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FNB Aspire Credit Card: rewards for you

FNB Aspire Credit Card could be a great option for you. Read more!

FNB Aspire Credit Card

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FNB Aspire Credit Card is an exceptional credit card of First National Bank for individuals of diverse lifestyles who earn between R 84 000 – R 449 999. This credit card lets you earn eBucks on every purchase you make from selected partners, thus helping you save on fuel, groceries and helping you to be ready for the unexpected. Now you can get rewards for most of the purchases you make with this card.


Key Features of FNB Aspire Credit Card

Card protection is one of the significant key features that every credit card must-have. An FNB Aspire credit card offers you its lost card protection. They provide you protection from all transactions made from your card after you have reported it lost or stolen to FNB. If your credit card is stolen or gets lost, you have to report the incident to the FNB dedicated toll-free 24/7 helpline within 24 hours of the incident. Also, FNB terms regarding lost card protection say that if you are determined careless in protecting the card or its pin, then it will not apply to you.


FNB Aspire Credit card benefits its users with the latest contactless technology, which is something great as this feature allows you to make secure and fast payments by simply tapping your card on a contactless-enabled point of sale device. Usually, Contactless payments are used for low-value purchases. For larger value purchases, you have to enter your pin as done normally. It’s really simple. You only need to tap your contactless credit card.

FNB Aspire Credit Card

Apart from others, you can also benefit from online security. It protects your credit card against fraud when you are using it online. One Time PIN, also known as OTP, is used by Online Secure, which sends you a code at no extra charge. To activate your One Time Pin on your Aspire Credit Card, you need to become an online banking user. With it, you can enjoy secure online banking.

First National Bank Aspire Credit Card Benefits


FNB Aspire credit card offers personalized benefits to make your lifestyle sustainable and luxurious with great key features and personalized benefits. It works everywhere worldwide and gives high credit limits as compared to other cards. It rewards cardholders with 1–3% cashback on most of the purchases made using this card. Apart from it, this credit card offers:


Interest-Free Period

FNB Aspire Credit Card lets you use the card interest-free for up to 55 days, which means that you will not be paying any interest fee during this period. To keep using your credit card interest-free, you must pay the full closing balance by the due date of each month. Otherwise, you can lose 55 days’ interest-free period. Keep paying the due balance on time to enjoy interest-free while you earn rewards.

Personalized Interest Rate and debt protection


Aspire credit card offers a personalized interest rate to their credit card users. The personalized interest rate depends on your credit profile and affordability. Qualifying for this credit card also gets you automatic debt protection and no extra charges for global travel insurance. One major benefit you must not miss is to earn eBucks when you purchase using a credit card.


Control spending limits and get eBuck Rewards

You can earn up to R 150 back in eBucks by purchasing from selected partners (Clicks, Engn, Intercape, Checkers, Shoprite, and Usave). With it, Aspire credit card offers 2 free SLOW lounge visits per year when you book your flight using eBucks Travel. Aspire Credit Card comes with a balance transfer facility and budget facility. It means that you can control your daily spending limits while earning eBucks as you make purchases.



Now let’s review the limitations of the FNB Aspire Credit Card. Although it offers high credit limitations without any processing fee and various cashback rewards, it has got a few drawbacks. The best option is to use different credit cards side by side. This way you keep enjoying the benefits each credit card specifically offers to its users. Aspire credit card specializes in rewards and high credit limits. Now let’s review the drawbacks:


High Fee on Foreign Transactions

FNB Aspire Credit Card is on the MasterCard network. It means during your aboard traveling tours; it works everywhere. But it also charges a higher foreign transaction fee. You will probably prefer other credit cards on foreign tours as it charges a 3% fee on each foreign transaction. Although it’s a normal fee, if you are a regular traveler then you can use traveling credit cards.

Other Credit Cards to Consider

Aspire Credit Card is the best option to get high credit limits and cash rewards on purchases. In case you are a regular business traveler, then you can also discover United Explorer Credit Card. It offers special rewards, deals, Huge miles for vacations, and cashback on traveling. If you frequently travel on American Airlines, then Citi/AAdvantage Card is a good option as it gives 1 mile on 1 USD purchases.

How to get yours?

You can get FNB Aspire Credit Card by filling the call me back form on the FNB website, filing an online application for a credit card, or on the FNB Banking app or by visiting the Branch office. You can opt for any method as it comes down to personal preference. If you want to ask questions or wish to consult, then FNB call me back form or visiting the branch office is the best option otherwise, you can apply for an Aspire credit card using the FNB banking app or their website.


First National Bank (FNB) is one of the leading banks in South Africa with regulated bank operations. FNB has almost 50 years of credit card experience, and they can provide you with professional guidance which can help you make good financial decisions. The reward for spending, contactless payments, access to online banking, and lost card protection with personal interest rates make FNB Aspire, Credit Card, a great choice. Considering all the benefits Aspire credit card is ideal for daily purchases and a way to cover unexpected expenses.

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