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Vodacom: jobs and career opportunities

This is your chance to have a new great job in a big company like Vodacom. Do not miss this unique opportunity. Know more here!


Vodacom Early Careers

They are a worldwide network of young, motivated, and engaged people connected by Vodafone. So much more defines Vodafone than our set objectives. We have abilities and goals that add to our vibrant culture in addition to degrees and diplomas. Vodacom expands its business to the whole of Africa.


This was to experiment with various people and provide them with a bright future. They are eager to make a difference in the lives of their clients, colleagues, and societies. The team is always enthusiastic about learning and coming up with solutions that their clients will enjoy.

Graduate Programs

The Graduate Program provides graduates with a comprehensive understanding of Vodacom, including mentoring and coaching, and on-the-job training, all while receiving a full salary and all of the perks of a full-time employee. You will move into a targeted role in the organization after the two-year probationary period. We will discuss all the requirements and criteria below.


Internship Program


The Intern program is a one-year fixed-term agreement that gives work experience while also providing a well-designed training plan. It helps you obtain valuable work experience, discover career options, and network with industry experts while earning money. The candidate can learn skills, time management, digital awareness, communication skills, and other necessary work area skills. Applicants may get a bursary program if they need help to complete their studies.

Selection Requirements

Applicants must have at least one year of experience in internships and two years of experience in the graduate program. The candidates’ age should be less than 26 and be South African citizens by birth or naturalization. Citizens of other states can also apply. Applicants must have 65% aggregate in their previous degree.


Candidates must have a minimum bachelor’s degree in commerce, science, and technology. In the case of engineering (computer, software, electrical, and IT), the candidates must have at least a three-year national diploma (NQF 6). Keep reading our article to know more!

Vodacom job opportunities for experienced

The company brings many career opportunities for people worldwide. There are opportunities at the company’s highest level and the lowest level. The company recruits candidates in management, engineering, IT experts, business, marketing, commercial and human resources fields. Every job has its specific pay and facilities for the suitable candidates. Then the person with proper skills and academic achievement can get this job by passing through the recruiting process of Vodacom.


Skills required


Applicants and professionals of all levels and industries can benefit from essential awareness of key business concepts and tools. The managers can understand the basic needs of office work and staff and outsource anything to better the company and its employees. Similarly, engineers and IT experts have their duties related to their field and cover all of the technical aspects of the firm.

Business-related employees must have the skills to drive business in the forward direction and can develop it more and more every day. Applicants must know about managing a business channel strategy for culture and change, strategic thinking, communication skills, knowledge of talent acquisition.


Also identification of potential, job analysis and assessment, Customer-centric business partnerships, Data analysis techniques, and learning about participation and skills of candidates. But the primary skill all employees must have is team building and working in a team with time management. Vodacom tests all the skills before providing the job.

Vodacom application process

The application process for a career at Vodacom is not complex. The Vodacom official website has all the settings to complete the application for any active job. Applicants must have to fulfill all the academic requirements areas. After this, he must provide contact details in a mobile number or email.

The permanent address, date of birth, and identity verification are also necessary for the application. Applicants must have a graduation degree in business, finance, engineering, IT, and other related fields. The candidates must have high academic scores and good computer skills. After this, the company will cross-check all the applications and shortlist some candidates.

The issuing authorities and candidates must verify all the documents must have clear criminal records. The company will take the preliminary tests and interviews and then hire the most competent person for that post. Vodacom provides all the necessary facilities and training to its candidates through which they can work better in the future.