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Virgin Money Credit Card: time to enjoy airplane traveling

Virgin Australia Airline introduced Virgin Money Credit Card for Australians. This card can be use for any traveling purpose, check it out!

Virgin Money Credit Card
Virgin Money Credit Card is a new card provided by Virgin Australia, an Australian Airline company founded by Richard Branson. Virgin Australia started its operation in 2000, and its name was Virgin Blue. In the start, Virgin Blue was an airline for domestic traveling, but in 2011 it had a significant transformation. The name of Virgin Blue was changed to Virgin Australia, and its functionality increased to 32 cities.


It has become a substantial airline for Australia in the past two decades. In addition, Virgin Australia introduced its credit cards known as Virgin Money Credit Card. Is not one card, but it combines four cards. This credit card provides the necessary arrangement for the cardholder to travel anywhere in Australia.


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It has significant booking options and also offers bonus points on each travel. Therefore, the individuals going through traveling very often should apply for this card. Virgin Australia Credit Card provides safety to travel and brings a sense of confidence in its consumers. This card has great features and benefits for the plane travelers of Australia.


Virgin Money cards types

It has four types. Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card, Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card, Virgin Money no annual Free Card, and Virgin Money low rate card are these four types. Every Credit Card has some common features in them. But some of the features are different in some cards from other cards. Every card has a specific feature for a specific class of people.

Virgin Money Credit Card features and benefits


Virgin Money Credit Card has many benefits for Airplane travelers. This credit card offers 0 percent p.a. for 12 months on any balance transfers. When this period ends, then 20.99 p.a. is applicable on balance transfers. The balance transfer should not be above 80% of your current credit limit.

Virgin Money Credit Card

This credit card allows earning 129$ Virgin Gift Vouchers each year to its customers. You can unlock this benefit by making a retail purchase two months before claiming this voucher. This card also provides you with two single-entry domestic lounge passes each year. It also allows you a 30% discount on Golf Clubs.


Virgin Money Credit Card allows you to earn Velocity Points on every flight in Australia. Any individual can earn 25000 points on every 3500$ spent from this card. You can use these points on other flights or change them into online shopping, gift vouchers, or buy drinks. Virgin Credit Cards also give access to Visa concierge service, which acts as a personal assistant.


You can use this service with a single click online or by using the option of call. This credit card allows you to get a guaranteed pricing scheme. If a covered product has two different prices, the card gives back the money up to 500$ if anyone buys the product at a higher price. Now, I recommend you to keep reading our article to understand more benefits.

Insurance benefits


Virgin Money Credit Card is giving international travel insurance to its customers everywhere at work. This insurance covers online tickets buy, medical expenses, trip cancellations, and theft/loss of personal items. The individual can extend warranty insurance up to a year after the original one ends, but this warranty is only applicable on those covered products that you buy from Virgin Cards. These credit cards also cover accidental insurance in case of an accident or injury during a trip.


Safety in transactions

Virgin Money Credit Card is safe to use for any online transaction. These credit cards promote a Fraud shield, which supports you in case of any fraud in your transactions. Virgin Credit Card authorities will contact you quickly if they notice any fraud activities or transactions from your credit card. In addition, these credit cards follow a zero liability policy which means you are not liable to any fraud transactions when made with your card. Your money is safe with Virgin Money Cards.

Virgin Money mobile app

This credit card can be controlled by using a mobile application. It developed an app through which you can enjoy all the facilities. You need only two things to use your mobile application. You have to open the app and click on the option of an existing customer. Then, you have to enter the mobile number that you use for your credit card.

After that, you have to enter the credit card details. Now you can use your mobile application for any transactions. Any Cardholder can also control Virgin Money Credit Card transactions by using a mobile browser. For Bpay payment, you can also register in Virgin Online Money and then do all the transactions.

Keep your app and web browser updated in order to do safe transactions with your credit card. An individual can also use the option of Apple pay, Samsung Pay, and Visa paywave to make convenient and easy payments. You can transact any amount under 100$ with this method. If you want to transact more amounts, then an ATM pin is required to complete the transaction.

How to apply for the Virgin Money Credit Card

Any individual who wants a Virgin Money Credit Card can apply online as well as manually. You can also contact them through a call. The customer care staff is available from Monday to Friday. You need to submit a Current Driving License and Medicare Card. If you are a permanent employee, submit a payslip not more than 45 days old.

Furthermore, if you are a contract employee, then all payslips for the last two months are required to apply for the credit card. If you are self-employed, submit a tax return for the previous two years. In addition, submit Centrelink or a bank statement of the past three months in case of a retired employee.

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