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Keystone Bank Credit Card: a great solution for you money

Keystone Bank Credit Card provides a variety of cards options so that you can choose a card that works best for you. Read more about it here.

Keystone Bank Credit Card

Keystone Bank Credit Card is a great option for many people. Because one of the best and easiest ways to build a strong credit history is a responsible use of a credit card. Having one can simplify the payments, help you earn rewards, and provide better security features like fraud protection and account safety.

You will enjoy basic and important features like convenient and flexible purchasing with your credit card. Also worldwide acceptance and 24/7 customer care service, and much more. The Central Bank of Nigeria approved Keystone Bank Limited’s commercial license in August 2011. It has over 157 branches and 10 cash offices across Nigeria.

Keystone aims to provide simple, convenient banking service at all times. The bank services include personal banking, corporate banking, asset management, credit solutions, wealth solutions, financial planning, E-banking, and a variety of credit cards and debit cards. Our main focus will be on the three credit cards that are quite popular among the customers.

Keystone Bank Credit Card: Mastercard

Keystone Bank Credit Card Mastercard is one of the best names when it comes to credit cards. This card is a Naira denominated card and provides you the ease of access to your bank account anytime you want. Any Mastercard issued by Keystone or other banks (locally or internationally) is acceptable at all the ATMs of Keystone. Customers can enjoy all the perks, prestige, and safety features even at N1,000.

Card Features

Keystone Bank Credit Card Mastercard is valid for three years and provides 24/7 access to your funds nationally and internationally. This card makes the payment of different items and services much easier at different merchant locations in Nigeria and even internationally wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Keystone Bank Credit Card

Card owners can benefit from an additional layer of security as it provides the state of the art chip and pin technology, and the use of the safe token for online transactions. Account Security is one of the key features to look for in a credit card. This Mastercard has the 3D secure transaction feature that requires the One Time Password (OTP) for verification.

You can use this card for contactless payments by linking it to eligible devices. Please visit the nearest branch or visit the Bank’s official website to know more about the exciting offers and discounts. The price of this credit card is 1,075 (including VAT). The transaction limit for the ATM is N150,000, the POS limit is N2,000,000 and the WEB limit is N1,000,000.

Keystone Bank Credit Card: Visa

You can use a Visa credit card in over 20 million merchant locations and over 1.5 million ATMs globally. It provides up to 45 interest-free days if you pay all you owe within the repayment period. One of the best features of the Keystone Bank Credit Card Visa is that you can access renewable 3-year revolving credit.

This credit card is Naira denominated and comes with the Chip and PIN technology that provides better card security. You can easily access the Internet and Mobile banking for card repayments, online shopping, and payments worldwide. A 24-hour contact center support ensures timely response to your queries and complaints. 

Keystone Bank Credit Card’s validity is 3 years. It features 3D secure transactions that require One Time Password for verification of any payments. This card also provides an option for the automatic monthly direct debit for the minimum payable amount from a designated Keystone Bank account.

You can choose from multiple repayment methods that are usable by the Bank. You can also link the card with eligible devices for contactless payments. The credit card cycle (45 days) starts on the 15th of every month and ends on the 30th of next month. The minimum monthly repayment limit is 15% of the outstanding balance and you can pay more than that if you want to.

There is a late payment fee of N2,000 for any late payments. Keystone Bank Credit Card’s spending limit for Local ATM withdrawals is N150,000. The local Point of Sale (POS) transaction limit is N2,000,000 and the Web transaction limit is N1,000,000. Keep reading more to know the last option.

Keystone Bank Credit Card Verve

This card allows access to banking services through different channels that include ATMs, POS Web, and Mobile channels. Just like credit cards, it is an EMV chip and PIN-compliant card and it links directly to the customers’ accounts for better access to their money. Keystone Bank Credit Card Verve provides an option for 24/7 cash withdrawal and is valid for 3 years.

It allows easy access to the funds transfer between the linked accounts. Balance inquiries have become much easier with this card as it provides a screen view and print options. The Verve card provides the option to recharge your Airtel, Etisalat, Golo, MTN, and Starcomms GSM, which is unique compared to the other two credit cards.

You don’t have to stand in long lines and wait for hours for the bill payment, use your credit card to pay the bills of Airtel, DStv, Hitv, PHCN, and Swift from anywhere. This card is equipped with the state of the art 3D secure transactions which requires a One Time Password (OTP) for verification of any transactions. Remember that this password is not shareable and only the owner of the account receives the OTP.

It might be risky and insecure to share debit or credit card OTP with anyone. The demand for Contactless payments is increasing day by day and has become the need of time. Keystone Bank Credit Card’s Verve provides the freedom to spend on whatever and wherever you want. Just link this card to any eligible devices and enjoy the benefits of contactless payment. You get 24-hour contact center support for any queries and complaints.


Please visit the Bank’s official website to know more about credit cards and other exciting offers and discounts. This credit card price is 1,705 including the VAT, which is the same as any other credit card. The ATM transaction limit is N150,000. The point of Sales (POS) transaction limit is N2,000,000 and the limit for WEB transactions is N1,000,000.