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Target REDcard Credit Card: Save 5% everyday using it!

You can earn money using this credit card! If you want to know more about it, read our article with a lot of great information.

Target REDcard Credit Card

Do you love saving money? If yes, then Target REDcard Credit Card can be a good choice for you. Especially for Target users, this card is terrific for saving money. Target REDcard™ Credit Card provides opportunities to the fans of Target who love to shop there. They can avail amazing discounts on everyday groceries like clothes, food items, household accessories there. You can get 5% cash back on all purchases of Target.


That means you don’t have to wait for redeeming rewards. Plus, 10% cash back discount coupon will be provided every year on the anniversary of your card. Target Redcard Credit Card comes with huge interest rates that are beneficial for saving money. Also, for those who have to pay their bills and other expenses every month. But if you are planning for the long-term and have a lot of money in your account then this might not be a good option for you. You can self-examine your needs and make a decision. You can make wise decisions about how to save 5% every day by reading this article.

Why should you get Target REDcard™ Credit Card?

Having no Annual fees Incentive:

If you are someone who likes to spend a lot every month, you should look up to this credit card to avail cash back on Target purchases with 0$ annual fees. You can use this card without paying any extra annual fees like some other store cards. Along with no transaction fees you can enjoy it wholly. This is an important point that makes this card stand among other store cards.


Noteworthy Discounts:


For the Target members to get profitable benefits Target REDcardTM Credit Card will be the best match for rewards. You will get 5% discounts on all of your purchases made through and eligible target stores. When you sign up for Target marketing emails, you will get 10% discount coupon on their anniversary every year. This 5% is also applicable on certain gift cards like on movie, dinner or travel purchases and on the shops located inside Target like Starbucks etc. Plus, you can stack 5% discount with the Target app by purchasing a variety of stuff wisely. You can also earn up to hundreds per year.

Save 5% Everyday using Target REDcardTM Credit Card

Benefits of using Target:

Target REDcard Credit Card stands uniquely among all other store cards because they are providing amazing advantages for the cardholders. They are offering a number of quality-based offers, rewards, gifts and feasible access to promotions for the cardholders. Although Target Credit Card offers free shipping but it’s not that much worthy. Because Target is itself offering free standard shipping and two days free shipping on your selected items. The only difference is that Target Credit Card do not require minimum amount of 35$ purchases.


How can you get the Target Credit Card?


Anyone who wants to get this card can apply to it by filling an application for credit card through their website. On the website you will get an application that demands some personal information like your ID, financial documentation involving social security, driver’s license number and your income of annual gross. After filling the application, you can also submit it online through their website.

Why should you not go for Target REDcard™ Credit Card?

Close-loop Credit Card:

Target REDcard™ Credit Card is a close loop credit card that mean it is not applicable for purchasing stuffs outside Target. Although it provides awesome offers for Target purchases but fails when it comes to purchasing outside. Therefore, if you are a person who want to use the same credit card everywhere (inside and outside Target), use Citi® Double Cash Card – 18-month BT offer.


Using this Citi® Double Cash Card – 18-month BT offer you can get 2% cash back on all purchases with 0$ annual fee. 1% cash back when you purchase something and 1% on your check out. In this way, this card is a simple card that comes up with some decent offers. You will love them if you want to keep one card instead of multiple cards for bonuses. Or you can get Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® that is an open-loop credit card.

High APR Rate:

When it comes to APR rate, they are high as compared to other store cards like Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card from American Express. The ongoing APR rate of Target REDcard credit card is 22.90% variable. Therefore, if you are having a good amount of balance in your account for sometimes then do not go for this card as the interest charges vanish off all that amount. In this regard, this credit card will not be suitable for you, warn yourself before getting your hands on it.


Other Reasons:

To have this credit card you must need Credit Score of at least 620. One last reason for not to get this card is if you are not a Target regular customer as you will not get any benefit. You cannot use this card to buy purchases from stores other than Target because it is a close-loop credit card specified for Target purchases. In this way, if you want to buy from other stores too, you should look up to other store cards.

Can you earn 5% Everyday?

Yes, if you are a customer of then you can get 5% discounts every day. You can also earn terrific amount of money, up to 100$ by shopping wisely through their store. The amazing thing is that you can avail al these offers without paying any annual fee. But if you do not like the variety of stuff at the store or do not like to restrict yourself only to Target then don’t go for this credit card.

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