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alBaraka Gold Credit Card makes your life easier

Know everything about the AlBaraka Gold Credit Card

Gold Credit Card

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Al Baraka is an Islamic Banking Group founded in 1978 in Bahrain and is offering the alBaraka Gold Credit Card. Al Baraka is a leading Islamic Bank working in more than 17 countries and dealing with more than two billion customers worldwide. The bank has provided different services. Al Baraka brings all the currency exchanges and other related facilities for the South African population. The latest service it provides is the Gold Credit Card Service. 


Al Baraka provides premium banking services with some special offers and rewards for its customers. Its Gold Card service is just like a gift from the heavens for its users. It is useful anywhere you want to use it for payment purposes. This credit card makes your life easier and more enjoyable. Either you are alone, or with your family, it will push all the financial tensions out of your thoughts. In addition, you will get discounts on the most famous brands in the world.

Features of alBaraka Gold Credit Card


AlBaraka Gold Credit Card gives the most competitive fees in the market. In addition, it provides its customers with the offer of convenient payment services. People can quickly pay the amount on the shopping malls, restaurants, and other public platforms with direct debit services. Al Baraka users can send payments through all branches of Al Baraka. The payments can also be exchanged through any online banking system and benefit gateway. It is possible only because you have the Gold Credit Card of Al Baraka Bank.


Al Baraka Bank Gold Card makes your life easy. The Credit Card service of Al Baraka has no annual subscription fee. The bank issues Gold Cards against cash collateral. Customers will get supplementary cards for their family members. The gold card brings the Al Baraka customers with the opportunity of free enrolment in the Al Baraka reward program. Its cash withdrawal transaction is up to 25% of the credit limit.


For Individuals who can follow Islamic Sharia, Gold Credit cards are made for you according to Islamic Laws. Therefore, it is beneficial for all people, no matter which religion they are following. Al Baraka Credit Cards provides you with the opportunity of no extra fee on any services. Gold Credit Card also gives you a loan without any interest. You have to submit only that amount which you took. 

alBaraka Gold Credit Card

alBaraka Gold Credit Card is useful in virtual shopping. You can buy anything from any online store or website easily. Gold Credit cards also bring things to your doorsteps. You need to click on the site and purchase what you want. You can buy goods, clothes and other necessary items. It is all in your hand with the alBaraka Gold Credit Card, an excellent option for you. 

Precautions in using the credit card online


You need to take some precautions while using a Gold Credit Card in an online purchase. Check the website authenticity from where you want to buy something. Keep your browser up to date and update your antivirus on time. These precautions are necessary to avoid any mishap or hacking. Because any hacker can get access to your credit card and use your card for its purpose. So, be careful while using it in online shopping.


Details and fees for alBaraka Gold Credit Card

Al Baraka provides different fees for different cards. Gold Credit Card provides the limits for the salary persons. The minimum salary range for a Gold Card User is around 16 thousand Rand. It also has minimum and maximum card limits. The minimum card limit is 12 thousand South African Rand, and the Maximum card limit is 40 thousand South African Rand. The cash withdrawal limit for the card is 25% of the original credit limit. 

How to apply for alBaraka Gold Credit Card


Al Baraka Gold Credit Card is easy to get and easy to use. It brings all the necessary facilities related to payment issues for its users. However, Applying for Gold Card is an easy and simple step for its customers. An Individual needs to submit these documents manually or online in any branch of Al Baraka Bank to apply for the Gold Card. There are two different criteria to apply for your credit card. For an online application, you need to provide your email and mobile phone. Then, it is easy to apply for a Gold Credit Card from your androids, iOS, and windows.


Employed Individuals

If an individual works for someone else, he is known as an employed individual. An employed individual should submit two forms of identification and a residence certificate. In addition, the Individual has to submit his salary slip, salary certificate, and Bank account statement for the past three months to apply for your new credit card full of opportunities.

Self-Employed Individuals

Those individuals that have their own business are known as self-employed individuals. The requirements for self-employed are different from employed individuals. Self Employed persons have to submit two valid forms of identification with a bank statement for the past six months of their account. He should also bring a valid copy of the commercial registration for his work with him. A Memorandum of association is also a requirement of Al Baraka bank to apply for a Gold Credit Card application. The person should also bring aboard resolution for W.L.L to apply for this Credit Card. 

Credit Cards Fatwa According to Islamic Sharia

In Islamic Sharia, any interest paid on any loan is banned. Hence, this Credit Card provides the opportunity to its users to repay their loans without submitting any further interests. Al Baraka only agreed upon the payment of a fee for providing some services. The bank can provide its clients discounts on any offer or service. So, Al Baraka Gold Credit Cards are purely following Islamic Sharia Banking Rules. 

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