United Explorer Credit Card: highest Bonus

United Explorer Credit Card offers highest bonus ever. It comes with amazing sign-up bonus, free lounge and cash back on travel purchases. Check it out!
United Explorer Credit Card

United Explorer Credit Card hits the bull’s eye. If you are someone who is tired of sitting back or working at home. But, now you are planning something excited like to travel around the globe. Then, my dear, you can look up to this credit card. In this pandemic, all of us are bored enough of being at home. That’s why it’s the right time to plan something for yourself and your loved ones.

When you are planning for your vacation so why not get some benefits while spending money. Yeah! You got my point; you can get United Explorer Credit Card to make your dreams come true. This Credit Card offers a great deal of sign-up offers, great amount of miles for your vacations. Not only these benefits, but this credit card comes with much more benefits. To get into more offers of this card let’s get into this article.

Sign-up Offer

If you are a traveler of United Airlines, then this credit card can offer great amount of deal. You can earn 40,000 miles as your bonus after spending 2,000$ on purchases during first three months of account opening. Plus, in the duration of first six months, you will get some more bonuses. You will get an additional 25,000 bonus miles when you spend 10,000$ on your purchases.

Benefits of United Explorer Credit Card

You can make best of this credit card only if you know how to use it. This card offers 2 MileagePlus miles per dollar when you spend on your purchases from United. In addition to great sign-up offer, you can get some great bonuses on other travel spendings. When you buy directly with the hotel, you will earn 2 miles per dollar with your hotel accommodation and restaurant purchases. In the end, you will get 2 miles per dollar on all other purchases.

Fee’s compensation

You shouldn’t need to worry about any transaction fee while using this credit card. Because this card comes with zero transaction fee. With this benefit, they compensate more by offering 0$ introductory fee. You get an incentive as a new card holder to not pay any fee. But after the first year, you have to pay 95$ per year. If you want no annual fee credit card, you can opt for another credit card.

United Explorer Credit Card
United Explorer Credit Card

Airport Lounge Passes Offer

First, why should you even care about lounge? Because lounge provides you the most comfortable sensation along with super facilities. You can get rid of a noisy, hectic environment and from sitting outside. United club provides light snaking, free Wi-Fi, comfortable sitting along with workstations. There are agents too that can help you in making reservations, book assignments and electronic tickets with this credit card.

United Explorer Credit Card is the only best airline credit card in US that offers free lounge passes to get all this comfort. United club provides two one-day passes every year. The amount of this single pass is 59$ that means in total these two passes exceed the amount of annual fee. These passes are widely used along 45 United Club locations by providing same-day boarding pass to travel on United or partner.

Insurance and Cash Back

This Credit Card is not only bonus-friendly, but it also provides some more travel-friendly rewards. On your reservation, it offers a companion and a free first checked bag for you as a token of love. Plus, for the first four years you will get Global Entry or TSA Precheck statement credit each year. In case of any trip cancellation or trip interruption, it provides insurance that is great. In the end, while you are traveling you will get 25% cash back on your in-flight purchases.

Another good news for you is if you have any co-branded travel credit card. You can chase many co-branded travel cards that are credible to earn up to 5% cash back. This 5% cash back implies to the purchases made through grocery stores, gas stations and drugstores. In addition to which you can earn up to 1,500$ through combined spendings. All you should do is to check your card’s eligibility through Chase.com/my bonus.

Other great deal of Rewards

This is the Credit Card that provides unlimited benefits and rewards without spending money. But if you want to enjoy free flights, cabins. Or want an update to premium frequent earning flyers miles then you must make some purchases. You will get 2 miles on each dollar spent on United like bags, seat upgrades, Wi-Fi, in-flight. And 2 miles per dollar spent on hotel and restaurant purchases.

Why should anyone think before getting United Explorer Credit Card?

If you are looking for no-annual-fee credit card. Or if you don’t know you to extract benefits that compensate that annual fee. Then this card might not suit you. Because it offers 0$ annual fee waived for one year. After that, you will pay 95$ per year. This credit cards comes with award flights and seat upgrades on U.S and its Star Alliance partners for MileagePlus miles. While compared to other travel cards this offer is generally very limited. Therefore, if you are looking for a broad range of options regarding redemption options. You should look up to other travel cards.

Why should you buy this Credit Card?

If you are planning for vacation and love to travel. You should buy this credit card for airlines and travel. As it provides a wide range of offers from the highest sign-up bonus to free lounge passes, sitting, wi-fi, etc. Plus, many co-branded credit cards from various airlines provide their loyalties. After reading this article you come to know about the right use of this card. Now, you can better decide how to make the best out of it.