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10 Most bizarre stories from Major League Baseball

You will find in this article the 10 most bizarre stories from Major League Baseball in all time. Ready to explore the details?

It is just no surprise that unusual stories have occurred in all major leagues in all kinds of sports. So we’re all silly, funny gelatinous blobs moving around this earth. And we are all likely to damage ourselves in some odd way at several moments, even athletes. However, it appears that there have been an unusually high number of strange injuries in baseball.


Therefore, let us look at the 10 Most bizarre stories from Major League Baseball in all time. The stories themselves aren’t particularly amusing, but the manner in which they occurred, is. I can assure you that you will be surprised by a few of them.

Sammy Sosa sneezes quite tough


It sounds weird and it actually was. It happened in 2004, with the Baltimore Orioles icon Sammy Sosa. Just at that period, he was indeed a member of the Chicago Cubs. The thing is: he sneezed so hard and loud that he was able to damage a tendon in his own lower spine. This is something strange and really rare.


Unfortunately, this landed him on the disabled list. Hence Sosa eventually needed an anesthetic to help him with some of the back discomfort. Due to his very forceful sneezing, he does not miss much more time. This is an example of something extremely bizarre, silly and innocent that can end up hurting a person, even an athlete.

Glenallen Hill shatters a glass table

Glenallen Hill was a baseball player who played for the Toronto Blue Jays in 1990. He went on the 15-day DL (a Major League Baseball) with bruising on the soles of his feet, the backs of his legs, and the insides of his elbows. Glenallen got this injury as a result of falling through a glass coffee table. One will wonder how Hill would slam into a glass table?


The story is as strange, and perhaps funny, as the explanation. Hill was being harassed by insects while he was experiencing a nightmare. He wasn’t used to having nightmares, but that day, he had a horrible dream and ended up having this accident with the table. Weird, funny, but it ended up in some bruises.

Trevor Bauer’s right finger is slashed


Trevor Bauer’s ALCS start was pushed back a game in 2016. This is after he wounded his little pinky thumb while repairing his drone. However, Bauer “was only practicing his job”, “his regular upkeep” and again, he had no idea that what really happened was really disgusting. It’s something no one would not like to watch.


The Major League Baseball player managed to cut his own finger while trying to fix the drone. This is a strange accident, but it happens frequently in the United States. So it’s worth using this incident as an example to be careful when repairing or playing with electronic equipment.

David Price and Joel Zumaya injured themselves playing video games

Here are two distinct accidents that I’m lumping together because they’re so identical. Initially, we have David Price, who skipped a match in 2018 due to repetitive strain pain. However, it is not really officially determined what triggered it. But there were rumors at the time that Price’s video gaming lifestyle was bad. Yet it seems he was enjoying the game too much at that moment.


Also, Joel Zumaya was undoubtedly hurt because of a computer game. Particularly, shredding far too hard in Guitar Hero. Hence Zumaya was forced to sit out of the ALCS due to ailment. The injury caused Tigers trainers to be recognized as “more fitting with playing guitar than a baseball in the significant league’s pitcher”.

Will Smith ripped his ACL apart


Will Smith (currently as a member of the Atlanta Braves) lost a significant portion of the 2016 period. He was with the Milwaukee Brewers while ripping his lateral auxiliary ligaments while putting off his sneakers. Will Smith stated that he was about ready to wash just after a match.

Then he was hopping solely on a single leg to remove the shoe from the other leg. “I yanked really aggressively on the sneaker and it held on”, Smith explained. According to him, he said his knee just jumped up and out. A silly incident, but it can happen to anyone, even an athlete.

Matt Cain gets hurt making a sandwich

Matt Cain was already on the 15-day DL with a wound on the index finger on the right hand. He was still a very good batsman for the San Francisco Giants. What caused that to happen? Matt Cain was already in the Giants’ team cafeteria cooking a sandwich when he slipped his knife. He actually attempted to grab it, and eventually cutted his finger.

Yet Cain was just not as a brute, cutting the burger in half. Matt Cain is a posh man who was attempting to slice his sandwich with style. “I tried to slice it, to render it elegant in triangles”, Cain says. Since he was a high-class person sometimes this necessitates making sacrifices.

Steve Bartman incident


The plight of the Chicago Cubs and Cubs supporters are amazing. There has been no World Series attendance since 1994 in Major League Baseball. So the team is currently competing in the 2003 National League Championship Series. The champion of this tournament will go to the World Series. However, Luis Castillo of the Marlins suddenly appeared toward the seats with 4 outs remaining in game 6.

This also involves the National League Pennant upon that line. However the Cubs’ outfielder glided over and appeared positioned to make the save. He was putting the Cubs just three outs away from the World Series. That was not to be, though, as Cubs fans lunged across to make the catch. They were interfering with Alou and preventing the ball from being caught.

Game called off because of bees

The Colorado Rockies were hosting the Arizona Diamondbacks while their pitcher, Darren Oliver, was swarmed by bees. The bees were attempting to cluster on his coconut hairstyle gel. Because there were so many bees on the field, the match had to be stopped just after the fifth innings.

Sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? But it definitely wasn’t. That’s because the match was actually canceled because of the amount of bees that followed the player’s hair gel. As many people have allergies and bee stings can be dangerous, the event organizers decided to cancel the match to avoid problems and other accidents.

Bill Buckner error


This was a terrific baseball player, hitting 2700 bombs and earning the batting record in 1980. Buckner had been an All-Star in 1985 and 1986 when he hit over 100 bases. He did it to assist the Red Sox to win the World Baseball championship. However, the Red Sox hadn’t claimed a World Series before selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees in 1919.

So supporters were excited with the Sox favorites against the Mets. Having Boston trailing the Series 3 games to 2. Thus Buckner misfielded a slow ball near first base which went straight between his legs. This actually enabled the Mets to score the game-winning run. But Boston lost the seventh game, extending its championship drought.

Marty Cordova nods off in his skincare mattress

Maybe you don’t know Marty Cordova very well. He has been, however, a decent-to-good baseball player. Although it is possible that he’ll be known more for this strange ailment. Cordova was listed every day on the medical record in 2002. This is because he took a nap in a tanner booth.

Thus getting some synthetic waves to get that delicious orange crispness and burned his forehead. However, his doctor recommended he remain out of the sunlight. But we can all agree that baseball is always played outside, mostly in the sun. So the sport became extremely dangerous for the player. A simple nap destroyed a career.