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Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card: get all the info

Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card is a super offer card that charges low rates on all international as well as local transactions.

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Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card

The Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card belongs to the Great Southern Bank. Which was formerly known as CUA or Credit Union Australia. It is a customer-owned bank in Australia headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. This Bank is one of Australia’s most extensive banking and insurance services providing institutes. Credit Union Australia was founded in 1946. In 2021, CUA was transformed into a banking unit and named Great Southern Bank.


Great Southern Bank provides financial facilities to more than 400 thousand Australian people, and its 40 plus branches are working. In addition, the bank offers the Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card for its customers. Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card gives different services to its customers. This credit card covers all the banking operations.

You can withdraw, transact and transfer money through this without any risk. It is usable in any financial emergency. The bank provides the facility of this credit card to its customers to take part in online banking development in Australia. So, it is important to get this credit card if you live in Australia. The Bank is answerable to its customers, so this credit card has different benefits.


Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card benefits


Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card provides customer-friendly services to the people of Australia. The minimum credit limit of this credit card is 500$. The bank also provides credit cards with zero annual fees in the first year. After the initial period, this annual fee is 49$. The purchase rate for this credit card is 11.99 percent p.a. This credit card is giving very low rates on all the important services.

This card is famous for its low rates. Hence, The annual transfer rate for this credit card is 0 for the first 33 months. The current balance transfer rate is 21.74 percent p.a., which applies after the initial 33 months. Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card also provides a 55 days interest-free period to its customers on all transactions.

Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card

The minimum monthly repayment is 35$. It may also be estimated as 3% of the closing balance or your over-limit amount. The cash interest rate for this credit card is 21.74 percent p.a. If a customer could not pay the charges for 25 days of any statement, then the Bank charged 12.50$ as the late payment fee. The foreign exchange price is 3.40% of the total transacted amount which is less.

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The fee for an additional cardholder is zero, and it applies to up to nine additional credit cards. This credit card has less cost and more benefits for its customers. Great Southern Bank is always associated with the insurance facility of its customers, but they are not Guaranteeing this insurance policy.


Hence, the low rate credit card also provides the services of Insurance. This credit card provides a life insurance facility to its customers. They can use this Insurance in case of any accidental conditions or during visits to places all over. Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card is bringing the life of its customers in safety with its reliable safety protocols.

Safety protocols of the Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card

Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card has 3D security set up, which enables its customers to save banking processes. The Bank monitors all the transactions through this credit card. In case of any fraud, the bank helps its customers. If any individual cardholder loses his card, Southern Bank provides him the assistance. However, this emergency assistance is available 24/7. Low Rate Credit Card is password protected and has an advanced technology microchip with the minimum ability of hacking.


Internet and mobile banking

Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card also gives its services through a mobile app or internet banking. You can quickly pay your money through your mobiles. Low Rate Credit Card promotes the transaction through Apple Pay and Google Pay. Apple users, Apple watches, and mobiles can use this credit card technology to transfer amounts and shop online.

Android mobiles users can use the option of Google pay to do all necessary purchases and transactions. Consumers can also control this credit card from the Southern Bank Mobile Application. Southern Bank has established a mobile app readily available on any online store. Through this mobile banking app, Individuals can log in with their banking or credit card details and control all of their banking operations from their mobile.

This mobile application is also protectable through a password. You need to have an email account to access this mobile app of Southern Bank. Customers can handle all banking operations like transfer amounts, shopping, payments, and enjoying different financial facilities. If you want to know how to apply, keep reading our article.

Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card eligibility criteria

Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card’s application criteria are not complex. The age count of the person should be 18 or above. The individual should have permanent residency proof of Australia. The person needs to have permanent employment or an income source. You need to provide your details, including income, debt, assets, liabilities, and expenses. The document required for identification is either an Australian Passport or a Valid Driving License.

Application process

There are three processes to get the Great Southern Bank Low Rate Credit Card. First, you can call the bank’s customer calling number. You can apply for the card manually by visiting the branch. Hence, Keep your documents ready before arriving at the bank. Check the eligibility criteria and provide your email and phone number. Upload all of your documents and verify your income details by providing related documents.

The Bank will respond to you in due time and send you the credit card in 5-10 working days. Finally, activate your card and start spending money wherever you want. This card is Finder’s Award-winning credit card for best balance transfer credit card. Don’t forget to visit our website to read all of our articles and make the best decision for you.

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