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Rakuten Credit Card: how does it work?

Rakuten Credit Card is for you that wants the best cash back. Rakuten will give you 3% cash back and unpredictable offers. Interested? Check it out more!

Rakuten (Ebates) Credit Card

Is Rakuten (Ebates) a Good Cash Back Credit Card?

I love to save money and I am sure you do too. What if you could earn Cash Back on your online purchases? Your shopping will be as usual, what you need is just to click one extra button before you start shopping and there you go. This magic is possible with Rakuten Credit Card (Ebates). Oh! yes, they can make shopping more enjoyable and profitable. If you want to know how? Then let’s dive into the details of this credit card.


How does Rakuten Credit Card Work?


Before moving directly onto the use of Rakuten Credit Card, we should know about the types of this card. Rakuten (Ebates) comes in two types one is Cash Back Visa Signature Credit Card and the other is Rakuten Cash Back Visa Platinum Credit Card. The terms and conditions of both cards are similar there is only a difference of interest between them. APR rates of signature visa cards ranges from 21.49% to 26.49% whereas Rakuten Platinum Visa has 26.49% APR. You can use these cards for almost everything from travel to makeup, clothing, household accessories and many more.

You can get cash back on shopping and travelling online by checking out using the link on the official website of Rakuten card named And if you are shopping in stores then you have to link your credit card or debit card to that store on the Rakuten app store before checking out. Afterwards, you get cash back, which will be paid every quarter or three months later. You can get that amount via physical check mail or through PayPal.


In addition to Cash Back there is an advancement that is quite interesting, now you can actually earn membership rewards of American Express membership rewards instead of cash back. This means if you are going to earn one cent as cash back, now you will get Amex reward membership one point. You can earn these points just by converting your account into Amex membership.

Awesome Benefits of Rakuten Cash Back

Cash Back offers

You will get 3% cash back on qualifying purchases made through Also in-store cash back offers, Rakuten Hotels and Rakuten travel. This includes shopping through the stores on this website like clothing, groceries, household goods etc. Don’t worry about the availability of the stores, on this website there are numerous famous shopping pages from where you can get your favorite thing. Moreover, you will get 1% cash back on everything else but Visa Credit Cards should be accepted.

Rakuten Credit Card

Price Protection


Price protection is significant when you see something cheaper after you bought that thing already. For example, if you bought a brand-new phone and then saw it somewhere else more cheaper. What should you do now? Is this is being an unsolvable problem? No, it’s not, especially when you are using this credit card you can refund it. As the Rakuten website says that you can refund the amount within 60 days of purchase, you can avail this offer within the difference of 500$ per item up to 2,500$ per year.


Do you love to travel frequently? This card is bringing an opportunity for you, they are offering travel packages, travel residence and much more vacation deals for you. The credit card brings this offer especially for travelling to Japan, you can enjoy your journey with your travel partner. 3% cash back is provided when you pay your purchases using this credit card and provides services of travel protection including travel accident insurance, auto rental collision damage waiver and emergency and travel services that will help you immediately if there is an emergency when you are travelling away from home.


Signing up and other additional offers


This credit card does not offer many sign-in bonuses instead it only provides 10$ on your first purchase. There is good news for those people who love to get cash back on their shopping. Rakuten brings surprises in the form of unpredictable offers which means that on it’s website they show some really cool cash back offers. For example, they can have 6 to 10% cash back offers on certain purchases. They are for uncertain time but you can easily avail them to get amazing benefits.

Few more benefits

It ensures zero fraud liability which means that in case your card has been lost, stolen or misused by a wrong person. For that Rakuten Credit Card will not charge you any penalty. It imparts return protection if you are not satisfied with the item, therefore, you can change it within 90 days of purchasing the object. It works when your purchases worth 250$. One more benefit of this card is that it does not have any annual fees.


Who should not go for this card?

If you are a person who uses credit card for their daily chores having credit balance for higher purchases, then this Rakuten (Ebates) credit card is not a good choice for you. Because it has a higher amount of APR from 21.49% to 26.49%. Nevertheless, it does not matter whether you are accepted as Visa Signature Credit Card or Visa Platinum version. One more type of person should not go for it if they cannot have patience for the cash back. Because you will get your cash back in a while according to the quarter table.

Let me give you a bonus tip for this Credit Card

If you wanted to buy a thing for a long time but waiting for the sale in order to purchase it in less amount. You can save your money on those products by typing the name of the product on the search bar on and the product will be popped up from different online top stores with some amazing cash back offers. So, what are you waiting for? Go search your favorite product you always wanted to purchase and earn a cash back on it.

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