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African Bank Silver Credit Card: organize your life

African Bank Silver Credit Card: the cheapest card in South Africa

African Visa Card

African Bank Limited was established in 1975 in South Africa. It is a retail bank which means that it offers services to the general public instead of companies. The bank distributes countrywide with its branches and covers the whole country. The bank also established its customer care, digital channeling, sales, and collection all over the country. African Bank introduced the services of Visa Credit Card for the people of South Africa to enjoy their lives. African Bank Silver Credit Card makes financial products affordable to all the citizens of South Africa.


The African Bank Silver Credit Card provides its customers with more freedom, choices, and power in their life. This credit card offers different services that meet the demand of its customers and provide them with the full value of their money. It brings your life to a fast lane. This credit card is giving all the basic needs to its customers with a fee lower than others. This card is helping you in taking your life in a forward direction. Let us discuss all its benefits and features.

Features of African Bank Silver Credit Card

African Bank Silver Credit Card gives you the authority to set your personalized limits. If anyone does not want to set his personalized limits, then the bank itself sets the default limits for the person. This credit card gives you the services in emergency situations. This card is accepted by merchants worldwide who have affiliation with Visa cards. They need to swipe the African Bank Credit Card and enter the pin to make the payments for purchases.


If you do on-time payments for the whole year, then the card shed 2 percent from the interest of your positive balance. African Bank Silver Credit Card allows interest-free purchases for 60 days until you set an outstanding balance till that date. The card allows you to withdraw up to 400 Rand from any ATM. African Bank gives you the emergency services globally to assist you in blocking your card if it is lost or stolen.

More about it

This facility provides you with protection from any fraudulent activities. The bank also gives you a replacement card after the matter. You also receive a cash fund as compensation for your loss. African Bank Silver Credit Card does not have many add-on features. So, there are no account fees. It will cost you 5.75 Rand for any international transaction. The interest rate for these credit cards varies differently as they are annually 15 to 20 percent. This credit card is the cheapest card among the credit banks of South Africa.

African Bank Silver Credit Card

If you make any transaction from the card, it will send you the transaction report via SMS free of cost. You can register your credit card to connect online and get convenient and free from charged transactions. African Bank issues the card immediately for its customers from any nearby branch. This credit card also injects a sense of safety to its customers, now we will discuss them.

Safety measures in using African Bank Silver Credit Card

African Bank Silver Credit Card gives you the instant blockage facility if you lose your card. The bank provides some protocols to the customers also in order to use this card safely. Keep your browsers updated and check the site from where you want to purchase. If the site is safe then go on to purchase otherwise avoid it. Some spam and less protected sites can leak your card data through which you can lose your money. So, be careful in doing any online transactions. 


Insurance facility by African Bank Silver Credit Card


To make the future secure, The African Bank Silver Credit Card brings insurance policy for its customers. The persons who are pensioners can get insurance for death. The non-pensioners will get the insurance policy for different events of their life. They can get it for death and at the time of permanent and temporary disability. This insurance policy is also available at the time of retrenchment, unpaid leave as well as for a short time.

African Bank mobile application

The African Bank has developed a mobile application for the facilitation of its customers. You can download the mobile application and then enter the necessary details of your bank and credit card to register you. Anyone can easily manage all the details of your account from this application. You can view your account balances and statements from this application. Any Individual can use this card to increase the limits for your card. You can manage your credit card and apply for different products from this card.


How to apply for African Bank Silver Credit Card

To apply for the African Bank Credit Card, Your age should be more than 18 years. The person who wants to get the credit card facility needs to provide his salary slip from the last three months. He has to submit residence proof not more than 3 months old during the application process. The individual should have at least 2500 Rand as a monthly income.

The person should also bring the salary deposit for the past three months in order to apply for the Silver Credit Card. The application procedure of the African bank is very easy. You can fill a form in any branch of African Bank and you will get the card instantly without any further delay. You can also get the African Bank Silver Credit Card by applying online from the bank’s website. The mobile application is also applicable for applying for a card.

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