its customers. The Visa Classic Credit Card, popularly known as The Vanilla Card, is designed for casual buyers who occasionally require a little additional cash to satisfy urgent needs.

You can use Naira and Dollar credit cards to purchase and pay for them later. This offer is one of the advantages you’ll enjoy if you apply for our Classic credit cards. There are many features and benefits attached to this credit card, and let’s take a look at them. Keep reading this article to know everything about this credit card.

Fidelity Visa Classic Credit Card features and benefits

Fidelity Visa Classic Credit Card has some fantastic features to attract its customers. The first significant feature of this card is that it is available to its customers free of cost. There is no card issuance fee for this credit card. This card is usable anywhere globally, not just bound to the Nigerian people. Fidelity made the card internationally accepted credit card concerning the needs of its customers.

Fidelity Visa Classic Credit Card

The card can be used everywhere globally where the Visa® symbol is printed, making it ideal for keeping on your person at all occasions. You can also withdraw cash from ATMs without actually writing a check. The card provides a 45 days interest-free package for the new customers on all purchases, and this credit card has very low-interest rates after this free time. The individuals only have to pay 2.5 per cent per month for using this card.

The Bank charges interest rates for this credit card only on the amount spent. Otherwise, you are not liable to interest rates. The repayment of the amount spent by the cardholder of this credit card is also flexible for the customers. The Fidelity credit card is beneficial in foreign tours, and it helps its users with all the problems and difficulties. They can enjoy different facilities, order food any time, or visit any place by using this credit card.

This credit card also provides discount offers worldwide to selected merchants and shops. You can enjoy your shopping and also make extra with this reward program. This credit card is equally suitable for transactions and shopping within the country or abroad. You can create your credit history with this credit card covering all your expenses during the visit.

Fidelity Visa Classic Credit Card charges and fees details

When the Fidelity Visa Classic Credit Card expires, you can get it again by paying ₦1050. In case of loss and damage to the card, the customers must pay ₦2000. There is no annual fee for this card, and the card maintenance fee is ₦250 for a classic credit card. The pin re-issue and POS cash advance fees are zero for this credit card. This feature is one of the most attractive features of this card.

Fidelity’s classic card ATM withdrawal charges in foreign countries are ₦240. On the other hand, in domestic withdrawal, Bank charges ₦150. The 1 percent transaction amount is the same for both types of withdrawal. If a person purchases something without paying for it and could not pay the fee on the due date, he has to pay ₦2000 as a late payment fee. The 2.5 per cent rate is also applicable for a month’s interest rate for this credit card.

Safety Protocols

Your Fidelity Visa Classic Credit Card is super safe as it comes with the Secured Visa IPIN feature that assures only the actual holder of a card can approve transactions on the card when shopping online. It is also safe in all fraudulent and scamming transactions. The Visa approval credit cards do not declare cardholders liable for any false transactions or any fraud transfer of amount in shopping. You can also contact them immediately if you lose your card.

Internet Banking

There is a mobile application and a complete website covering the internet aspect of banking for Fidelity Bank. You can install the mobile app from any significant mobile play store and add your account and credit card details. You can shop in all major stores and transact any amount through this mobile application. There is also the facility of getting the history of all transactions from this mobile application. Internet banking is now becoming famous day by day. Hence, Fidelity brings this service to its customers.

How to get a Fidelity Visa Classic Credit Card?

The Fidelity Visa Classic Credit Card is very easy to get. You have to submit an application form after proper filling listing all the details. You also need to provide the guarantee of your business or income details. In the case of the individual business, execute a personal guarantee. At the same time, a corporate businessman needs to provide executed corporate guarantees. You also need to provide self-identity documents.

Any individual who wants to get this credit card should provide a National Identity Card or a valid driving license. If he might not provide them, then at least provide his international Visa. The latest photograph and BVN are also requirements of this card. You can visit any branch or submit an online application for this card. You can get this card in 7 working days.