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Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card: Save 10-15% for free

Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card presents top-notch value on spending at Lowe's. Automatic discounts can save you hundreds of dollars on a single big project.

Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card

If you are someone who loves to shop at Lowe’s and do a lot of groceries. Then, you should look up Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card. This credit card stands among all other store cards because of many reasons. Even though other credit cards give reward points that are only valued when you return to stores, this card offers flat 5% discount on literally everything. Therefore, Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card will bring you unstoppable benefits.


Furthermore, this credit card has 0$ annual fees. This means you will get the best discounts without paying anything. Plus, those high standard discounts make the credit card the best choice for the Low’s members. In addition, there is another good news for who spend heavily on home improvement can shift their purchases to Lowe’s to get these breathtaking discounts, as follows.

Features of Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card

Basic Features

Moreover, there are numerous store credit cards that offer huge reward points. Along with that, some of them offer those points with huge annual fees that do not benefit you in a good way. Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card stands among the good store credit card with no annual fees. Plus, you will get an automatic discount of flat 5% on almost everything at their store. Whereas, the ongoing APR of this credit card is 26.99% Variable.


Coupon Good for 20% off


When you signed up for this credit card and luckily got approved by the authorities on their criteria. You will receive the coupon that is good for 20% off on your first purchase. You can get up to 100$ savings by using this coupon. In this way, you can get breathtaking discounts on your home improvements on store purchases that will get you your desired product at great discounts.

Discount Offer

The most attractive discount offer is 5% off on almost all eligible purchases. But in reality, this discount offer is limited to some extent; this discount is not for every product. By simple means, it can be possible that your favorite or desirable products do not come under the discount criteria. Furthermore, if you are using special financing or installment financing offers on this credit card, you cannot avail of this discount offer.  

Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card
Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card by

The Interest Rate


As mentioned above the ongoing APR rate of Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card is 26.99% variable. Getting into the detail of interest rates let us take few examples. For example, on the purchases up to 299$ and more are eligible for special financing offer. This is the deferred interest offer that means if you purchase anything your interest will be still calculated. Meanwhile, if you do not pay it fully at the end of the promotion, you can be charged terribly.

If you spend 2,000$ or more on your purchases, you are eligible for installment financing for 84 months at low APR rate of 7.99%. While availing this offer, you are obeyed to pay for your purchases in a fixed number of monthly installments. Lowe’s says each of the installments is equal to the APR rate of about 1.56% of the initial purchase price. These two are the estimated examples that entail the interest rate ratio at various cases.


Why should You get this Store Card?

Sign-up Bonus


This Credit Card stands among various store cards because of its fascinating sign-up bonus. After getting the Lowe’s store card, you will get straight sign-up bonus as a coupon of love and joy for you. After approval, you will get 10% off on your very first purchase. Trust me this is the best benefit of this store card, that empowers you at the start of it’s usage. It can make you a maximum saving of 100$ savings available through July 31, 2020.

On contrary, few restrictions are applicable on the discounts too. Like, the discounts are not applicable to gift cards, certain services, brands, taxes and fees. That means the discount does not apply to few small services. Instead, if you are spending on a big purchase like, flooring or refrigerating you will get enough deal out of it. Therefore, this will be a tremendous offer for you in order to make home improvements with discounts.


Incredible Discounts at Lowe’s

At Lowe’s, a flat 5% discount offer is available on almost every purchase made through the store. This is the feature of this credit card that makes it stand out among all other store credit cards available for home improvement. Plus, you can avail those discounts and earn them on the spot. There will be no waiting or converting of points and rewards into money. It will be hard to find this type of incredible card for home improvement.

0$ Annual Fee

You can find it yourself by considering all of the features explained above, how beneficial this credit card is. Most importantly, this card offers 0$ annual fees that make this card more beneficial. The no annual fee is like putting the cherry on the top of a delicious cake. In this way, you can save good amount of money without investing in huge yearly fees during remolding projects.

Why should You not get this Store Card?

Only beneficial for Lowe’s Users With no 0 APR Rate

One of the bad sides of this store card is that it is a closed-loop card. If we exclude Lowe’s, it cannot be used at any place. You cannot use it for regular groceries, restaurants and billings like other credit cards. For that, you can look to Target REDcard Credit Card for travel, restaurants and gift cards. Afterward, it offers 0 APR, when you are into these financing offers they imply high interest rates. If you will not pay those interests, you can get charged badly. Plus, you would not get flat 5% discount on all purchases.

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