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iPhone 13 event: what to expect from Apple

What to expect at Apple's iPhone 13 event. A larger and longer iPhone battery. A camera system in the form of a diagonal and a storage terabyte, see more!

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iPhone 13 event

What to expect at Apple’s iPhone 13 event? How about A larger and longer iPhone battery, a camera system in the form of a diagonal and a storage terabyte? Well, these are some of the newest speculations. Thus about what Apple (AAPL) may disclose during a media event. Which is scheduled on Tuesday when the next iPhone line-up is likely to be shown by the Apple officials.


The firm is expected to introduce four new iPhones during a virtual event. Hence, from its corporate office in Cupertino, California, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13, Max. Also, AirPods, Apple Watch and something linked to the increased reality may be introduced in the firm. Therefore users and the interested once are seriously waiting as this even unfolds.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 13 devices will probably not change their appearance. Actually, with few changes, they will probably appear almost the same to last year’s designs. As a matter of fact, there is a large list of possible modifications in cap features. Hence including permanent enhancements, such as a quicker CPU, enhanced camera capabilities, and longer battery life. However, this is just a little change as experts have predicted.


What to expect at Apple’s iPhone 13 event. It is very clear that Apple’s stakes are huge. So the iPhone remains an important driver of funds and a main part of its product environment. However, Apple posted almost four-month sales on iPhone in April, up 65% from last year. And the demand for its 5G power iPhone 12 was the driver of Apple’s quarterly sales. Notice that the amount of iPhone units sold was no longer disclosed by Apple. Now buyers have to spend more than $1,000 on certain next-generation models.

Comment From Expert about iPhone 13 event

David McQueen, a director of the market research company ABI Research, said: “Apple obviously has not much to do. “Despite relatively high price levels. Perhaps consumers will still purchase and update Apple goods. Nonetheless this is partially due to their brand power and product quality. And partly because they already have seriously engaged in the Apple environment.” Here is What to expect at Apple’s iPhone 13 event starts on our website at 1 p.m. ET.


No more ‘notch’


Apple can eventually remove the “buttons” at the top of its display which houses its TrueDepth camera, speakers, microphones, and other sensors to provide a less obscured view of the touchscreen. At least, this might be a noticeable adjustment in the phone’s appearance. When Apple unveiled the iPhone X in 2017, it took measures to remove the home button and to free up the screen area, including reduced bezels surrounding the frame. But the notch towards the top seemed unsightly. Apple may now remove all the components together and perhaps replenish them into the bezels.

Diagonal cameras, more storage and bigger, better batteries

Furthermore, other changes may include compatibility for satellite technology. Perhaps a quicker refresh rate for better games, a better 5G processor. And also a larger battery that claims to last throughout the day. Still, the iPhone 13 mini can also have large and stronger batteries. Thus helping to solve one of Apple’s minor, thinnest and lightest 5G phone issues. As a matter of fact, boasting short-selling. It is clear that the iPhone is 5.4-inch.

iPhone 13 event

Moreover, Wedbush analyst Dan Ives said lately. Though, a 1 terabyte memory choice could be offered for just the iPhone 13. Hence this could be 4 times the storage capacity of Pro to the current limit of 512 GB. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to focus on a better reality. Thus include the picture with an Apple logo on a lake in the press launch this year. So when buyers decided to take the same picture on Apple’s website. So an instrument was initiated for expanded truth.

New AirPods and Apple Watches

What to expect at Apple’s iPhone 13 event. Although, the new Apple Watch Series 7 model could be introduced with better health. Perhaps this would include a better battery life. Whereas some of its bigger rumor features like glucose monitoring and body temperature rates. Truely are expected to reach a little boundaries and a faster processor next year. So Apple may probably want to announce a slightly bigger screen, compared to the others.


So Apple is also able to present its next-generation AirPods. This AirPods will be with a design that is more in the same shape with its high-end AirPods Pro. Although with spatial audio and touch control. It is rumored that the earpieces come with a different battery charging case. According to reports the battery casing contains a 20% bigger battery to give you more use from one charge. Notwithstanding this will be a better deal for most users.

Moving closer to a wireless future

Clearly, there have been rumors for months that Apple will be dropping the Lightning port from its iPhones. Even so, this move was taken years ago with the removal of cable and connected connections from the box. Perhaps continued with the introduction of MagSafe. Moreover, MegaSafe is a wireless magnet attached to and fro on an iPhone case.

So it is not likely that the port will happen — in the beginning. Hence its MagSafe partners have to be prepared with more wireless chargers. But the company is supposed to work to expand. Thus producing a better compatibility to enhance the wireless future of its iPhones. Here is yet another thing to expect at Apple’s iPhone 13 event. But, there is more.

What to expect at Apple’s iPhone 13 event: A price jump?

Sincerely one unwelcome update may also be available this year. This will also introduce higher prices. So Apple tends to keep the costs of its new iPhones relatively close to their latest models. But the prices of iPhone 13 this year may be somewhat higher. Perhaps given current chip supply problems expected to rise in prices. “Though Apple’s iPhones have a high profit margin. Hence it would be no surprise for Apple to pass on to the consumer. Yet, possibly pushing iPhone prices to its top-level.

Conclusion of iPhone 13 event

We have been able to highlight What to expect at Apple’s iPhone 13 event. This is from our analysis and consultations. We are very optimistic that the changes in this iPhone 13 may not be too much. Especially when for those that have used the recent ones. Having said that, we implore you to visit our website to learn about various themes that can help you in many ways. No matter your credit score. Kindly make use of the comment section below for any comments or contributions.