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Sterling Bank Visa Credit Card: full review

This implicit article contains the complete details about the Sterling Bank Visa Credit Card. You will discover the amazing benefits of the card.

Sterling Bank Visa Credit

The Sterling Bank Visa Credit Card is an excellent way to pay off current loans and fund large purchases. As a matter of fact, the card is issued by Sterling Bank Nigeria. It actually has a long free transaction charge duration and also has no average payment. Continue reading this implicit article for more info.


Any secured credit card worthy of the name arrives with a good initial 0% APR deal. The condition is almost always met by the Sterling Bank Visa Credit Card. They are also extending a 15-month without an interesting incentive to customers. The initial deal lasts for several months longer than most other debt transfer cards.

Furthermore, many cards include a 0% intro APR term that lasts anywhere from six months or even a year. Whereas the 15-month period offered by this credit card isn’t the leader in the world. The others come with such a 21-month term, which is a long time to pay off outstanding debt. Keep reading to know more about this credit card.


More details about the Sterling Bank Visa Credit Card


The fact that this first free period applies to both cash advances and expenditures is the true value. It also comes with a 15-month interest-free period on expenditures. As a result, a card is a useful tool for financing larger purchases. When it comes to making major purchases with such a credit card, there are two options.

One of which is to gain points on these items by using a rewards card. Big-spending, on the other hand, earns a lot of points. Spending a lot of money to make a lot of money, on the other hand, comes with the risk of building up a large balance. Such, in effect, can result in tax accumulation, particularly if the person isn’t sticking to their plan.

Sterling Bank Visa Credit Card

Another alternative is to utilize a credit card with a low APR, such as the Sterling Bank Visa Credit Card. There was no need to be concerned regarding interest accruing because the card has a 0% APR for 15 months. In fact, the card’s 15-month timeframe makes it ideal for paying off debt slowly and methodically.

Naturally, this necessitates paying off the entire debt during the promotional time. Although there shouldn’t be any monetary benefits. Thus  It’s simple to argue that substantial money savings would be an even greater benefit. As opposed to, for instance, 10,000 reward points. Sounds great, right?


Regular APR that is competitive


Whenever the 15-month 0% introductory annual percentage rate period ends. This credit card’s standard APR, on the other hand, is affordable. As a result, the changeable APR for a low APR card is lower than the national average. Although not as low as some other possibilities, notably those offered by other banks.

As a result, the APR on the other credit cards, for example, starts at less than 10% for Nigerian residents. Nevertheless, for a bigger bank, Sterling Bank’s Visa credit card beats out other Nigerian-based providers. Their rate is a whole percentage point less likely than what these other banks provide.


However, the best APR offered by this credit card is still 2% more than those offered by many other banks around the world. Nonetheless, the APR on the Sterling Bank Visa Credit Card is relatively low. However, those who choose the card would have no trouble carrying a balance on it. Also, once the 15 month 0% APR term is completed, pay off any leftover debt.

No yearly charge on the Sterling Bank Visa Credit Card:

There is no yearly fee on the Sterling Bank Visa Credit Card. Cash advance and low APR credit cards don’t have annual fees because they don’t provide points. However, avoiding having to pay an additional fee is usually a great bonus worth mentioning. The lack of a service fee for keeping the cards is one fewer thing that cardholders will have to deal with.

Why should you apply for the Sterling Bank Visa Credit Card?

Generally, the Sterling Bank Visa Credit Card is a good balance transferring option. And it also has a good low APR option. Hence t The normal APR is affordable, and the 0% introductory APR applies to transactions as well as cash advances. Also, it doesn’t aid that the free trial is 15 months long. Looks like a great reason, right? There is more.

Moreover, if compared to offerings from bigger providers and also some local rivals, the card performs admirably. However, this card’s attractiveness is restricted in the end. Furthermore, there are more locations and the market is quite small. Nevertheless, for individuals who currently bank using Sterling bank.

And you’re looking for a powerful instrument for paying off or retaining debts. Individuals seeking a dependable means to make daily transactions may consider the card. However, it can be done without the worry of initial interest. There really are various additional choices offered with such a great beginning APR for individuals seeking incentives.


In conclusion, a continuous line of credit is available with the Sterling Bank Visa Credit Card. Although it is in Naira, it is accepted anywhere the Visa logo is shown. Therefore the credit card includes a flexible repayment option and an interest-free term of up to 45 days. Hence For client engagement, it also has an EMV compatible (Chip and PIN technology) system.

The credit card is contactless and allows users to make online payments anywhere around the world. It also features a 3-year card validity term and 3D secure transactions that require a one-time password (OTP) for verification. Feel free to visit our website and discover many great credit cards for you.