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African Bank Credit Card: info and tips

Get info and useful tips about the African Bank Credit Card

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Payments and transactions are easier than ever, with the African Bank Credit Card! Thanks to all the credit cards, online payment systems, smartphones, and the internet. Billions of people across the world use smart payment options such as credit cards for their financial transactions, and people in Africa are no different in this regard. More and more people in Africa are looking towards credit cards as a safer and more convenient way of payment than cash.


Credit cards are safe because 1- No one can steal your e-money from you just like that. Even if someone takes away the card from you, your savings are still safe. And 2- In case of any online fraud/scam, you have your card issuing bank at your back to get your money back. African Bank South Africa is one of the credit card issuing banks in the country that facilitates its customers with easy and efficient financial services.

In this article, we are going to know a bit about the African Bank of South Africa (ABSA) and its financial services. Among many of its financial services, we will talk a lot about the credit cards that the bank issues. We will learn about the different types of cards that you can get from ABSA and what are the benefits of each type. We will also learn about how to get a credit card from the African bank.


African Bank South Africa: a short bio


As one of the leading banks in South Africa, ABSA serves its customers through its highly credible services at the personal, commercial, and corporate levels such as the Black credit card. The bank has a well-spread physical presence across the country as well as a highly engaging online presence. Apart from having its branches in the main cities like Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Gauteng, Bryanston, and Midrand, the bank has also its international branches in many different countries across Asia, Africa, America, the UK, and Australia. The bank is mostly owned by Barclays PLC which is its main shareholder.

Apart from the Black credit card, the African Bank serves its customers through a wide range of service lines including but not limited to Basic banking products, commercial and corporate products, customized products, and wealth management products/services. Home loans by ABSA are very popular in South Africa. This service is available to the people buying their first home. The application process is pretty straightforward and can be filled online. The interest rates are quite competitive with many different options to choose from; such as long-term loans and short-term payments through a large sum of installments.

African Bank Credit Card

Online banking service is another very popular feature of ABSA. You can perform almost all of your banking operations through your mobile or PC from your home or workplace. Most of the general banking services such as loans and credit card requests can also be perused through online banking processes. As one of the most customer-centric banks, ABSA provides many free services to its customers such as free credit card balance alerts.

African Bank Credit Card: the Black Credit Card

Talking about credit cards, the credit card division of the bank is one of the most active divisions of the bank. The African Bank offers to its customers various kinds of cards according to their choices and preferences. Some of which are named Private, Electronic, Plastic, Silver, Gold, and platinum credit cards. The African Bank has named its credit card service the Black Credit Card.


How to get your African Bank Credit Card


As mentioned earlier, the application process for getting a credit card from the ABSA is online. So all you need is a few taps or clicks to submit the form. However, there are some necessary conditions that you need to fulfill. First of all, you need to prove that you are 18 years or older while applying for the card. Secondly, you must have valid proof of income, and that should be recent. You also need to submit your bank statement that shows at least three months of salary deposit. If you have these documents with you, you are ready to take your application process ahead.

African Credit Card Fees

For account creation and management of your credit card, the African Bank charges fees from you. The card initiation fee is 120 Rand and the monthly credit card charges are 50 Rand. If you have to replace your card due to some reason, you can do it by paying only 15 Rand. The interest rate on your African Bank Credit Card bill is decided while finalizing your credit card application. While the interest on your credit, as mentioned earlier, is 3%. It means that you can earn from your credit card if you spend your money wisely.


Since the card is accepted globally, you can take your card with you while traveling. The international fees for POS payments are 6.50 Rand, and the ATM withdrawal fee is 50 Rand +1.5% of the cash value that is withdrawn. The ATM balance inquiry fee on the credit card is 6.50 Rand. Depositing an amount costs 2.75% of the transaction value. This deposit fee applies for deposits about 250 Rand.

African Bank Credit Card Features

One of the best features of ABSA credit cards is that if you pay all the bills in time and keep a positive balance on your card, you get 3% interest on your balance. Timely payments have benefits in the POS payments as well. When you clear all your dues, the interest on POS payment is waived off for 62 days. Another great feature of this credit card is the personalized transaction limits. You can set your transaction limits according to your needs. If you don’t set the limits, the bank’s default limits will apply.

Many free features come with the African Bank Credit Card such as free SMS alerts on every credit card transaction. When you log into your online account, you will get to know your balance, and many other features with just one click/tap like credit card statement, tax certification, or settlement quote. If you change your plans and want to stop your credit card, you can do it in three easy steps.

Final Thoughts:

If you are a South African Citizen interested in having a credit card, the African Bank Credit card, known as the Black Credit Card, is one of the best options to have. Not only do you get good rates on your debit, but you can actually earn 3% interest on your money through your credit card by keeping a positive balance. Get your ABSA credit card now and elevate your lifestyle!

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