HSBC Classic Credit Card: complete review

HSBC Classic Credit Card is one better option for you who is looking for a better credit score. This is your chance, enjoy!
HSBC Classic Credit Card

HSBC Classic Credit Card can be the solution for all your problems. The credit scores matter a lot in your financial health. If you are a UK citizen and looking for better credit card scores, this credit card is one of the best options for you. Not only can you build on your existing credit scores, but also build a new one from scratch if you are a beginner and haven’t had a credit history at all.

Just like any other banking service, HSBC offers perks and benefits with the card. You can discuss with the bank and set a customized interest rate, for example. Also, there is no annual fee which is a big relief for the starters. Compared with other basic credit cards on the market, the HSBC Classic Credit Card has relatively low credit limits for account opening. The interest rates, however, tend to be on the higher side.

HSBC Classic Credit Card benefits

There is no annual fee on this credit card. Moreover, you will get up to £1000 in credit with this card. With these basic features, the card allows you to build a credit score without worrying much about the fees and balance. Of course, improving your credit score means that you have to pay your bills on time and keep your spending within limits.

Failing to do so will harm your score and overall financial health. Hence, it is the management that matters in the end; no matter what credit card you choose. The HSBC Classic Credit Card integrates seamlessly with Apple Pay. For online payments, you just have to add your card to Apple Pay and pay for all the online shopping with just a few taps through Apple Pay.

HSBC Classic Credit Card

Even if you lose your card, you can keep using the credit card through Apple Pay for online payments while your new card is on the way. If you are not an iOS user, there is still good news for you. This card integrates in the same way with Google Pay and Samsung Pay too! Happy online shopping then!

Additionally, with the home&Away reward program, you can avail discounts and offers on globally renowned brands. These discounts are instant and apply to your card by default. The contactless payment options by integrating your credit card with different payment wallets make the whole shopping experience easier for you.

Personalized offers

One of the stand out features of the HSBC Classic Credit Card is the Visa Offers Scheme. Through this scheme, the bank tracks your spending habits and then designs tailored offers for you. This way, you get offers and discounts on things that you mostly spend on. There are no steps to activate this facility as this feature comes with the card automatically.

So just go and shop with your credit card at your favorite store and get discounts and offers! The credit card management is all online. You can check your credit card reports, make credit card payments, and never miss a payment date through the online credit card management system.

Moreover, there is an option to add another family member or a partner to your account. This way, you will have two cards on one account. No more lending your card around and not having the card yourselves when you need it the most! If you are an international traveler, the HSBC Classic Credit Card allows you to do payments on all the ATMs and POSs where the wallet logo on your credit card is accepted.

Applying for HSBC Classic Credit Card

Before applying for the HSBC Classic Credit Card, HSBC Bank encourages you to read an article titled Things-you-Should-Know which is available on the bank’s website. This section will help you understand all the requirements of having this credit card. The basic eligibility criteria of this card are that you are a resident of the UK, and have an annual income of £6800 or more before taxes. And of course, you should be 18 when applying for this card.


The HSBC Bank encourages the holder of this credit card to get in touch if their financial situation changes over time. For example, if your earnings halt due to any reason and you cannot continue paying for the card, you should immediately contact the bank representatives and let them know about the situation to avoid any trouble.

Moreover, you must understand the conditions for the minimum rates for the HSBC Classic Credit Card. For example, the lowest rates apply only to the users who don’t have any HSBC card in their name in the past six months. Also, credit transfer doesn’t apply to this credit card from other HSBC bank credit subsidiaries. If you agree to these conditions, applying for a credit card is easy whether you are a bank member or not.

You can fill out the form online for the credit card if you are an HSBC client and have your online banking activated. For bank customers, the credit card application is available on the bank’s mobile app too.  If you are not a bank customer, you can apply for membership on the bank’s official website. The sign-up process is easy and doesn’t take much time for the assessment.

Final thoughts about the HSBC Classic Credit Card

If you are worried about building a good credit score without involving too many finances, the HSBC Classic Credit Card might help you. It’s a useful credit card with no hidden charges, no annual fees, and acceptable interest rates. With different perks and features, just like any other good credit card, the HSBC Classic Credit Card is a great choice for starters in the UK.