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Nedbank Platinum Credit Card: for low income

Nedbank Platinum Credit Card is perfect for those who has low income

Nedbank Platinum Credit Card

In South Africa, Nedbank Platinum Credit Cards are among the most popular cards. They are made for self-employed and employed individuals with a regular income. Nedbank has designed its credit card to meet the needs of its users. And help them purchase when they are out of funds. This Nedbank Platinum Credit Card is accepted at all ATMs internationally.


This credit card offers additional benefits, thus more value. This credit card includes large credits, more rewards, and premium travel benefits. They also offer flexible repayment plans and choices. As a Nedbank Platinum Credit cardholder, it shows your status and reflects your achievements. The platinum credit card lets you have joys with additional advantages.

Nedbank Platinum Credit Card features and benefits

Nedbank Platinum Credit cardholders get exclusive travel benefits. It includes completely free excess to premier domestic airport lounges of BIDAir anywhere in Southafrica. If you have this credit card, you can automatically get travel insurance for national and international travels by purchasing tickets with the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card. This card is an excellent one for people looking to earn cashback on online shopping.


Reconciliation is most important to make sure every transaction is in your knowledge which is why Nedbank provides a detailed electronic and hard copy of the monthly statement. This credit card holder also gets a FREE SMS service which notifies you for every payment done from a credit card at any till point or ATM. There is a Balance protection plan which provides financial security in case of death, any disability, any fatal disease, or getting retrenched. You get all covered with this optional life credit plan.

You can get a personalized interest rate with a max 55-day interest-free credit period if no outstanding balance is due. The credit card also provides you with the budget facility. It means you can pay off your purchases over time for bigger purchases. This period can be of 3 to 36 months. The repayment terms start from a 5% minimum on the outstanding balance.


Nedbank allows you to link your Platinum credit card to Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Samsung Pay, and Garmin pay. There is a Greenbacks reward program for Nedbank Platinum Credit cardholders, of which the fee is R 17. You earn these Greenbacks at every eligible purchase. You get 1 Greenback at every R 5 spending. And the rewards are best when compared to other credit cards. The Platinum Credit Card from Nedbank is great for both beginners and regular credit card users.

Nedbank Platinum Credit Card: qualifying criteria, fees and costs

When applying for the credit card, you need to be clear about how much money you’re willing to spend, what interest rates you’re ready to pay, and what your spending limits are. For example, you might need to spend $75,000 in the first year to receive the card, but you could also be eligible if you spend $50,000 in your first year. How to apply for the card, and what you need to do to start earning extra income today.


Anyone who is at least 18-year-old and regularly makes a minimum of R 33,333 each month is already qualified for this credit card. Nedbank Platinum’s credit card initiation fee is R 135, and it costs R 54 monthly. This credit annual percentage rate is 17.65%, with the same cash advances interest rate. The credit interest rate varies from 0.25% to 3.25%.

How to apply for a Nedbank Platinum Credit Card?

Nedbank Platinum Credit Card can be ordered by different means, whichever suits you. You can apply for this credit card by visiting their website. If you are already a Nedbank client, you can apply for this credit card on Online Banking. You need to log in online and apply for the card. If you wish to ask some questions or meet any Nedbank officer before applying for the card, you visit any nearest Nedbank branch using the branch locator from the Nedbank website.


Nedbank has over 150,000 branches around the country. Just visit their website to apply for a credit card. When applying for the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card, make sure you have a South African ID or passport. If you are not residential with a valid work permit. Your minimum income must be R 29 000 for Nedbank Platinum credit with a good credit score. Also, you must be carrying the latest payslip or latest three-month bank statement with proof of residence.


The Nedbank Platinum Credit Card provides a great deal of value to people with a little more money to spare. You can compare this credit card with other cards on the market and learn all about the perks, bonuses, and services they have to offer you. It is a travel and leisure credit card that will help you travel and leisure with ease. The results make it an excellent choice and a good fit for your lifestyle.

Nedbank Platinum Credit Card for people who have regular income to have traveling and other additional benefits. You have an interest-free credit period with a personalized interest rate and can link the card with certain services to get rewards. To sum up the premium travel benefits, added rewards with flexible payment options make it a lucrative opportunity for all classes and individuals.

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