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HB Naira Credit Card: your new Mastercard

HB Naira Credit Card is an enormous achievement of Heritage Bank for the people of Nigeria. It has many great benefits and features.

HB Naira Credit Card

HB Naira Credit Card belongs to the Heritage Bank, a well-known Nigerian financial institution. The bank provides its customers with a banking experience that goes beyond the ordinary by continually providing exceptional and long-term financial services. They are committed to offering financial things that offer the clients complete control over their cash at all times while guiding them through the economic growth process.

Dealing with different exchange regimes and procedures in different geographical regions might be stressful when people travel. HB Naira Credit Card tends to spend your currency without having to convert it to another currency, at any time and in any location. The credit card is making Heritage Bank proud everywhere, and it is good to have it in the pocket on all international tours.

HB Naira Credit Card: features and benefits

HB Naira Credit Card is acceptable anywhere in the world where the logo of the master card appears. This credit card is a naira dominated credit card, and this means that cash remains dominated for transactions in Nigeria. The customers can use this credit card for transferring or transacting money in ATMs, POS, and the Web.

HB Naira Credit Card

You do not need to carry cash when you are on a journey. This credit card has three years revolving credit limits, and it is also usable for a 3 years timeframe. The customers can buy anything, shop for anything and transact any amount. The individuals can use this credit card to repay this amount.

If anyone can’t pay the amount in the allotted time, then he has to pay an additional fee of 20% of the original amount. This fee is only applicable when you cannot pay the fee on time. With this credit card, customers can access airport lounges throughout the world. You can also access various VIP hotels and priority pass treatment.

There are many other exciting benefits and offers for its consumers. With this credit card, you can enjoy all the master card facilities like shopping, travel, and lifestyle benefits. It is readily available in any conditions for its customers. This credit card also brings insurance benefits to its customers.

You can get insurance for all emergencies with the HB Naira Credit Card. In medical emergencies, you will have access to top-notch medical facilities. When you are traveling and have an accident, the bank card is bound to help you. You can get access to any other repairmen or fuel pump station if you need fuel. Any kind of inconvenience has a solution with the HB Bank’s cardholders.

HB Naira Credit Card: security

These credit cards come with advanced technology that is safe and secure. The bank provides the offer of safe purchase and shopping and helps its customers in case of any fraudulent transactions. The customers are not liable for any fraudulent transactions. The advanced chips for this credit card provide a warranty of safety for its customers.

The pin and chip technology is very reliable for the HB Naira Credit Card customers in any online transaction. HB Bank asks for the consent of its customers for any downloadable material. Hence, the bank is not responsible for any delays due to electronic machines like computers and data loss through this downloadable material.

Consumer’s receipt of any information and advice, whether orally or in writing form will not imply any guarantee of liability due to the contract they made at the time of opening the account. The bank is taking these measures to avoid any inconvenience. Keep reading to know more about this amazing credit card.

HB ebank Services

The bank brings the eBank service to the HB Naira Credit Card customers. Through this service, customers can avail of HB internet and mobile banking, SMS and email alerts, and debit cards. With Heritage Bank’s Mobile Banking app, consumers can also check and activate the reward point offers, contact the local branch, and find ATMs and branches in their neighborhoods.

The customers can do all the transactions from this mobile app instead of going to ATMs to use their credit cards. You can buy anything online by simply sitting inside your bedroom. The mobile banking app is available in all online mobile stores. This app is compatible with Apple and Android mobile phones.

The banking system of Heritage Bank will be in your hand at a fingertip away with this mobile banking app. It allows its customers to check their available account balances, examine transaction history, money transfers, credit cards, bill payments, and pay other people (Popmoney). Every bank offer and reward point is a notification away from the customers.

How to get a HB Naira Credit Card?

The application procedure for HB Naira Credit Card is straightforward. The applicants must provide some essential identity documents like an ID card or Driving License. The person who is applying should have a valid address and residency certificate. The Individual should also have either a salary-based job or an income source every month.

The applicants have to submit all the details of their amount and expenses to the bank for consideration. After all the necessary verifications, the bank provides them with a credit card. You can apply through the bank website. You need to provide a valid email address and mobile number to apply for the credit card.

The customers can select all the details for credit card types, transactions, and security of credit cards on the online form. The people who do not want to apply online can visit any nearby branch of Heritage Bank. They need to bring all the documents mentioned above as the bank will submit them. After this, they will release the credit card in a few working days.