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Windows 11: what’s new about it?

Hey there! Do you want to know about the exciting new features of Windows 11? Check here all the features tou should know about it!

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Windows 11

You all know that this ever changing digital world is becoming faster now. Looking back into the last two years we see a huge shift. The shift in working, studying, playing, communicating, and whatnot. It’s evolving around us to provide us with better services. In this regard, Windows 11 was introduced to make our lives easier than before. It’s offering us a simple yet productive life through new and improved features. The good news is that it’s being launched now and what’s better? It is free for many users and provides its ISO to get started.


What’s New about Windows 11?


Windows 11 is the much-awaited window of all time. It has many features similar to Windows 10 but they are improved. Certainly, there are few new features too that make it the “talk of the town”. In June it was officially introduced to the world with a newer look. Its new features start from the change in look of the desktop to the playing of new games. It includes thorough widgets, accessibility to Android apps, beautiful layouts, and a restored Microsoft Store.

Best Features of Windows 11

  Thorough Widgets

Do you know about widgets? If not, then it’s the best feature that keeps you updated without searching. It was called a separate feature of news and alerts in Windows 10. But now it has become a widget that shows slides on your screen. Those slides show daily weather conditions, news alerts, and calendars. You can insert your daily to-do worklist, which can also be shown. Therefore, you can get updated with a mind refreshing slide of a widget.


How can you enjoy using widgets?


Discover the option for widgets on your reformed fresh taskbar. To use this beautiful feature, just click on its button to show its slides. After clicking the button, several widgets will appear on your new taskbar of Windows 11. Look at those beautiful widgets and select the type that suits you best to start. Then you can apply that widget to the whole screen.

New and refreshing look of Desktop

This wonderful feature resembles the macOS feature. Nowadays we are using our devices for working, schooling, and gaming. So, we can have different desktop customized themes according to our mood and requirement. This is possible now through using the virtual feature of a desktop on windows 11. You can choose various wallpapers and themes to create your own desktop. In this way, you can clasp between them according to your life requirements.

Windows 11

How can you enjoy customizing a desktop?


Window 11 makes youWindow 11 makes your life better and eliminates the frustration of long-day use of devices. Its feature of customizing the desktop is a good addition to its feature. You can use it by clicking the taskbar on your desktop. It appears a panel that includes various options. Choose the “New Desktop” option by tapping it. It will help you create a customized desktop according to your requirements. You can switch to another desktop by clicking on the X button and enjoy more.

Android Apps

This is the most favorite feature of our team. Because we always wanted to use android apps on our PCs. Windows 11 makes it possible for us to get android apps through its Microsoft store. Although it is true that this feature will not be available on its first release. It will be available on its second release. It will be the first-ever time when the android apps can be installed directly onto your PC


Layouts of Snap


Are you a multi-tasker? Do you like to work on the different open windows at the same time? Then Windows 11 allows you to work on various windows without the fear of losing data. Therefore, you can easily work on numerous open windows. You can open them according to your convenient arrangement to work easily. After that, you can also choose your favorite layout to save those windows in proper alignment. 

How can you enjoy layouts of snap?

You should know a trick to get benefited by making the best use out of it. So, here is the trick; in windows 11 after opening a window a square box will appear. It is the button that will appear on the right angle between the minimizing and X button. Therefore it will show a bunch of layouts for your windows. Select your suitable and fresh layout to set your window into that layout.


Magic of Snap Groups

We can call the snap group a magical trick. A group of open windows will be in snap layouts. It is like a shortcut that is present in the taskbar. Which is very easy to access whenever called upon. Additionally, on window 11 you can minimize or amplify these snap groups easily as a group. You can enjoy this feature through your browser or Microsoft edge on the taskbar. It will pop up all those saved groups of apps and websites to open again. You can also assess the latest news updates on our website.

Conclusion about Windows 11

Windows 11 is free to install on the newly introduced laptops, taps, or other devices. But it is also available for the window 10 users to come as an update. Furthermore, it starts from the newest versions to window 10. It might take some time to be accessible for the eldest versions. For the non-users, an unsupported version of the OS is also available. So, enjoy your new and refreshing experience of using Windows 11.