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Discovery Platinum Credit Card: know about all the perks

Discovery Platinum Credit Card is a great option for you

Discovery Platinum Credit Card

The era of cash payments is almost reaching an end as new ways of making payments take over. Among the many revolutionary methods of making payments, the use of credit cards remains on the top of the list. Discovery Platinum Credit Card is a growing solution by the world’s first behavioral bank – The Discovery Bank. Let’s dig into the capabilities of this amazing financial tool that will not only safeguard your money but will also allow you to make hassle-free payments wherever you go.

The Discovery Platinum Credit Card is linked to your Discovery Bank account which means you get built-in transactional capabilities at your fingertips. A big advantage of this solution is that you get access to the 55 days interest-free credit, which is one of the most lucrative offers for credit card users. The credit service can be activated both through in-person visits to the bank or using the secure internet banking portal.

Features of Discovery Platinum Credit Card

The credit card offered by The Discovery Bank comes with many features like issuing additional cards, dynamic interest rates, account customizations, membership packages, real-time payments, and online account management. The security features are also top-notch and give you peace of mind when using the Discovery Platinum Credit Card online or at any point-of-sale system across the globe supported by the Visa payment processing gateway, which is one of the largest facilitation services for electronic funds transfers.

In terms of warranty, The Discovery Bank offers up to a 24-month extension on the Platinum Credit Card. This also covers accidental damages that might occur on items purchased using your credit card. And finally, users get short-term protection against thefts. All the transactions occurring on your card will trigger real-time automatic notifications that users will receive right on their mobile phones; so they could keep a track of money being spent.

Perks of Discovery Platinum Credit Card

Since your credit card is directly linked to your Discovery bank’s account, you can open unlimited savings accounts; that will give you an interest rate of up to 7.90%. Your money will not just be sitting in your account but will make you a reasonable profit every month; on the money, you will put it in these savings accounts. You can easily customize your bank balances and decide to put your money; where it gives you the most financial reward.

Discovery Platinum Credit Card

Users get up to 50% discounts on Discovery Bank’s platinum credit card. The Dynamic Discounts are applicable for domestic flights, items purchased at HealthyFood, HealthyCare, and HealthyGear; and even discounts on Uber rides and gas refills at Shell service stations. Other major services that are covered in the Dynamic Discounts program include Kulula, PicknPay, Woolworths, TotalSports, and Contiki among others.

If you are someone who loves to travel, either for work or leisure, you will earn Discovery Miles; that will be clubbed up with other points gained from purchases to give you aggregate reward points. Your credit card covers travel insurance for both domestic and international destinations; and covers the expenses of any unforeseen emergency that might occur. You will also have peace of mind when it comes to trip cancellation or any sort of trip interruption.

Vitality Money by Discovery Platinum Card

Vitality Money is a program for behavior change. The program allows users to stay informed about their financial health. The status is determined by Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond. Users can log in to their mobile app that is connected to their credit card and bank account; with a few taps and make decisions that will improve their status. With Vitality Money, better status means better reward points!

Users earn reward points for every transaction they make using their credit cards. You can use the reward points in several ways. Also, you can either make an in-store or online purchase or even get cash against the points that you accumulate. You can also redeem the reward points u pay any of your contacts who are Discovery clients; using just their cell phone number. You can always track your Dynamic Discounts and Dynamic Interest Rates; so you receive notifications and updates about all the transactions that link to your account.

Online Portal

Another great feature of the Discovery Platinum Credit Card is the ease of managing all these sophisticated options; through a user-friendly account management platform. You can access this platform on almost all modern gadgets. For mobile phones, the platform comes in the form of an app; that is compatible with both the Apple mobile phones that run on iOS; as well as Android-powered mobile phones. You can access the same features using a laptop or a desktop computer through a specific URL.

Your online account management platform is always secure; there are complex security measures in place to keep your finances safe. You will only have the login username and password that the bank creates after your credit card activates. you can use these details along with an extra layer of authentication protocol; so it is only you who accesses your account.

Final Verdict

In a time when everything is becoming digital, it is necessary to update oneself with the latest technologies not only for personal comfort but to stay ahead of the game in any specific field of business. A credit card will do so much for you without taking much space in your wallet. Unlike traditional ways of dealing with money, you will get peace of mind when it comes to the security of your finances. At the same time, the credit card gives you great offers and benefits that could not have been possible with cash. For example, the Dynamic Reward points and the Dynamic Discounts give you up to 50% discounts on so many outlets, brands, and services.

With a credit card, the more you spend, the more you will save. However, with the traditional cash method, once you have made a payment, the story ends right then and there. And finally, the security features that come with the credit card of Discovery Bank are state-of-the-art and ensure your financial details and money are all safe from those with ill intentions.

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