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Humm90 Platinum Credit Card: interest free for you!

Humm90 Platinum Credit Card is bringing the people of Australia to very low rate transactions fee and has interest free superpowers.

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Humm90 Platinum Credit Card

While you may not have heard of the Humm90 Platinum Credit Card, it has a long history in Australia and internationally under the Flexi Group, that is responsible for the Hummm90. It is a company that specializes in providing unique financial products, including interest-free credit cards and no-interest payment plans.


Hum understands the establishment of business through Credit Cards. Hence, they introduced the service of Humm90 Platinum Credit Card. This Master Card is an advanced level service by Humm that competes for all the central bank’s credit cards of Australia. Keep reading to know more about this credit card.

This credit card is for anyone looking for stress-free solutions for money transfers. It is making the life of purchasers much easier. You can make significant purchases and transactions by using this card. This Master Card brings the life of people to a smooth path where they can do any transaction without any resistance or fear of losing money.


The Humm90 Platinum Credit Card is usable everywhere and has superpowers that allow you to pay off larger purchases more quickly. The interest-free 110 days offer attracts the customers. Let’s discuss its significant benefits in detail. This article will give you more information about this amazing credit card and all its benefits.

Humm90 Platinum Credit Card features and benefits

Humm90 Platinum Credit Card is easily the best for interest-free credit cards. This Master card has the most Interest-Free Days of any on the market. Obtain up to 110 days of interest-free shopping on your online expenses. Minimize interest wherever you shop, from groceries to petrol, homewares to vacations. The interest-free period begins on the first day of your statement cycle.

Humm90 Platinum Credit Card

You receive the entire 110 days without any interest charges if you make purchases on that day. If you make a purchase shortly before the end of your statement cycle, you’ll still have interest-free credit for 79 days. Humm90 Platinum Credit Card brings the opportunity of payments in small amounts from any buys through this card.

There are three plans for paying any amount of 250$ or plus that you spent on online purchasing. You can pay it in 9 months with a small establishment fee of 3% of the purchase amount. For the plan of 12 months, this credit card charges 4% of the special purchase price. In addition, the customers who use an installment plan of 15 months have to pay 5% of the original purchase amount.


This is the safest and easiest way to transfer money in installments, and Humm90 Platinum Credit Card made this happen. The card provides current Long Term Interest-Free offerings, which might be 12 months, 24 months, or up to 60 months. You can use this service at any Humm90 Interest-Free partners across Australia.

During any store visit, you should ask for Long Term Interest-Free, and they’ll assist you in applying for Humm90. Cardholders can visit big brands, shop from there, and pay in installments. In addition, Humm90 Platinum Credit Card gives platinum extra that allows customers to free from extra fee payments. The annual fee is 99$.


Humm90 Platinum Credit Card price protection insurance

On qualified purchases made with your Humm90 Platinum Credit Card, you will receive complimentary Price Protection Insurance. You might be able to request compensation for the difference if you find the products listed at a lower price. It has to be within 30 days and in the same city or region as the original purchase.

You can get weekly cashback with this card. When you shop weekly from this card, you can have 10% cashback offers with this credit card. In addition, this credit card offers travel benefits and air concierge. There is no foreign exchange fee for this credit card. The customers can shop and transact amounts with the current card and a full guarantee of safety.

So, the consumers can get up to 180 days of free international Purchase Protection Insurance on qualifying products, protecting them against theft and unintentional damage. This complimentary insurance is instantly activated. It is safe to use this credit card locally and internationally as all of your transactions are closely watched and monitored. Hence, you are in safe hands with Humm90 Platinum Credit Card. The minimum credit limit is 1000$, and the maximum is 50000$.

Humm90 Platinum Credit Card online banking and mobile app

This credit card brings in the facility of a reliable mobile application. This mobile application takes the whole banking system to your pockets. This mobile application can make all eligible purchases and protected money transfers. Install the Humm90 App and open it, and select the shop option.

Depending on how they understand your shopping, you will see a new selection of offers from every kind of brand and merchant. The cardholders can also block their card through this app if they lose it anywhere. So enjoy the world of brands using the Humm90 Platinum Credit Card.

Eligibility criteria and application process

Humm90 Platinum Credit Card has made the precise criteria for getting a credit card. The person applying for the card must be over 18. The person applying for this credit card should have a permanent Australian resident certificate. In the case of a non-resident, the person should provide a valid visa for Australia.

Hence, the applicant should provide a transparent credit file for the record. The additional documents required for the application are an Australian Id or passport or valid driver’s license of the applicant. It would help if you had minimum earnings of 25000$ per annum. You need to provide your mobile number and email address to apply for the credit card.

The process of application is not long. You only need to have 15 minutes to complete it. Then, open the website of Humm90 and click on apply for the card option. Provide all your details as explained above and click on apply now option. This is a simple and easy method of applying for a card. You will get your credit card in a few days after applying.

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