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Standard Chartered Visa Gold Credit Card: full review

This article explains more about the Standard Chartered Visa Gold Credit Card. It also gives information about how to get it and its financial attachments.

Standard Chartered Visa Gold Credit Card

When you’re having trouble selecting a credit card that suits your needs. The Standard Chartered Visa Gold Credit Card might be a good option for you. The Visa Gold Credit Card is ideal for those looking for a low APR and plenty of rewards points. However, there are several other benefits for travelers.

Hence, even more, users can use their cards to lend money to others and request funds whenever they want it. While you’re thinking about obtaining this credit card, think twice. Then continue reading to learn more about its numerous features. So you will discover much more regarding Standard Chartered Visa Gold Credit Card in this article.

And you will also learn how to apply for this card. Now with Visa Gold credit card from Standard Chartered. Customers will get access to even more intriguing tools and unrivaled rewards. Once users invest #500 on their Standard Chartered credit card. Hence they can receive 1 reward point. VISA’s global acceptance, as well as its worldwide trustworthiness and superior services, are brought to you.

Features of the Standard Chartered Visa Gold Credit Card

This Standard Chartered credit card carries a yearly marginal tax rate of 18 percent for private loans and commercial purchases. That is not all when you repaid the previous outstanding amount by the time frame. As a consequence, you’ll be able to take advantage of a 48-day credit period. In addition, if you require money right away, they can take out a loan upon your card.

This financing facility is so simple that no paperwork is required. One intriguing aspect of this card that travelers will appreciate is the extra travel health insurance with this credit card. Regarding issues of charge, users can take advantage of a special APR of 3% each per year. Hence for the initial 6 months on buys.

Standard Chartered Visa Gold Credit Card

This purchasing pricing reverts to a fairly acceptable floating rate only after the intro phase is already over. Such a small continuous rate may assist users to reduce prices. Thus by paying less reasonable interest expenses than a greater rate card might. Furthermore, the Standard Chartered Visa Gold Credit Card offers exceptional ease.

This would be also true when it comes to the various payment options. Moreover, for example, users can pay all of their regular expenses using just their cell phone. Customers could also pay for healthcare and dining expenses in installment payments with Easy Pay. This is, however, one of the best features of this credit card.

More features

But first and foremost, there’s the annual charge. This standard chartered credit card has really no service charge, which means customers can save money right either now or in the future. Users also could add a second subscriber to their profile at no added cost. So users will only have to deal with one payment method and one report to stay abreast with. The Standard Chartered Visa Gold Credit Card’s biggest feature, though, is the 360° Loyalty Score.

One can earn bonus points for each and every #3000 they spend with this scheme. Users can use their points to buy things, go out to eat, or go on vacations. Nevertheless, renewals are only possible if customers still have 5,000 or even more credits. Because you can just retrieve multiple copies of 5,000, this is a rare or inexpensive option. As a result, expenditures would not be allowed to fully benefit from the bonus system.

Eligibility to acquire the Standard Chartered Visa Gold Credit Card

To really be qualified for such Standard Chartered Visa Gold Credit Card, users must be at least 18 years old. Therefore users should be at least 18 years old. As a result, users must be Nigerian residents with valid I.D cards and cell phone numbers. In addition, every financial situation will be evaluated.

When they do not earn at least #30,000 a month before taxes. As a result, their request will be denied. In addition, the institution will verify that they are not already insolvent. Qualifying for a Standard Chartered Visa Gold Credit Card is a simple procedure. Anyone can enroll on the web by completing a brief registration form.

Start the process by entering basic information such as your name, NIC, phone number, and home address. After that, you must specify your wage range as well as your country. You’ll be able to submit information about any extra credit cards you want on the application. Completing this application will indeed take a couple of minutes if you have most of this data ready ahead of time.

Standard Chartered Visa Gold Credit Card interest rate and fees

You should learn about the charges and charges connected with this credit card prior to actually applying. The charges associated with the Standard Chartered card are listed below. Users must pay a $2,500 annual fee for the primary card and a $1,000 annual cost for the additional card. On primary cards, there is additionally a joining cost of #500 and a late payment fee of #900.


The Standard Chartered Visa Gold Card has a unique combination of features. It is indeed a terrific card for regular visitors and merchants who don’t want to carry around several credit cards. We would like you to read more about other credit cards, before making your choice. Hence visit our homepage for more about credit cards and many other articles.