Wema Classic Credit Card: is it the best for you?

This article explains all the details of the Wema Classic Credit Card. It also contains the pros, benefits and all the information you need.
Wema Classic Credit Card

This Wema Classic Credit Card is a rolling lending option in Naira. This credit card actually accepts repayments at POS points and online. Hence, it also allows local and foreign cash transactions from ATMs due to regulatory restrictions and fees. So, this credit card has become one of the best options. As a result, this card does not come with an annual fee. Users, on the other hand, may profit from a low recurring selling cost. They can also enjoy a period of up to 44 days of free charges on transactions.

Key information about the Wema Classic Credit Card

This Wema Classic Credit Card boasts a low APR, which is especially beneficial to first-time cardholders. As a result, this credit card’s variable purchase APR is below 10%. This credit card has no extra charge when you are making use of it. However, this is a great option for people looking for a low-maintenance rewards card. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing credit card.

The Wema Classic Credit Card is a Naira-denominated credit card that may be used anywhere in the world. EuroPay MasterCard Visa certification is also included with the credit card. As a result, a good credit card should have the highest level of security possible. This credit card, however, is equipped with the Wema Card Control technology.

Hence, this is a better card security platform where cardholders can enable or disable their cards. This option, however, is available on a variety of payment methods, including ATM, POS, WEB, and international. So, globally, the credit card is also verified via a Visa-enabled system. Perhaps when a card is not available, CBN requires a separate authentication and authorization (CNP, ONLINE).

Wema Classic Credit Card

This expenditure phase is referred to as the gray phase. Users can use credit cards at this time. That day here in red is regarded as declaration day. And it is the day on which you will receive a report. It details how much you spent throughout the spending time and how much you must reimburse. This payback stage is also known as the violet phase. Every credit you put on your card during such days will indeed be treated as a period payment.

Pros and Cons of the Wema Classic Credit Card

Pros Explained

There are many benefits to the Wema Classic Credit Card. Thus only when they apply for this credit card. This option is also available for individuals with a strong to exceptional credit history. Even if the overall credit history isn’t ideal or extensive. Thus users may still be eligible for this credit card. Whether you’ve failed on a loan in the last 5 years, you might be eligible, says the Wema bank.

Perhaps, then in other words, if users have a poor payment history. Or if the applicant has been utilizing credit for fewer than 3 seasons, this is the case. Whether you’re attempting to start a business but aren’t certain if the score is in reasonable shape. Then the Wema bank classic card is the place to go. Therefore the Wema Classic Credit Card might even be a viable option for many sets of customers.

Every transaction you make with this credit card earns you a flat 1% cashback. Although this is a low rate in comparison to what you may receive with high credit. This same credit card, for instance, provides a flat 2% cash back rewards rate. Hence, it, for instance, delivers at least some bang for the buck. So, it assists consumers in beginning to establish a solid credit file.

Cons Explained

There is no reward on any payments with this credit card. Most rewarding credit cards provide both a bonus and continued benefits on ordinary transactions. This same credit card, on the other hand, only includes the other. But this is not uncommon with no charge on the card for people with average profiles.

However, those bad credit scores also have an advantage on the card. This credit card is actually worth noting. Even yet, it pales in comparison to the dozens of dollars on offer from many of the greatest contact cards. This credit card may have an impact on your own credit history. Most major business credit card providers accept the Wema Classic Credit Card.

Users’ account activity on the credit card is reported to commercial credit bureaus. This flow of data can assist users in beginning to establish a corporate credit history. The Wema Classic card also submits account information to credit bureaus, which determines consumers’ consumer credit scores.

The credit card may have an impact on your own payment history. All major corporate credit card providers accept the Wema Classic Credit Card. Users’ credit card financing activity is submitted to business rating agencies. This flow of data can assist users in beginning to establish a corporate credit history. This credit card also submits bank details to reporting agencies, which generate consumers’ consumer’s creditworthiness.


For young entrepreneurs with poor or fair credit, the Wema Classic Credit Card is a good solution. As a result, most other cards may be difficult to obtain. This is a 1% cash-back incentive that is nothing to write home about, but this card is mostly used to obtain a credit line. This is possible while establishing a credit history. One that may enable you to progress to more rewarding options. Kindly visit our homepage for more interesting topics and choose the best credit card for you!