Mainstreet MFB Credit Card: buy whatever you want

Mainstreet MFB Credit Card is bringing great transaction offers that made it famous in local and international markets. Know more here!
Mainstreet MFB Credit Card

Mainstreet MFB Credit Card is a great card that belongs to the Mainstreet Microfinance Bank Limited. The bank Mainstreet Microfinance Bank Ltd (previously Afribank Microfinance Bank Ltd) is a private limited liability company that was established in November 2008. It is authorized to provide microfinance banking services by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The bank is true to its mission of offering microcredit and other financial services to its consumers and businesses in need of operating capital and expansion across their Lagos branches. The bank is providing excellent services and high on integrity financial services to credit cardholders. Let’s discuss some major benefits and features of MFB credit cards.

Mainstreet MFB Credit Card benefits

Your Mainstreet MFB Credit Card can now be used to transfer money, withdrawals, and shopping. It allows you to conduct business outside of traditional banking establishments. Both credit and debit cards are broadly acknowledged and may be used for both domestic & global purchases.

It makes it possible to make purchases from your savings or current account immediately. This credit card is safe and fraud-free for transferring amounts anywhere. Mainstreet MFB Credit Card is bringing the best access to funds globally.  If any customers need the best possible experience with cashless transfer then he is at the right place.

Mainstreet MFB Credit Card

Banking transactions all over the world are everybody’s need and this credit card is fulfilling it nicely. A customer can transact any amount locally or internationally through WEB, ATM, and POS. The customers did not have to charge much for all of these facilities. Mainstreet Microfinance Bank is bringing competitive rates on minimum investments of ₦500,000. The minimum deposit tenure is 30 days.

Mainstreet MFB is providing loans to support the people of Nigeria. Credit cardholders can also get it. You can repay it with a very flexible schedule. These loans do not have enough interest rates and that is why they don’t bring any burden to borrowers. The bank also responds to all the complaints in 48 hours if you have any then you call to talk to them.

Mainstreet MFB Credit Card fraud control measures

Mainstream MFB provides a manual to control the frauds and mishaps from this credit card. The individuals should not write down or retain their PIN (Personal Identification Number) in their pocket; instead, memorize it as quickly as possible. Avoid using any personal detail as your password.

Some people might find trouble if they are using their phone number, date of birth, street number, house number, or any other personal number as a password for the credit card. The cardholders should keep their ATM receipts, don’t throw them away, and remember to shred them before discarding them.

These credit card customers should take care while entering the password at any ATM machine. Some of the frauds are related to stolen pins through which cardholders can lose their money. Sometimes, thieves entered a hidden cam at Bank’s ATM room that recorded your password. Be careful entering your password and it is better to cover it with your hand.

Take care of your Mainstreet MFB Credit Card. Don’t lose it anywhere. Keep it in a safe place. The bank brings the transaction notification systems that allow its customers to get the notification in case of transaction. This is important in making the cardholder’s amount safe. These alerts keep you aware of the happenings in your account. It will provide complete details of your debit and credit amount.

Mainstreet MFB mobile application

This MFB has developed a mobile application for its customers. Anyone can install it from the Google or Apple store and use it by signing up with his account details. The individuals can check their account balance and account statement with just one click. This mobile app for this credit card is great and responsive. You can use this mobile app for bills Payment e.g. DSTv, PHCN, and GoTv.

Consumers of Mainstreet MFB can send payments from their bank to any other bank in Nigeria quickly and securely. Hence, it enables customers to make purchases, submit school tuition, and send money to other people without having to visit the recipient bank. It means that you are in control of your account with this credit card and send money through any ATM or mobile application.

This mobile app is a full-time online banking setup that you carry everywhere in your pocket. You can control any services that Mainstreet MFB Credit Card is offering through this mobile application. If you want to send the amount as an inter-bank transfer then you can do it without any hesitation. The person who wants to get a card can also request it from the mobile application.

How to get my Mainstreet MFB Credit Card?

You can visit any Mainstreet Microfinance Bank to get a credit card. The mobile application is also available for the application of credit cards. The person who wants to get a credit card should provide two passport photographs that are not more than 6 months old. The applicant needs to bring valid means of Identification that are an International Passport, Drivers License, National ID card, or Permanent Voters Card.

In order to apply for the Mainstreet MFB Credit Card, customers should provide their income details. The individuals applying for the card should also submit a recent Utility Bill. If you are a Nigerian resident then provide the details as we mentioned above. But if you are not a Nigerian resident then you have to submit the verified resident permit.