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Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard: does it build credit?

Walmart Reward Mastercard credit card stands out among other store cards.It has flexible options, reasonable APR, no annual fees and many other benefits!

Capital One® Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard

Do you know? Using Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard Credit Card responsibly you can get up to $1000 per month. If you are living in the US or have ever lived there, then you must know about Walmart. Well! Of course, Walmart is a huge name providing great services with many fans. They provide their own services and facilitates for you to shop online by getting an amazing amount of cash back. You can buy your favorite products sitting at home and still getting great amount of money using this credit card.


One more good news for you is if you are obsessed with online shopping. Walmart Reward Mastercard credit card will be a super magical money-making card for you. You will get 5% cash back on all purchases at or through the retailer’s app of Walmart. Plus 2% at Walmart stores, on travel purchases, at restaurants and 1% on all other purchases. These offers can bring awesome benefits for you if used carefully.

How does this credit card welcome their new customers (awesome rewards)?

You will get 5% cash back for your in-store purchases by using Walmart Pay for the 12 months. Walmart Pay is called a digital wallet which can be easily used through your phone via checkout. Plus, if you are a Walmart member then you can easily “stack” using this credit card. For example, using Walmart membership you can earn up to 5 cents at Walmart gas stations and at Murphy USA.


An Advice: Use this Credit Card wisely to build Credit


Using for shopping will bring you a wonderful series of rewards. If you are a Walmart lover and fascinated by online shopping, then this credit card is a gift for you. You can earn the best rewards using this card through or Walmart app. You shouldn’t need to worry about your favorite products. Walmart has a diverse range of your favorite products that will help you to get best use of this credit card.

Top Groceries options:

You can buy groceries online which is the most feasible option for you. It’s awesome to get your shopping done in just a few clicks. You can avail 5% cash back when you shop online from Including Walmart delivery and pickup services except for Walmart in stores or Walmart Pay. This delivery service is the most viable offer ever provided in the whole huge scheme of grocery store reward credit cards. By downloading the Walmart app, you can make the best use of this credit card.


Best for travelling and Restaurant bookings:


There are various credit cards offering the best credits for traveling and dinners, then why should you use this particular card? Because Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard is providing these services without any annual fee which is praiseworthy. You can book for travels, restaurants and other travel through using your credit card for 2% cash back. You can also use your expenses by booking special dinners for your loved ones using this card.

Flexible Redemption Rewards
Flexible Redemption Rewards

What else? What will compel you to buy this card?

Flexible Redemption Rewards:

Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard is an exceptionally good open-loop credit card. Everyone loves earning money but what’s better than earning? It’s redeeming the money for better use up. This credit card is making it easier for you to redeem because they do not specify any minimum redemption amount instead, they have a variety of choices for using your points. You can also redeem through statement credit, traveling portal or buying a selected gift card. Your redemption amount will never get expired until your account gets expired or closed due to any other reason.


Instant Issuance:


Walmart App is used for this credit card to get instant issuance. When you download their app on your phone you will get everything near you. They will keep you updated by popping up real-time purchase’s notifications, security alerts. There is 0$ fraud liability that is great plus you can also lock and unlock your credit card using the Walmart app on your phone.

Why this card stands among all other store cards?

In a nutshell, what makes Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard credit card stands among all other store cards is its flexible redemption options, reasonable APR, no annual fees, no transaction fee. You will get 5% cash back through online shopping, 2% cash back on traveling and restaurant purchases, 2% cash back on the gift card purchases at Walmart stores, Walmart Pay or at Walmart app and 1% cash back on all other purchases.


Few Limitations of Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard®

Limited in-store shopping rewards:

If you want to shop from in-stores, then this card will not bring any awful benefits for you. You will get 5% cash back which is temporary for one year only. After that, you will get 2% cash back that might trigger you. If you want to shop from Walmart groceries store with the same cash back amount for a whole year, then you can go for Citi® Double Cash Card having 18-month BT offer.

Track your reward categories:

While using a Credit card like Walmart Mastercard you need to keep track of their various offers. To keep track of offers and their time limitation is colossal sometimes. You can avoid this mess, by going for a flat card Citi® Double Cash Card having 18-month BT offer that earns the same on every purchase whether online or in-stores. Using this card, you will get 1% cash back on purchases and 1% when you checkout which means you will get 2% cash back in total.

No Free perks:

There is no free delivery, even though promotes itself as free delivery for which they require minimum purchases of 35$. If you want a card for free delivery in a true sense then Target REDcard™ Credit Card will be a best choice for you because they do not charge any delivery amount without having any minimum criteria. Walmart Mastercard do not offer 0% into APR period that many cash back credit cards do offer.

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