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Private Visa Credit Card: enjoy the benefits

ABSA Private Signature Visa Credit Card gives you many benefits

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ABSA Private Visa card

ABSA (Amalgamated Banks of South Africa) is a financial group from South Africa working from 1991. It provides services for business as well as personal banking. ABSA was formerly known as Barclays Africa Group Limited. ABSA includes investment banking, corporate setup, and credit cards facility. It also brings the services of management of wealth and investments to its customers. In addition, ABSA brings the ABSA Private Visa Credit Card for its customers, which is very beneficial.


ABSA provides customer care services 24/7 to help their customers. It has provided different value-added services to its Visa Credit Cardholder. The individuals holding the Credit Card can use it in their global trips for pleasure and business. You can get access to airport lounges and Visa Insurance. It provides you with different services to compensate in case of any mishaps.

Features and Benefits of Private Visa Credit Card

ABSA Private Signature Visa Credit Card is globally accepted. ABSA also gives its assistant services to all of its cardholders globally to sort out their problems. In addition, it provides referral services for legal and medical matters to provide a better lifestyle to its customers. These Credit cards have the YQ meet and assist services. The private visa card comes with the facility of extended warranty for its customers.


ABSA Credit Card provides its customers with a luxury hotel facility wherever the Visa cards are accepted. If you want to visit any complimentary lounge, Private Visa Card is there for you. This Credit Card gives you six lounge visits every year in which you can also bring one guest with you. You can get the facility of collision damage waiver through this card. When you pay cash on any transaction internationally or locally, you can get different cash backs. You can earn extra rewards by completing simple and easy tasks and challenges on the app.

ABSA Digital Banking

ABSA digital banking services are a compelling way to bring banking to your fingertips. You can log in to the ABSA Mobile App with some basic information about your account and easily enjoy the services. Any Cardholder can manage his accounts; check his transactions history by using this app. You can buy any products and get cash backs on any purchase. ABSA Banking app brings different challenges for the customers to complete and gives them rewards after that. You can manage your credit card limits through this app.


ABSA Credit Card Insurance Policy


Private Visa Credit Card gives you the facility of insurance. You can get insurance for traveling purposes. Different emergencies are tackled during your whole journey when you book a ticket with this Credit card. The insurance policy of ABSA credit card helps its customers in medical emergencies, travel inconveniences, and accidental emergencies. They can get all the possible services during these difficult situations.

ABSA Protection Policy for Credit Cards

Private Visa Credit Card has the features of a solid chip and pin protection. If you lost your card or stole it, you can easily block it by a phone call or mobile application. ABSA brings the money-back guarantee in case of any fraud and inconvenience. It allows its customers protection from the fake transaction and card hacking phenomena. The ABSA bank gives its customers the SMS facility on every transaction to add security to their balance transfers.


The bank advised its customers to use the updated version of Mozilla, Chrome or Opera for online purchases. They should also use the latest version of AntiVirus to scan all the malware approaching their information. Keep in knowledge that you are not using any spam site or unprotected store for online purchases. In other cases, you may have gotten into some scam and get problems with your credit card.

Credit Card Limits and Fees

ABSA Credit Card has a different limit for different criteria. You can swipe the card up and get an amount up to 90,000 Rand. The credit limit of this card is 228,000 Rand.  You can increase or decrease a limit by accessing your bank or the online help through the mobile app or phone call. You can swipe your card or scan in to purchase different items in any store.


Any individual can shop online and via different stores by using this credit card. Any individual can get interest-free for 57 days on the qualifying transactions. The bank does not apply any transaction fees on any online purchase. The monthly payments are fixed on the Private Visa Credit Card. But you can increase or decrease it and pay the fee according to it.

How to Apply for Visa Credit Card

You need to have a monthly income of 62500 Rand in order to apply for the Private Visa Credit Card. The individual applying for the card must have at least 18 years of age. He needs to provide a valid South African ID Card or Smart Card. A residence proof is mandatory for the application, which is also not more than 3 months older. The person should also provide the previous three months’ payslips.

During the application process, you need to provide all the necessary details. There is an assessment criterion based on six steps. You need to fill out all of them. After that, click on the save button and apply it to start the procedure. You will get the credit cards within days after that. You can also apply through the bank branch and via a mobile banking application. It is very easy!

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