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Bendigo Bank Credit Card: all you need to know

This article has discussed all the things you will need to know about the Bendigo Bank Credit Card. Kindly read through to the end to explore the details.

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Bendigo Bank Credit Card

Although Bendigo Bank is not one of the Big Four, it provides a similar variety of goods and services, such as the Bendigo Bank Credit Card. However, the Bendigo Bank credit cards are available to consumers all around Australia. Thus, it can provide incentives, a balance transfer, Qantas Points, and much more. The way interest is computed on Bendigo Bank credit cards is also different.


Unlike other credit cards, Bendigo Bank will charge interest when your statement is printed. Hence, potentially saving customers up to 50% on interest payments. Therefore, it looks like a great credit card and this article will help you understand everything about it. So, keep reading to know everything you need to know.

Types of Bendigo Bank Credit Cards

You could get a Bendigo Bank credit card that lets you conserve money by offering low-interest rates. Including one that is exclusively available to the people age range of 18 to 25. Consumers can also consider Bendigo Bank credit cards, which offer cashback, platinum privileges, and corporate choices.


Low rate credit card


When you’re looking for a simple card, the Bendigo Bank Low Rate Credit Card is a wise choice. This credit card provides a floating interest rate of 11.99 percent per annum on transactions. This really is comparable to other low-interest credit cards. But other credit cards normally have interest rates ranging from roughly 8% to 14.99 percent per year.

Reward credit cards

This Bendigo Bank Platinum Rewards Credit Card features its own rewards program. This reward program awards 1.5 Bendigo Rewards points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases. And through the Bendigo Bank Rewards store, customers can exchange their points for gift cards. Including homewares, travel gear, digital devices, and much more.


Regular traveler Credit Card


The Qantas Platinum Credit Card from Bendigo Bank is a frequent flier credit card. It actually rewards 0.6 Qantas Points for every dollar invested but it is capped at 20,000 points per month. This also allows users to join Qantas Frequent Flyer for free thus saving them $99.50. The reward also includes the provision of complimentary insurance for a $149 yearly charge.

Platinum credit card

The Platinum Rewards Credit Card, as well as the Qantas Platinum Credit Card, are the same. They are the two platinum credit cards offered by Bendigo Bank. Each of these cards comes with free buy insurance and foreign travel insurance. Hence this is identical to the platinum credit cards offered by other companies. Although users can find some cards that also offer incentives like airport lounge passes and concierge services.


Credit card for business


The Bendigo Bank Business Credit Card is intended to facilitate customers in keeping track of their business costs. Global approval, various cards with separate credit limits tied to a specific fund. And interoperability with payroll systems like MYOB is all available with just this profile.

Benefits of using the Bendigo Bank Credit Card

Bendigo Bank assesses credit card charges based on the date specified rather than the transaction date. This implies that indeed if you have a balance, you can benefit from interest-free days. Furthermore, customers can’t be sued for interest if they pay off the balance by the given deadline on their statement. Almost all other credit cards, on the other hand, charge interest from the day you buy the product. And don’t give interest-free days if you have a balance.

Bendigo Bank Credit Card

Users could transfer the balance from yet another bank’s credit card to a Bendigo Bank credit card. Thus before closing the old account. Bendigo Bank will occasionally provide an initial low or no-interest balance transmission rate. So this can help you save money on fees once you initially obtain your new credit card.

Users can earn points for their purchases with the Bendigo Bank Rewards program. which you can then cash for rewards in areas such as presents, home, technology, kids, and more. Alternatively, if users are frequent fliers, the Bendigo Bank Qantas Platinum Credit Card could let them earn Qantas Points. Thus points are only for your eligible expenditures.

To make cashless transactions using one eligible gadget at the checkout. Hence link their Bendigo Bank credit card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, or Garmin Pay. When the actual card arrives in the mail. Then Bendigo Bank allows users to set up a virtual credit card with Apple Pay. However, this implies that if you’re authorized for a credit card, you’ll be able to use it even sooner.

Eligibility criteria for the Bendigo Bank Credit Card

Fill out a safe request form on the company’s website, and enroll for a Bendigo credit card in about 15 minutes. Anyone can also apply well over mobile or visit a Bendigo location to process their request. Make absolutely sure you meet the following qualifying conditions and have all of the essential paperwork organized before applying.

Not only permanent residents and citizens of Australia are able to apply for this credit card. But also temporary residents who have 188, 457, or 489 visas are able to apply. As a result, if you’ve applied for legal residency. And your visa is still valid for at least another 12 months. Candidates must have a steady source of income, such as a job and some of the other acceptable options.

Thus, programs like Austudy and Family Tax Benefit A and B exist. Age, disability or veterans affairs pension, Carer pension which is only for dependent children. And credit history is also a factor to consider. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and then not be bankrupt or insolvent. Keep reading to know how to apply for your new credit card.

Documents needed to apply for the Bendigo Bank Credit Card

Bendigo Bank credit card applications require everyone to submit basic details. And also information related to their Australian citizenship and means of revenue. They will also need to upload documentation to validate these details. Below are also some of the crucial details applicants need to provide on the application.

The candidate’s full name, date of birth, marital status, and family size are all required. Applicants for this credit card also need to give identification, including a driver’s license. Also, provide an Australian passport or information from one’s Medicare card. If you’re working, this includes information about your work status as well as the name and phone numbers for the company.

Furthermore, documentation proving candidates’ income for the previous three months, also including payment details, financial records, or a letter from Centrelink verifying you are eligible for the program. Every additional source of earnings, as well as the routine bills and responsibilities, such as credit cards and loans.


From all the details provided, it is clear that these Bendigo Bank Credit Cards are only available to citizens of Australia. And the benefits are enormous. But to get your final thought on this, we advise that you read about other credit cards on our homepage. Here, we have many articles about credit cards and loans so you can choose your best option.

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