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St. George Amplify Signature Credit Card: a great option for you

St George Amplify Signature Credit Card has excellent benefits and features for the people of Australia. Read more about this card!

St. George Amplify Signature Credit Card

St. George Amplify Signature Credit Card belongs to St. George bank, a famous Australian bank that was independent before, but it is a part of Westpac now. The headquarters of St. George bank is located in Sydney, Australia. This Bank provides services primarily in New South Wales. Over time, St. George set up and expanded all over Australia.

St. George has been working since 1937 as a building society, but in 1992 it started working in the banking sector. St George has branches all over Australia and provides some of its operations in Bangalore, India. St George Amplify Signature Credit Card is very famous in Australia. Keep reading to know more about this credit card.

Features and benefits of the St. George Amplify Signature Credit Card

St. George Amplify Signature Credit Card has excellent features and benefits for its consumers. The cardholders can get 55 days interest-free on any purchases. Any individual can get this 55 days interest-free on purchases if he pays a monthly payment balance by the due date. On eligible purchases, any individual has the opportunity of getting 1.5 amplify points per dollar purchase.

After the initial period, the interest rate increases to 19.49 % p.a.  The annual credit card fee is 279$. Any individual has the minimum credit limit of 15000$ with this credit card. St George Amplify Signature Credit Card has 21.49% p.a. as a variable advance interest rate. If any customer fails to pay the amount, this card has a low late fee of 15$.

When an individual has to transact an amount overseas, he has to pay 3% of Australian Dollars value. An individual can add a second cardholder for free, and his reward rate will increase rapidly after this. But the second user cannot redeem the points he scored using this card. Points saving is only allowed for the first user. This credit card user can also access Visa luxury hotels and get the best possible rates when available.

St. George Amplify Signature Credit Card

In addition, the St. George Amplify Signature Credit Card cardholder can access airport lounges and other facilities with this credit card. Furthermore, you can arrange your repayment by using the options of Autopay, Plan and pay email, and SMS alerts. This card also allows all the Visa benefits and perks for its customers. Due to these services, you can get different offers and discounts. In addition, you can get many concierge services with this signature credit card.

St. George Amplify Signature Credit Card reward program

St George Amplify Platinum Credit Card has a reward program for customers on their birthdays. The points you earn will never expire, and you can redeem them anytime. For example, if a customer spends 12k plus on eligible purchases each year, he gets 100k Amplify points in the first year and 100k in the second year.

These 200k amplify points can give you 450$ every year in eGift cards. This credit card also offers 0% p.a. on balance transfers for 2 years. In addition, when the consumers request this reward, the Bank will deduct a 1% balance transfer fee. This card is usable in merchants’ goods like Myer, David Jones, Bunnings, JB Hi-Fi, etc.

Insurance policy

St. George Amplify Signature Credit Card provides interstate flight travel insurance. You can rent any rental car within Australia and 6 months of international travel insurance with this card. This card also brings the services of accidental insurance to its client on any international tour. This insurance works during any loss/theft and a mishap at foreign times. The insurance policy of St. George Signature Credit Card is also giving purchase protection of 4 months to its clients.

Safety Protocols of the St. George Amplify Signature Credit Card

St George Amplify Signature Credit Card is safe to transact money anywhere in Australia. St. George Bank monitors all the transactions 24/7. The Bank provides the necessary safety protocols for secure online shopping from any website. The Bank is also aware of any fraudulent transactions and offers a money-back guarantee for its customers. You can use intelligent payment options on your apple and android mobile phones.

St. George mobile application

St. George’s mobile application is very beneficial for its consumers. It gives the option of quick balance, Money transfer, online shopping, and many more. If you lose your St. George Amplify Signature Credit Card, you can immediately lock it from your mobile application. Through the mobile application, customers can get the service of a virtual assistant if they need them. Your mobile account is at your fingertips, and money transaction is just a click away, and it all happens by this Mobile app.

Required documents and application procedure

Any individual who wants to get a St. George Amplify Signature Credit Card should be above 18. Either the person is an Australian/NZ permanent resident or has a valid visa with more than a year remaining in its expiry. The person should also have a permanent address and verifiable taxable income.

You also need to provide all the income details, loan details, and debts details; otherwise, you cannot apply for the card. In addition, for St. George Amplify Signature Credit Card, you need to submit payslips of the past two months and rental income proofs or Government approved pension details. You need to provide all your monthly expenses details and insurance policies. All of these requirements are for those applying for the first time and did not have any relation with St. George bank before.

If you are already a consumer of the Bank, then you can apply for the card directly. To apply for St George Amplify Signature Credit Card, you can log in with your details on the mobile application. Bank will ask some questions which you have to answer. You should also submit all the required documents. You can also apply for this card on the St. George website.

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