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ABSA Student Credit Card: get the best card

Get ready for a better future with the ABSA Student Credit Card

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Student life can be very hectic in every sense, So much pressure on the youth can be pressurizing for them. Spending patterns are quite different. Students have to live by strict budgets. Most of the time, they are short on cash in times of need. ABSA Student Credit Card is the best option for you to stop all this from happening. Suppose you are a student in any South African university. This can be a problem solver for you. Having it can be helpful in all walks of life.


Requirements to get ABSA Student Credit Card

Generally, students do not earn a lot. They either work part-time or live off allowance. Keep this in mind, The minimum income for the credit card is R800. It is a very economical starting income and makes this card widely accessible among the student body. Age is also an essential factor for qualifying for this card. Students must be from the age of 18 to 30. It stops any older person from exploiting this great deal. It is a simple set of documents such as a South African identity card. Moreover, residence and proof of income are also required. It helps the bank make the right decision for your card.

Why you need a credit card


In student life, when one has to live off the bare minimum. The spending patterns need to be taken care of. Budgeting is an essential factor. Sometimes you run out of cash and have to buy something important. Here credit cards can play the role of lender. These cards let you spend money on behalf of your trust. You can pay back the bank as soon as you have the resources. Many international students can also benefit from this or students who like to travel a lot. Because this card is accepted worldwide without any issue.


Students are the future of any country. They have a practical life waiting for them. Soon they will have to take loans for cars. Or mortgage for their dream houses. Credit card scores can help you in this sector. When you take credits from the bank in limits, pay off the money before the deadlines.  This can help boost your credit score. Which then will be helpful in your practical life. Hence, having this Absa card as soon as possible, So it can be beneficial for securing a bright future.

Rewards and advantages:


ABSA gives away tons of rewards and advantages on credit cards. They are making it one more reason why students admire it so much. Digital banking is the future with the help of this card. One can make payments with the use of their phone or smartwatch. Anywhere or anytime they like. Travel insurance is given on every bank card as a base reward. This covers you in times of travel emergencies. Small cash-backs are also provided with every payment you make. They encourage users to pay with their credit cards as the future holds for a paperless economy.

ABSA Student Credit Card

The banking application has small tasks for every user. If they complete them, they are given some extra rewards. Credit cards also take care of you from theft or fraud. Suppose you have money in hand. There are chances of it getting stolen. Whereas cards, even lost, can be blocked within seconds. Students are always looking for discounts wherever they go. Thus ABSA credit cards are partnered with some of the biggest franchises. They are giving you various discounts. The discounts are on food, shopping, entertainment, etc.

Monthly charges


To make the students’ life more manageable. ABSA credit cards do not have any monthly fees. This way, students can spend without thinking of baseline charges. However, other charges are present, which makes the service as better as it gets. Moreover, students are always encouraged to make as many transactions as they can with their credit cards. This helps them in building their portfolio.


To facilitate the students, there are no transaction fees. Every payment made with the help of a card holds no additional or hidden charges. The most important charge is the interest rate. Students often have to pay vast loads of money while paying back. ABSA understands the need of the hour. Thus, they allow students to pay back in 57 days, which is great!


If they do so, they do not have to pay any interest rate on the transactions with a credit card. You are making them one of the best banks to go with if you want a credit card. However, if you fail to pay in due time, the interest rates can go up to the highest, 18%. Students can repay a minimum of 3% on their total outstanding bills every month. So even if you have some tough months, ABSA bank looks out for you.


The Absa student credit card has a withdrawal fee in case you take out money from ATMs. If you withdraw cash from an ABSA ATM, then the charges are less. R3.95 in addition to 1.15% of the transaction amount. On the other hand, one has to pay R9.95 in addition to 1.15% of the transaction. It is possible to withdraw money from another bank’s ATM, easy and modern.

Applying for the ABSA Student Credit Card:

ABSA banks believe in making every step easier for the students. Thus the application process is straightforward for the credit card. You must be registered at an institution of university or higher level. It can be either government or private. Moreover, it must be SAQA approved. Students must have their student cards to show off their legitimacy. But it is not hard, do not miss the opportunity!

After obtaining the proper paperwork, students can either directly visit an ABSA branch for assistance. Our representative would be more than happy to sort out details. Also, if you have a student who cannot come in person, log in to our website. Fill the forms. In seconds you can be part of the largest credit card team. So what are you waiting for?

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