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Naira Credit Card: easy approval for you

This article contains all the information you will need concerning the Naira Credit Card. It also highlights its benefits and demerits and how to get it.

Naira Credit Card

The Naira Credit Card (NCC) is a global credit card that offers a flexible line of credit. And thus up to 45 days of interest-free borrowing on unused earnings. This card can be used for payments through over 29 million venues and money transfers at around 1.8 million ATMs globally. Hence the Naira Credit Card can take over 200 nations and regions throughout the world.

We want to give thanks to a relationship with Visa International. However, to satisfy an immediate financial demand without causing a disruption in personal monthly cash flow. Alternatively, if you only need to spend on products and services, the Naira Credit Card will suffice. First, let’s look at the credit card cycle. The repayment period is 30 days.

And the waiting period of about 45 days makes a 15-day cycle to pay your credit card. This means that a phase in June could last from May 16th to June 30th. However, the length of time within which a charge is levied on a remaining balance. Thus, including a waiting period is provided to make at least the lowest payment due, which is referred to as the billing cycle.

Furthermore, the billing cycle begins on May 16th and concludes on June 15th. which is a 30 day period before it elapses. Even before the bank starts collecting charges on the credit card. However, the user gets a waiting period during which he or she must alternatively pay up or make the minimum payment. This grace period extends from June 16th through June 30th. In this article, we will help you understand more about this amazing credit card that can change your life and help you earn money.

How the Naira Credit Card works

Whenever a Naira Credit Card cardholder pays off his final balance every month as reflected on his statement by June 30th. Then he can take advantage of the interest-free options. This option simply means he won’t have to pay interest until July 15th. Let’s talk about what the term “due date” means in this context. The due date is the end of the grace period, where default/penalty fees will be assessed. Whenever the required money is not paid, this occurs. The 30th of a month is normally the due date.

Naira Credit Card

To take advantage of the periods where there is no interest. Then customers of this credit card need to pay off their existing debt by the 30th of the month. Users can pay 10% of their unpaid debt prior to the 30th of the month. Thus paying in this manner is known as the flexible form of payment. Nevertheless, on the amount owed, charges will be applied.

It is preferable to eliminate missed payments costs for the Naira Credit Card. So customers can pay at least the least payback required on or before the 30th of the said calendar. Mostly every month on the 15th, credit card reports are mailed to every credit card customer. Constantly check your credit card billing statement prior to actually making the payment.

Features of the Naira Credit Card

However, the Naira Credit Card comes with a credit restriction of N3,000,000 and is pegged in the local currency. The monthly interest rate is 2.5 percent, and it only applies to the amount that has been used. This will not be the overall facility amount. Therefore, there is a 45-day no-interest period at the start. Hence, transactions made using this card may be easily tracked using the card services function. As a result, with 24-hour access to help with every problem associated with the card.


The minimum net monthly income of N100,000 or an annual of N1,000,000. Thus candidates Must be between 21 and 65 years old before applying for the card. Applicants must provide a satisfactory credit bureau report and the Credit limit is determined by a credit scoring module Salary. Domiciliation is required for the applicant to get the Naira Credit Card.

Benefits of using the Naira Credit Card

This Naira credit card has some amazing benefits. First, it has an online account administration tool for free for easy usage. Then it also has a free email and/or SMS alerts service option. This credit card is actually very highly rated in security and it’s secure with Verified by Visa (VbV). This credit card has a complete flexible repayment option for customers. It actually comes with at least 15% of a high level of indebtedness. And a repayment option of a 45-day no-interest term is available.

How can you get the credit card?

To get a credit card in Nigeria, such as the Naira Credit Card, you must meet different criteria according to the bank. Different banks have different requirements. But the requirement we stated above is the general requirement that is set by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Hence below we will highlight a few banks with their requirements.

It is important to be ready to show your personal documents, such as ID, proof of income, proof of residence and other documents that you deem important to get the card and increase your chances of having a good credit limit. This is a great idea to get the best card possible for you and your family.


We have been able to detail all the useful information needed about the Naira Credit Card. You have seen that its requirement is not as heavy as some other credit cards. But we strongly advise that you read about other credit cards before making your final decision. It is extremely important to think about your decision and choose the best option for you and your family.