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Post Office Credit Card: If You have bad credit, that’s a great option

Find out what the Post Office Credit Card has to offer! Come and iscover its advantages and benefits for customers. Your time has come for a no taxes card.

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Searching for a card in the country who really has unique qualities and handful funcionalities, our team has noticed this one in particular. The Post Office Credit Card could be na excellent option for the ones who are looking for the so called boost on their financial lives. One of the most interesting features to be found in this credit card is its ability to obtain fast credit.


It helps you borrow Money which certainly is a helpful advantage, and pay it back in full date according to na specific schedule, or even slowly, over time with the interest. And all od this does contribute to increase a consumer’s credit score, in this case, your score, which sooner or later will lead to a loan application and, of course, a bunch of other perks offered by the service provider of your bank.

Plus, in these newers cards also has a bundle of freebies included in its offerings, such as cash back, rewards points, and interest-free days. In this matter, we endend up pointing out the benefits of having your pocket na Post Office Credit Card. This card is derived from a combo of a couple of ery interesting bank services, which we will explaining better along the article.

post office credit card

First things first, The bank of Ireland and the Post Office brand previously worked together for the credit card services. Now, Capital One issues the cards for the Post Office. You may known Capital One as a reference for its services for low credit score customers. Some credits especialis t reviwers say that Post Office Money is actually a broker, instead of a direct lender.

So When it comes to the The Post Office Credit Card you can find yourself having access to many perks such as: no balance transfer fee for the introductory period, no annual fee, and even more. Wanna discoer more abot it? Stay with us and join us for a deep card discussion, including its benefits in detail.


What benefits the Post Office Credit Card offers?


The Post Office Credit Card offers to its clients more than 12 months of interest-free period on purchases as an introductory offer. This card eligible purchases are quite distinctive and interesting, when compared to another cards in the market, giving permission for every possible client to choose from a variety of options.

It is worth mentioning that a few terms and conditions may vary from client to client, based on the plans this person assigned for. You will be able to benefit yourself from up to 56 interest-free days in very each billing period. This card also offers up to a 12 months interest-free period on the balance transfers. The lowest credit limit is £200 and the maximum limit equals to £8,000. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


The Post Office credit card is a Mastercard, which means it is secured by the Mastercard SecureCodeTM, making of it an example of financial security, using recourses such as acting as a protective layer for online transaction. A really great feature in terms of credit. With an annual fee equivalent to zero, the Post Office credit card becomes really in handy when your plans include saving a certain amount of money.

Besides, it is pretty easy to check your eligibility for the card, since you can use the QuickCheck Service. The eligibility checker platform also delivers a clear understanding of divergent offers. Those may be contrasting for each the applicants. You, as a client, can also manage your account simply with the classic app from Post Office Credit Card classic. You will find both apps available to be download iOS and Android apps stores.


The options in terms of Repayment

Wit the Post Office App, you have the option of setting up a direct debit or, if you may, making manual repayments. We know for a fact that it’s pretty common between many people the habit of forgeting their repayments, damaging their credit score. When the direct debit option is choosn, in other hand, it helps you make repayments on time, and if so, saves you the late payment fee.

This option can be also easily arranged while applying for the Post Office credit card. And that’s not everything. You get access to different options for the Post Office Credit Card monthly repayments. For example, you can pick a fixed amount or go for a minimum amount of 3% or £3 (the greater value) or any kind of interest (total), default charges added with a 3% of your total amount. Our recommendation option is paying off the outstanding balance in full on time, monthly.

Post Office Credit Card rates and fees

Another good knew is that The Post Office Credit Card can assist you save some extra money, since it has zero annual fee. As for the rest of its users around the world, the foreign usage charge for the EU is 2.75%. Any balance transfer will add to a 2.9% fee. There is a 2.9% fee for the money transfers., which is a prett low value.

Please, notice that any delayed or missed payments will add to a £12 late payment fee. The representative annual percentage rate is 34.9% and there is a £12 over-limit fee as well. The Cash advance fee is 3% (minimum £3).

post office credit card

Eligibility requirements

Post Office Money has a card for an exponential number of customers, recognizing that each one can develop interest in the card, depending on their unequal needs. Therefore, we advise you to check your eligibility, before going try to apply for the desired credit card. As we pointed out earlier, it’s always recommended to dive into the QuickCheck eligibility checker, whether or not to guarantee eligibility.

Don’t worry about wasting time. We guarantee that this process only takes a few minutes and your credit score will not be affected in any way. The criteria used to confirm eligibility for the Post Office credit card are simple as follows. The applicant must be 18 years of age or over, declared as permanently established in the UK. This person must have a UK bank account or an account with a building society.

And if you are an applicant who already has an Office Money credit card, keep in mind that you’re not eligible for this card. Furthermore, applicants must be employed, retired personnel, or a homemaker. The applicant’s income must be equal to £8,000 or above, excluding any unemployment perks. NOTE: the Post Office money will not entertain you if you have any kind of pending Country Court Judgements.

The process to a Post Office Credit Card application

The Post Office pre-application process starts iniciates itself with a QuickCheck eligibility checker. In this stage, you will get a clear sight of your eligibility. Then, there will be an online application process, which is pretty simple and takes approximately 10 – 15 minutes. This whole process does not reflect on your credit score and plus, the response time is 1 minute.

You will begin yout Post Office credit card application by filling in the details about yourself, such as: full name, date of birth, Email address and mobile number. Then, you will enter the residential status, and your present-day address. Next, you will fulfill the employment status, occupation, how many people currently find themselves financially dependent on you, annual income (excluding taxes), and any other relevant sourcesof your income.


As for the final step, all you have to do is to confirm if you are interested or not in taking cash at the fore and transferring a balance. As you can see, Post Office Credit Card is a bet for bad credit history consumers. Profits namely as no annual fee, no duplicate statement, and dormancy fee are significant, indeed. The cash advance fare and transaction fee for foreigners are on midpoint, compared to a standard card. And if you found yourself interested in credit cards’ readings, keep reading our articles to know more.

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