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Premium Bank Credit Card: traveling rewards

Premium Bank Credit card lets you enjoy traveling rewards

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Premium Bank Credit Card

ABSA Premium Bank Credit Card lets you enjoy premium banking in designated branches. It’s where you can speak directly to their agents. This credit card offers top-notch value benefits, the best of which includes free access to international as well as local Bidvest airport lounge. If you reserve global return tickets, you automatically get travel insurance.


This credit card offers exclusive rewards to its users each time they pay with a card. ABSA Credit cards are made for professionals and entrepreneurs who regularly earn from a constant source of income. You are already qualified for this card in case your age is above 18 years South African resident with a good credit score and earn a minimum of R 25 000 per month. ABSA premium credit card has an interest rate of 18% per year with scheduled payments once-a-month.

Premium Bank Card Attributes and Advantages

ABSA Credit card users always have buyer’s protection and an eligible warranty for every purchase or transaction made using the card. This credit cardholder can use their online banking app or log in to ABSA online banking for digital banking for stopping or replacing credit cards, reporting fraud, card limits management, plus many more. With digital banking, you can do these 24/7 from anywhere.


This credit card does not fall under the travel cards category, but its users get 12 complimentary visits every year at special charges (including guests). If there are any travel emergencies, Premium Bank Credit card users can have R 3 million basic covers. There are elite visa benefits for these credit card users, i.e., Visa Global Merchant offers. The complementary visits and travel emergencies cover-up is best.

Premium Bank Credit Card

Security is the most important aspect of banking. With this credit card, you are covered in either card lost or stolen. But you have to let the bank know within 24 hours. For additional security, you have the option of an SMS notification service. Activate it to get a notification for every transaction done using the card.


To sum up, this card offers additional security and reporting benefits for their user’s convenience. Using this credit card, you can make contactless payments for smaller purchases where it is available. Get instant rewards by enjoying games or challenges on the Banking App with the Premium Bank credit.

Exclusive Rewards Booster at Dis-Chem

Credit cardholders are getting an extra 10% earning booster on top of the standard rewards earn rate at the Dis-Chem Premium Banking. If anyone has minimum monthly spending of R 7000 on their card in the reward accrual period (from 16 till 15 dates of next month), they are already qualified for this booster. Did you know that? This spending includes all qualifying credit card spending, and it can also include spending at Dis-Chem.


You will only get this booster earned in any month if you had spent using the card at Dis-Chem in that month.  There are different tires for earning from this booster. The rewards start from 1% (tire 1) to 33% (tire 5). The booster earning program is one the best reward programs among all credit cards falling in this tire. The exclusive credit card Dis-Chem booster makes it special.

Premium Bank Credit Rates, Fees, and Limits

Do you know Premium Absa banking credit offers a maximum credit limit of R 138 000 with zero transaction fee on any purchase? This credit card user can acquire an interest-free period for 57 days on the transactions meeting their criteria. If needed you have the option to pay additional on your monthly installment.


A fixed amount is another option for monthly payments. You have the choice to use this credit card to make transactions by swiping, scanning, or even tapping for contactless payments. And It’s secure to use it online.

Eligibility standards and requirements

To get the credit card of ABSA Premium Banking you must meet the qualifying criteria. The applicant’s monthly income must be R 25 000 or more, and he/she must be over 18 years. The document you need will include a legal ID of South Africa (smart card or book), your previous residence evidence, plus the newest evidence of income (i.e., payslip) for the last three sequential months. Before approving the application for a credit card, ABSA may do an affordability assessment.

Premium Bank Credit card application procedure

The Premium Bank card application is a really simple 5 step process. Visit the ABSA website and in the Premium Bank Credit Card section click on apply now. It will take you to their online account application webpage. On this page, you will be entering characters as shown in the photo.

After entering characters, move in the assessment to complete it. Here you have the option to save in the evaluation to, later on, finish the assessment. After you have completed your assessment, you can click the apply button.


ABSA Premium bank card is a great credit card that is providing exclusive benefits to its users. Suppose you are an entrepreneur or some professional. In that case, this credit card can be the best option for you with its high credit limit and fixed monthly costs. Similarly, it’s not a travel-inclined credit card, so there are only complimentary travel benefits.

They have a multi-level earnings program for their frequent users to get more rewards and additional benefits. If you earn R 25000 or more from a constant source, you can easily grab this credit card.

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