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Visa Silver Naira Credit Card: the best option for you

This credit card has all the details concerning the Visa Silver Naira Credit Card. It also includes the advantages and benefits of using this card.

Visa Silver Naira Credit Card

The Visa Silver Naira Credit Card is configured to save users money and is among one of the best credit card options. Hence, this card never has an annual fee associated with it. So they can also take advantage of a low recurring wholesale price. Thus, as well as up to 44 days of interest-free credit.

This credit card comes with an introductory rate of 6.99 percent per year. This APR covers all purchases for the first six months. Therefore, as a genuinely innovative cardholder, users might save some money on a daily basis. Customers can save money on credit card fees with a $0 yearly subscription.

This also includes a low annual percentage rate of 6.99 percent. During the first six months, this credit card promotion is valid on purchases and cash advances. Using Verified by Visa and Visa Paywave, users may take advantage of extra perks like online security. However, there is indeed a term and condition attached to it.

Features of the Visa Silver Naira Credit Card

According to financial experts, the Visa Silver Naira Credit Card is a 5-star credit card. Thus, it actually has an award-winning design. So this Visa Silver Credit Card has a lot to recommend to you. However, as users will notice, the majority of the card’s features are geared toward cutting costs. There really are no remuneration initiatives, extra points, or flashy attributes to take advantage of.

Conversely, it is indeed a card that is straightforward. First and foremost, there’s the annual charge. There is never an annual fee with the Visa Silver Credit Card. As a result, consumers will be able to save money both now and in the future. Consumers can also add an extra cardholder to the wallet for no extra expense.

Visa Silver Naira Credit Card

Perhaps this will make family money easier to manage. As a result, you’ll only have to deal with the Visa Silver Naira Credit Card payment and one report to stay abreast of. Account-holders can take advantage of a special introductory offer of 6.99 percent per year on interest. This reduced interest rate is only valid for the first six months of purchases.

Hence the buying pricing goes back to a fairly acceptable personal loan after the intro time is really over. This low ongoing rate may assist cardholders in lowering their bills. As a result, they’ll be able to make more reasonable loan repayments than they might on a credit card with a better rate. When you make enough money to pay off the payment each month.

And you can still save money by deferring interest for exceeding 40 days on transactions. The entry fee is zero, and you have the option of keeping your interest rate at zero as well. As a result, you may see how using this credit card is a great way to get credit. You will get good credit while keeping your outlay costs low.

Why you may not like the Visa Silver Naira Credit Card

Researchers don’t see much to moan over regarding the Visa Silver Naira Credit Card. Hence it has no annual membership fee as well as low interest on loans. However, whether you like or dislike a card is usually determined by whether it provides what you require. Should you require more from your card, please visit our homepage. For example, insurance coverage or entry to an international club to make travels more pleasant. Perhaps you might be best off looking for another choice.

Why the Visa Silver Naira Credit Card is good for you

Very low-cost credit cards, including the Visa Silver Naira Credit Card, are popular among users. Individuals looking for a no-frills choice to assist them to conserve cash month after month. On a card like this, users who have debt can benefit from lower interest rates. As a result, they are more valuable than cards offering greater interest rates that may have another few perks.

Card users who do not want to charge for services they do not use may be interested in no annual subscription cards. Also, it applies to people who seldom use the card. And besides, there’s really no purpose in paying an extra fee for such a card that does everything. A credit card that will sit in your wallet for the rest of your life.

Costs of the Visa Silver Naira Credit Card

The Visa Silver Naira Credit Card comes with an issuance fee of N1075. It also has ATM Withdrawal charges of about N35. This charge takes effect after the third withdrawal in a month on some ATMs. The credit card however has an interest fee of 2.5% on all credit. This amazing credit card thus has a management fee of 1% including VAT. This is immediately charged at issuance renewal and limit increase and a Penal Fees – of 1% plus VAT of overdue limit.

How to get the Visa Silver Naira Credit Card

There is some basic requirement that qualifies you for getting the Visa Silver Naira Credit Card. Thus you must have at least a 1-month salaried banking relationship with any bank offering the services. Then you must also have a 6 monthly banking relationship with any other bank in Nigeria. Hence you will need to obtain a free copy of the credit card application form.

Also, make sure to have a valid means of identification and proof of employment and address verification. The credit card also requires that you provide a salary domiciliation and should be available as a cash-backed credit card. We hope this topic is useful to help you apply for your own credit card.


Finally, a basic card that can save you money on services. The Visa Silver Naira Credit Card, for example, can have no yearly fee and a low continuing cost of borrowing. For the first six months, new cards can get a discount of 6.99 percent on transactions. Visit our homepage for more about credit cards and many other useful topics.