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Diners Club Platinum Credit Card: know everything!

Know more about the Diners Club Platinum Credit Card!

Diners Club Platinum Credit Card

In the first place, Standard Bank collaboration with Diners Club International has brought this amazing Diners Club Platinum Credit Card. It is for the individuals who are looking for a travel trip. And those who do not want to miss any chance of entertainment. This credit card holder gets world-class value advantages. They are way past what other travelling and lifestyle credit cards companies offer.


Diners Club Platinum Credit Card at first Glance


You receive travel, lifestyle, and insurance benefits as perks of credit card users. It charges a recurring upkeep fee of R 80 each month. Firstly anyone who is at least 18 years old and earns a least R 500,000 yearly is already qualified for this card. There is a smallest that needs to be repaid as a user of this fantastic travelling and entertainment credit card. And it is 3% of each month’s total debit/credit.

The credit cardholder free services include concierge service and the first substitute for lost cast. It includes a card add-on for free each month with a free deposit once a month including statement requests fully free for one time. On Diners platinum account, there is a fixed rate of interest. +7.25% is the max rate of interest one may get on his card. 2% is the fee for all international transactions with this card.


Diners Club Platinum Credit Card features


Furthermore, the Diners Club Platinum Credit Card features make it attractive, for instance, the 55 days’ fully interest-free period. You will receive a confirmation letter/email within 48 hours of applying for it. It carries the account details. You get secondary cards for free as perks of this credit card. You get instant information about each transaction. Now you have control to let the card misuse.

You can get your credit card statement via email or post or download it from the portal. With it, you can get your card replaced quickly and easily for any reason. There is no fee for initiation on a new credit card or those who have joined its loyalty program. You can use this credit card at the POS, ATMs, online stores, and different digital platforms like MasterPass.


Diners Platinum Credit Card advantages


It’s useless to have a credit card if there are not enough benefits for you. The Diners Club Platinum Credit Card provides many benefits that one individual may want in travel, lifestyle, and insurance. This credit card gives great value and user experience to all happy customers everywhere. Let’s have an overview of all the advantages that are offered to these credit card customers.

Travel Benefits

If you love travelling, then think of getting a hands-on this Credit Card. Many discounts and benefits are waiting for you. As a Diners Club Platinum Credit Card customer, you can access a special concierge service only for these credit cardholders. You get a personalized digital platform to browse exclusive offers made only for you. Meanwhile, this credit card earns you negotiated prices for any airport transportation. It is with check-ins real-time tracking along with the international flight arrival. Airport transfers Pre-arranged meet access is also given.

Diners Club Platinum Credit Card

This credit card gets you access to +1000 airport lounges all over the globe. At larger Airports with many lounges, you get access to these many alliance lounges. You can get about 20% discount on economy class, about 15% discounts on first-class, and about 15% discounts on business class flights when booking flights with Emirates. However, it does not cover Airport taxes or any other international round trip airfare.

You can get priority service, upgrades on car rental, on the other hand different discounts when you are booking via Avis Club. Using a concierge, you get very easy forex access. For any delivery, this credit cardholder can use Travelex. Last but not least, there is a gift program for this credit card. It allows earning and redeeming miles covered on your flight with ClubMiles.


Lifestyle Benefits

There is a wide range of lifestyle and entertainment benefits for these credit cardholders. With this credit card, customers can get exclusive discounts for their sporting lifestyle. You get invited for lifestyle experiences as a member of this credit card, including connoisseur events. Further, there are special offers at Diners Club’s international network of privileges. There is access to special offers to Diners Club Winelist award for these credit card users. In the same vein as a wine lover, you can get preferential rates at the Wine of the month club as a member.

Insurance Benefits

Every time you purchase a public ticket for transportation from your Diners Club Platinum Credit Card, phase 1 complimentary travel insurance is provided. It is for air, rail, road likewise includes both national and international medical expenses. You are insured for unexpected situations like card theft or loss automatically. In short, there is a credit card protection plan. It covers any debt you may have on the card in case of any unfortunate event.

Diners Club Platinum Credit Card costs and criteria

As a non-resident, you must carry a valid South African ID or passport to get the Diners Club Platinum Credit Card. An address verification document is essential. It shouldn’t be older than three months. Don’t forget to include the latest tax return copy, with 3-month original bank statements. It is best when comparing the benefits to the cost of the card. Similarly, you only have to pay R 80 as a monthly fee. In addition, there is a personalized credit limit for every holder. To clarify the interest rate is fixed and 3% on monthly repayment is charged.


Diners Club Platinum Credit Card is one of the best travelling and lifestyle benefit cards. It offers a wide range of lucrative living and touring advantages that every tourist seeks. Now certainly you are already familiar with everything about this Card. All lifestyle individuals use this credit card. Above all, it is a great card to consider for those who truly need those amazing benefits.

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