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Westpac Flex Credit Card: zero interest and charges

This article has highlighted all the details you will need concerning the Westpac Flex Credit Card. Reading it will educate more than you think.

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Westpac Flex Credit Card

This Westpac Flex Credit Card has no charge and gives you the opportunity to use Westpac Extras and Rewards. Users will never be charged a processing fee or a foreign service charge. Hence, instead, if they have an unpaid balance. Then they will be required to pay a $10 monthly subscription fee. Current Westpac customers are the only ones who can take advantage of this offer.


The Westpac Flex Credit Card is an electronic card that gives clients entry to a $1,000 credit line. It has no interest, zero late penalties, and also no foreign exchange expenses. Customers will indeed be paid a higher monthly cost of $10. But this price will be canceled if the previous month’s balance is paid on schedule.

However, Users’ reimbursements are instantly taken from the bank account they specified throughout the application process. So users would never be subjected to a late fee if they miss a minimum monthly payment. Nevertheless, the credit card will be blocked until the minimum payment has been made. Westpac is following in the footsteps of NAB and CommBank. Perhaps they have announced ‘zero interest credit cards for 2020.


Relatively young Australians are much less likely to use a conventional credit card. Also, many more are expected to use smartphones. Thus, to finish banking activities faster than just about any other generation, This is according to a Westpac consumer survey of 2,038 Australians aged over 18. 

Westpac Flex Credit Card details

The Westpac Flex Credit Card works in a similar way to Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) programs like Afterpay. However, users make predetermined monthly mortgage payments toward their amount over a defined period of time. Customers have the option of making monthly or biweekly payments. Users can also pay extra should they so desire.

Westpac Flex Credit Card

Furthermore, customers will instantly get a credit card in their wallet app when they are authorized. Something one would use for Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, as well as Fitbit. But if a user is a savvy online purchaser, they will like the lack of foreign processing fees. But travelers may not appreciate the limited credit limit.

Why should you choose this card?

This credit card may be right for customers that use other BNPL products and would like to start developing one’s credit scores. However, trying to keep up with the repayments won’t enhance the overall credit score. This is because companies like Afterpay don’t influence one’s credit. However, if users skip a payment, then their credit score may suffer.


The repayment history is documented only with Westpac Flex, which is beneficial to the credit score. Users can also establish auto-repayments to that same minimum monthly bill on the Flex Credit Card. Therefore they don’t have to stress about forgetting to pay their debt. Moreover, Westpac Flex Credit Card users will also become a member of Westpac Extras and Rewards.

This allows them access to special deals, savings, and returns in their bank account. Hence if the customer has an additional balance on such a credit card. Then they will be charged a $10 monthly subscription fee. Whilst also paying off their amount in whole and on schedule. Customers can escape paying any costs. The credit card also doesn’t charge you for purchasing in a different currency. Thus making it a perfect alternative for online purchases.


What is not so great about the Westpac Flex Credit Card

The Westpac Flex Credit Card does indeed have a limited credit limit of $1,000. But if customers could only make little transactions, that could be a great option for the BNPL cards offered. There really are no charges if the amount is $0. But if users already have an overdue loan, they will indeed be levied a $10 monthly charge.

Additional features of the credit card

This credit card has many additional features that can stimulate users. There isn’t any foreign flight coverage, and there isn’t any travel discomfort health coverage. And also no liability insurance for vehicles. The card also has no There is no coverage for the screen of a device, and there is no consumer safety coverage. There is also no coverage for service contracts or rented automobile excesses in Australia.

Westpac Flex Credit Card key features

The Westpac Flex Credit Card If you’re not using the card, there are no fees to be charged. It also has 0% charges on every transaction. However, there are also no fees that are attached to late payment. In every foreign transaction made with a credit card, there is no charge. And thus it has access to Westpac Additional and Advantages.

Application Eligibility

To be eligible for this Westpac Flex Credit Card, the applicant must be over 18 years old. Applicants must also have solid credit and have not lately applied for a number of credit cards. You must also be residing in Australia. Before filling out the form, you must prepare all relevant papers. Because you will need to upload them.

Reward Points

This credit card has no rewards program, and it also has no bonus points to users. The Westpac Flex Credit Card does not also have an extra credit criterion but it does have an unrestricted yearly scoring cap each and every month. It is very possible to actually earn bonus values by using this card and also get a monthly points cap.


This is indeed a great choice if you’re searching for the cheapest, no-frills credit card. Whenever users spend, they can also earn Westpac Rewards. Nevertheless, there isn’t much that sets the Westpac Flex Credit Card apart from others that don’t charge interest. thus such as the NAB Straight Up as well as the CommBank Neo. This will come down to their individual choice for a reward scheme. Kindly visit our homepage for more detailed information.

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