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Haitian migrants: police barrier and other comments

Find out the reason why texas approves Police barrier for Haitian migrants who are presently increasing in the United state. Read the full details here.

Police barrier for Haitian migrants

Haitian migrants are entering the US and this is becoming an issue for the country. Officials are trying to use “new” methods to discourage migrants from entering the country through Texas. Such as placing the state National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety trucks for some yards. These guards are placed anywhere along the line to make a barrier.


Since most of the migrants are Haitians, social media reports indicate that perhaps Del Rio border remained open. This was made clear through a statement by Chief Raul Ortiz (US Border Patrol). So both municipal and federal officials have expressed their concern with the violent images at the border.

Thus this includes police personnel on motorcycles and horses using harsh methods towards the migrants. The informal settlements below the bridges have been called harsh by certain persons. The main state approves the barrier for Haitian migrants.


President Joe Biden about Haitian migrants


Furthermore, the Texas governor blamed the present status in Del Rio on the US President’s leadership. However, he claimed that the state and federal governments weren’t working much. He added that the federal government did not do enough to safeguard the nation’s border fence. Yet too many of the migrants are living under the Del Rio International Bridge.

Nonetheless, Abbott made a comment in a media briefing in Val Verde country. He said “Individuals have seen the endless flow of people camping there. They have seen them like what we’ve seen moving across the same dam. However, the dam that really is here and next to me when you already have a regime that is not trying to enforce the law in the first place.


“[…] when you have a government that has ignored any false notion of building a border wall and trying to secure our sovereign power. Hence the state approves a barrier for Haitian migrants.” So the Biden team continues to depend on a Trump-era boundary rule. This is a rule that concerns the coronavirus epidemic.

Thus this permits border officials to quickly deport migrants arrested at the US-Mexico border. So in present days, the regime has boosted the number of clearances and return trips. However, the administration intends to wipe out the camp there under the bridge. This would be during the next eight or nine working days, according Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary.


Alejandro made a sensitive statement to the lawmaker on Tuesday throughout a Senate sub-committee session. So accordingly Alejandro said that they hope to see great success. And it’s not going to be more than the next 48 to 96 hours. And they will get a lot clearer in the following two hours.

Haitian migrants in South America waiting to come to US

This present year, a record number of immigrants are mainly Haitians. Hence these people have crossed the Colombia-Panama boundary. So accordingly Erika Mouynes, who is Panama’s Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke to a reporter. He said earlier that the situation is really disturbing. However, up to 30,000 Haitians may very well be attempting to go north through Colombia.


Thus while Panama expects over 80,000 people to pass its boundaries on their way to the US still in 2021. Nonetheless, over 97 percent of Haitians traveling to the US did not originate in Haiti. But instead, they came from South American nations which include Chile and Brazil. Most of the Haitian residents that camped under the bridge have fled their homeland.

children of different ages holding hands while coming in to migrant camp

They actually fled due to the devastating earthquake in 2010. The pandemic’s financial effect on the area fuelled increased migration to the US southern border. This is one reason Texas approves the barrier for Haitian migrants. However, the clear history of the national killing and the major earthquake. Phillips is an employee of the Haitian Bridge Alliance.

Also, an HMO has classified Haiti as a ‘threatening zone’ in August. But the earthquake struck the country. However, many people still do not have access to clean water or medical treatment. “It is now bad to pause deportation flights to Haiti. And to keep them from returning to their original destinations.”

Furthermore, as shown in a report by Homeland Security there is a comeback. As most of the other Haitians who gathered underneath the bridge have indeed started returning to return to other countries, like Mexico. Though fewer individuals are likely to arrive as the current administration starts to work on re-entry flights. So this is the reason why the state approves a barrier for Haitian migrants.

DHS Secretary grilled over the situation

Texas approves Police barrier for the migrants from Haiti. Because of the obviously large number of immigrants under the bridge, the state governor demanded an emergency statement on Monday. Hence the influx of migrants has also resulted in the temporary closure of the bridge. However, they migrated with public transport and are being relocated.

Thus to help make sure of the easy supply of trade with other countries, according to Ortiz, chief of US Border Patrol. So DHS is also going to rely on other Border Protection centers anywhere along the state line. Thus according to the statement of Judge Ricardo Samaniego from El Paso County.

Well over 1,000 people have indeed been transported to El Paso, with 500 so much intended each day. Therefore “We’re going to get some from there,” Samaniego explained. “So that’s why they’re refusing to accept them at this point.” “Perhaps they seem to need help and El Paso seems to be willing to help.”


Texas approves Police barrier for Haitian migrants. So Hawley reminded Mayorkas: “They are honest, you as well as your government is accountable. Moreover, hence many more individuals who live under situations that, due to various policies, are shocking and frightening.” Mayorkas also mentioned the photos of Border Patrol officers that engage migrants angrily Tuesday.